Infinity Hoop Review: The Ultimate Waist Workout?

Infinity Hoop Review: The Ultimate Waist Workout?

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Infinity Hoop is a weighted hula hoop brand that’s popular on TikTok, and that is so certain their product can cause weight loss that the brand offers a money-back guarantee to customers who don’t lose two inches of waist circumference in the first month.

But can weighted hula hooping really cause weight loss? Is it healthier and does it burn more calories than regular hula hooping? And how do real users rate the Infinity Hoop?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review clinical studies on weighted hula hooping to determine if it can cause weight loss, explain whether we consider the Infinity Hoop a waste of money compared to regular hula hooping and share real, unsponsored user reviews of the Infinity Hoop.

Does Weighted Hula Hooping Cause Weight Loss?

Weighted hula hooping has actually been studied in clinical trials for its effects on weight and health overall.

A clinical trial published in the Obesity Facts journal compared the effects of weighted hula hooping and walking in overweight subjects.

After six weeks, those using the weighted hula hoop lost more weight (1.32 pounds), lost significantly more abdominal fat and decreased waist circumference significantly more (1.22 inches) compared with the walking group.

This makes sense intuitively, because weighted hula hooping is a more intense form of exercise than walking, but it’s still useful to see it borne out in a research trial.

Another clinical trial examined the effects of weighted hula hooping, and found that after six weeks the average waist circumference decreased by 1.34 inches. There was no change in body weight, but there was also no reference to the trial participants being overweight or obese.

A 2020 medical study found that weighted hula hooping may reduce the risk of breast cancer due to its favorable effects on metabolism.

Overall it appears based on clinical studies (and logic) that weighted hula hooping can cause weight loss. We don’t know where Infinity Hoop got their “2 inches in 30 days” metric from, and we consider this to be a marketing claim rather than a scientific claim because it’s uncited and we can’t identify any clinical research suggesting that significant of a decrease in waist circumference should be expected in only 30 days.

Real, Unsponsored User Review of Infinity Hoop

One of the most popular YouTube reviews of Infinity Hoop is published by a creator named “Christine’s ChaoZ.” She does an unboxing, a product demo, and explains her (negative) results with the Infinity Hoop after 30 days of use:

Infinity Hoop Before and After

The only video we could find on the Infinity Hoop including before-and-after images is published by a TikTok creator named Brittany Berrier Barnes:

@brittanyberrierba 30 day challenge results! #AerieREAL #infinityhoop #OutlanderChallenge #SchickAsks #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #TheAdamProject #fypシ #LinkBudsNeverOff ♬ Believer - Imagine Dragons


Infinity Hoop Vs. Regular Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

Consumers are often curious about whether the Infinity Hoop is worth the money: is it better than a regular hula hoop for weight loss?

While there have been no clinical studies testing this, we do believe that the Infinity Hoop is likely to be more efficient for weight loss because it’s a weighted hoop. Adding resistance to any exercise increases calories burned.

It’s possible to lose weight doing any form of exercise and no money is required, but the more intense the exercise, the more weight can be lost in shorter periods of time.

One of the benefits of the Infinity Hoop for weight loss, according to many of the reviewers, is that it can make exercise fun. Ultimately it’s up to each individual to find out what type of exercise they enjoy and just stick to it on a consistent basis. You can lose weight using the Infinity Hoop, you can lose weight walking and you can lose weight running. Consistency is the most important thing.

Our Weight Loss Supplement Recommendations

There are food-based weight loss supplements that have significant research backing.

We recommend dietary fiber as a safe and effective weight loss supplement, especially when combined with caloric restriction.

landmark medical study found that moderate caloric restriction (750 calories per day below baseline) combined with dietary fiber intake (a minimum of 20 grams per day) caused an average weight loss of 16.03 pounds over 6 months. That’s a pace of 32 pounds per year of weight loss in overweight individuals simply by adding fiber to a moderately-restricted-calorie diet.

The fiber supplement we recommend is SuperGut Fiber Mix. It contains a clean and effective formulation: a blend of three different types of unflavored dietary fiber and zero additive ingredients. It can be mixed into liquids or foods. Interested consumers can buy SuperGut fiber at this link to the product page on the brand's website.

We recommend using two fiber mixes per day, which provides 16 grams (g) of total fiber. Diet should provide the remaining fiber necessary to meet the 20 g minimum threshold.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is another dietary supplement which has been shown in clinical trials to cause weight loss.

MCT oil is quickly absorbed by the body and increases metabolic rate, which causes fat loss. A meta-study on MCT oil documented weight loss of 1.12 pounds over 10 weeks. This equates to a potential annualized weight loss of 5.84 pounds with MCT oil supplementation.

We recommend Bulletproof MCT Oil as our top MCT oil product, because it has a clean and effective formulation. The only ingredient is MCT oil derived from coconuts, and the product has no questionable additives. Interested consumers can buy Bulletproof MCT Oil at this link to the product page on the brand's website.

The effective dose range of MCT oil for weight loss (based on the medical review) is 1.7 g to 10 g per day. Bulletproof's MCT oil provides 14 g in one tablespoon, so around two-thirds of one tablespoon should be a maximally-effective dosage.

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Infinity Hoop is likely to cause a decrease in waist circumference and body weight in overweight individuals, because weighted hula hoop exercise is proven to do so in clinical studies.

Any resistance exercise performed on a consistent basis can be effective for weight loss, but if the Infinity Hoop makes exercise more fun and helps someone be more consistent with their exercise routine, then it’s worth the purchase in our opinion given that it costs under $100.

We do believe that the Infinity Hoop is likely to be more effective for weight loss than regular hula hooping, because the added weights increase calories burned.

We also consider the “links” on the Infinity Hoop to be a smart marketing strategy, and to potentially help motivate people to continue exercising.

Once someone is able to remove their first “links,” they have visual proof that the hoop is helping them lose weight in a way that’s more tangible than most workouts. It’s clever and plays into human psychology to promote better health.

Users online seem to have mostly favorable reviews about the Infinity Hoop.

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