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Modere Review: Worth the Money or Overpriced?

Modere Review: Worth the Money or Overpriced?

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Modere is a brand that makes collagen and weight loss products with patented formulas. There's been a lot of consumer excitement and spending on both of these categories recently, so we wanted to review the science behind this brand to determine if it’s worth your money.

In this article we’ll review Modere Collagen and Modere Trim, as well as the medical trial funded by the brand, to determine whether there’s good science backing these products and whether they’re likely to be effective.

Modere Collagen Review - Medical Study

Modere sells several liquid collagen supplements called BioCell. The most popular is called Skin and is marketed as an anti-aging product.

We know from medical research that collagen supplements can have a positive effect on skin appearance, improving elasticity and hydration. But what we want to determine is whether this (very expensive) product is superior to just taking plain collagen.

The company which makes the patented collagen complex used in Modere Skin is called BioCell Technology LLC and they funded a clinical trial on their product.

The trial concluded that BioCell collagen improved skin appearance, but it was a very poorly designed study in our opinion. Facial lines and wrinkles were increased by week 6 but decreased by week 12 relative to the starting point, so they concluded the product decreases wrinkles but it seems like this could be random variation since wrinkles were significantly increased at week 6 (4.91 vs. 4.01).

Crow’s feet actually increased after 12 weeks of supplementation, going from 2.88 to 3.02. This is also likely due to random variance and not any negative feature of the product. Collagen doesn’t increase crow’s feet but it goes to show that the complex doesn’t substantially decrease them either.

Dryness and scaling did improve measurably in the study, dropping from 0.5 to 0.12. 

The study used no placebo group and also suffers from serious conflict of interest since it was funded by the company manufacturing the collagen rather than an independent third party.

Modere Collagen Review - Ingredient Review

Modere Skin Supplement Facts label

Modere Skin contains a 3.6 g proprietary blend of ingredients. If you’ve read our review of Balance of Nature supplements, you’ll know that we disagree with supplement companies using prop blends. Companies that respect their customers should publish the exact dose of each ingredient so the consumer can determine if they’re getting an effective dose. Prop blends just publish the total dosage of all ingredients combined which isn’t helpful in the least.

Prop blends are required to be listed in order of dosage, meaning that if one ingredient is a higher dose than another it must be listed first, even though the exact dosages don’t need to be published.

With this in mind, it’s strange that apple fruit juice is the very first ingredient in Modere Skin. This suggests there’s more apple juice in the product than collagen. Apple juice isn’t used for skin benefit, and we have no idea why it would be included at such a high dosage.

If we assume that the collagen complex dose is 1 g, which is what was used in the medical study referenced earlier, then a third of the product or more would just be apple juice.

There are tons of pointless exotic ingredients in relatively small doses in this product, like mangosteen fruit, amla fruit and grape fruit juice concentrate. We haven’t seen any research suggesting these secondary ingredients are effective for anti-aging, nor does Modere publish any on the product page. 

Supplement companies often add miniscule amounts of exotic ingredients to make their Supplement Facts label look more impressive and justify a high-priced product. We saw the same thing in our Goli review: the popular gummies company was adding amounts of fancy ingredients so small they didn’t even make the Active Ingredients label, but highlighting those same ingredients in their marketing. We believe this is a deceptive practice and a sign of a brand that doesn’t respect the intelligence of their consumers.

Modere Skin costs $74.99 for 30 servings, which is incredibly expensive given that you’re only getting 1 g of a collagen complex per serving.

Since the collagen complex is likely the only effective ingredient in this product, you could save a lot of money by purchasing collagen alone instead of this overpriced collagen mixed with apple juice and small amounts of exotic ingredients.

Modere Trim Review

Modere Trim Supplement Facts label

Modere Trim advertises itself as the best weight management product. It’s formulation includes another prop blend, this one totalling 5 g. 

The first ingredient is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been conclusively proven to reduce body fat when supplemented. The linked study reviewed 18 different studies on CLA for weight management and found in nearly all of them that fat mass was reduced.

The CLA dosage used in most studies was at least 1.8 g/day. Because Modere doesn’t publish any specific dosage information and just uses a prop blend, we can’t determine if there’s an effective dose of CLA in this Modere Trim. Since there’s only two ingredients there probably is an effective dose.

BioCell’s patented collagen complex is the only other ingredient in this product, and collagen is used for skin and joint benefit rather than weight loss. We haven’t seen any studies suggesting collagen supplementation has significant effects on weight, and Modere doesn’t publish any so we can assume this is an ineffective ingredient.

In our opinion the price of this product is crazy. They’re charging $99.99 for CLA and collagen. You can buy CLA alone for a fraction of that price, and it’s the only effective weight loss ingredient in this formulation based on medical research.

Better Alternative

We recommend Bulletproof collagen powder over Modere Collagen for anti-aging dermatological effect. It's sourced exclusively from pastured animals and contains no questionable additive ingredients. The only ingredient is collagen.

Bulletproof collagen costs $35.16 at a subscription price, with free shipping. There are 25 servings per container, but we actually recommend only 10 g of collagen per day rather than 20 (1 scoop instead of 2), as the maximally-effective dose based on medical research for skin benefit appears to be 10 g. 

The Bulletproof collagen product costs $0.70 per 10 g collagen serving, and Modere collagen costs $25 per 10 g collagen serving. Big difference.

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Modere products are overpriced and poorly formulated in our opinion. Modere Skin may be effective for skin improvement, but we believe you could get superior results at a much lower cost by purchasing plain collagen.

Modere Trim may aid weight loss due to the CLA, but the company publishes no evidence that the inclusion of collagen helps weight loss, and you could get the same effects for much cheaper by just purchasing CLA alone.

Overall we would not recommend this brand. 

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