Bye Bye Belly Juice Review: Can Juice Cause Weight Loss?

Bye Bye Belly Juice Review: Can Juice Cause Weight Loss?

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Bye Bye Belly Juice is a weight loss product sold on Etsy and a few online retailers. The Etsy shop selling this product is called “KWUSpa” and they describe their product as possessing the ability to “flatten your belly, get rid of toxins, speed up metabolism…without strict dieting.”

But can juice mixes really cause weight loss? What’s actually in Bye Bye Belly Juice? How do real users rate and describe the taste and effects? And will Bye Bye Belly Juice cause side effects?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Bye Bye Belly Juice based on clinical studies to give our take on whether the product is likely or not to be effective for weight loss.

We’ll highlight some potential safety issues, feature a video that discusses potential risks of juice cleanses, and discuss the potential for side effects.

We'll also feature unsponsored customer review of Bye Bye Belly Juice.

Ingredient Safety Issues

Bye Bye Belly Juice ingredients

The Bye Bye Belly Juice Etsy page states that the ingredients are composed of a mix of Slimmer Max Formula and a “special sauce.”

We can't find any information about the ingredients used in that “special sauce” and this product appears to violate both Etsy and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, which explicitly state that dietary supplement brands are required to publish a full ingredient list.

Bye Bye Belly Juice would be categorized as a dietary supplement, even though it’s a juice, because it contains functional herbs like ashwagandha extract.

We strongly recommend that consumers avoid wellness brands that fail to clearly publish a full ingredient list, as this is a consumer safety issue. Without the full list of ingredients, it’s impossible to make an informed purchase decision and ensure that the product is safe.

We consider it to be unacceptable and an ethical violation for a brand to sell a product with ingredients in a “special sauce” that’s unlisted, and we would recommend avoiding Bye Bye Belly Juice for this reason alone.

We don’t understand why anyone would purchase this product given that its functional ingredients appear to be composed of an already-existing product called “Slimmer Max Formula” which is sold by a brand called Heart & Body Naturals.

Since Simmer Max Formula is what provides the functional active ingredients, we don’t understand why any consumers would purchase Bye Bye Belly Juice which is just Slimmer Max and unlisted flavoring ingredients.

Ingredient Analysis

Slimmer Max ingredients

As stated in the previous section, all of the active ingredients in Bye Bye Belly Juice appear to come from a supplement called Slimmer Max, and the ingredients of that supplement are shown above.

Slimmer Max does contain some effective weight loss ingredients.

Green coffee bean extract can induce weight loss. A medical review published in the Gastroenterology Research and Practice journal analyzed data from three clinical trials on green coffee bean extract and weight loss. 

The study authors found that in all trials reviewed, green coffee bean extract caused weight loss, and the average weight loss was 5.45 pounds. The trials lasted an average of nine weeks.

Garcinia cambogia extract is another effective ingredient. As we documented in our Leanbean review article, clinical studies show that this ingredient causes short-term weight loss when appropriately dosed.

While Bye Bye Belly Juice may be effective for weight loss due to its inclusion of these active ingredients, we cannot recommend the product overall because the doses of those ingredients are not published (either on Bye Bye Belly Juice’s Etsy listing or on the Slimmer Max website).

Again, we consider this to be a serious consumer safety issue and a potential violation of FDA guidelines. Supplement companies are required to publish dosing information because this is the only way consumers can determine the safety of a supplement. 

Almost any ingredient has a safe dosing range, and a dose that may be unsafe. Consider caffeine. This ingredient is well-studied and safe at a dose of 100 milligrams (mg), for example, but could be deadly at a dose over 2,000 mg. Without the dosing information, consumers have no way to know if a supplement is safe or harmful.

This is the first weight loss brand that we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health that failed to publish a Supplement Facts label including dosage information of the active ingredients, and we urge the FDA to investigate both Bye Bye Belly Juice and Slimmer Max for potential safety violations. 

Real People Try Bye Bye Belly Juice

A TikTok creator named Patience Lynnell shares a before-and-after video suggesting that the juice caused her to lose weight:

@patiencelynnell It’s the juice working fah me 🔥😩🦚 Body looking right Try the one gallon challenge! You will love your results 🥤 #byebyebelly #getsnatched #tryit ♬ original sound - Sturdy

A TikTok creator named "Natonya's Getting Skinny" has a video suggesting that Bye Bye Belly Juice cut her cravings for processed food:

@getsnatchedwithnatonya #byebyebelly #foryoupage #fyp #weightlosstips #weightloss #fitness #loseweightnow #pizza #fitchick #weightlosstransformation #weightlosscheck ♬ ziezie Cupid Flow OUTNOW - Playyboyykeeys

Does Bye Bye Belly Juice Cause Side Effects?

Consumers are often curious about whether juice cleanses are likely to cause side effects given that they typically are a drastic change from a user’s regular diet.

While we don’t consider any of the active ingredients in Slimmer Max to be harmful or likely to cause side effects, we can’t say that this product will be side-effect-free because the doses aren’t published.

As stated earlier in the article, we consider the side effect risk of this product to be higher than a product with doses published, because many active ingredients (even safe ones) may cause side effects when taken at a high enough dose.

Further, there’s the “secret sauce” without published ingredients, so any of the ingredients in that blend may cause side effects.

Basically, it’s impossible to conclusively determine whether or not Bye Bye Belly Juice is likely to cause side effects because of the brand's failure to publish a full ingredient list including doses.

There is no mention of side effects on the Etsy product page at the time of updating this article. 

Are Juice Cleanses Effective?

One of the most popular YouTube videos on juice cleanses is an animated video from the "SciShow" channel with over 600,000 views, which highlights some of the issues with juice cleanses.

While any diet can cause short-term weight loss if it provides less calories than an individual burns daily, we consider all health claims regarding “detoxification” made by juice cleanse brands like Bye Bye Belly Juice to be unscientific:

Our Clean Weight Loss Picks

There are food-based nutrients which have been shown in medical studies to be effective for weight loss.

Dietary fiber was shown in a medical review published in The Journal of Nutrition to cause 16 pounds of weight loss in 6 months when combined with moderate caloric restriction (750 calories per day below baseline).

MBG Organic Fiber Potency+ is our top fiber pick because it's certified organic, provides 7 g of fiber per serving and costs under $1.85 per serving at the time of updating this article.

MCT oil was shown in a meta-study to cause more than one pound of weight loss over 10 weeks. This equates to potential annualized weight loss of 6 pounds per year with less than one tablespoon's worth of MCT oil per day.

Performance Lab MCT Oil is our top MCT oil pick because it's certified organic.

Ginger intake "significantly decreased body weight" according to a 2019 meta-study on ginger and weight loss that analyzed data from 14 clinical trials.

Pique La Ginger is our top ginger product, because it's an organic tea in convenient crystallized form, and all that's needed is to pour the powder into a glass and add hot water.

All three of the products mentioned in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

Pros and Cons of Bye Bye Belly Juice

Here are the pros and cons of Bye Bye Belly Juice in our opinion:


  • Majority of ingredients are plant-based
  • Some online customers claim to have lost weight


  • Brand fails to publish doses of functional ingredients
  • Brand fails to clearly publish full ingredient list
  • Doesn't appear to be clinically tested
  • Side effect risk is difficult to ascertain
  • Unclear official manufacturer
  • Juice cleanses may be ineffective for long-term weight loss
  • Brand uses "special sauce" and may be violating FDA guidelines
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We strongly recommend avoiding Bye Bye Belly Juice.

While the product may be effective for weight loss because it contains some research-backed ingredients, it’s the only weight loss supplement we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health to date that fails to publish the full set of ingredients, and that fails to publish functional ingredient doses.

We consider these to be serious consumer health and safety issues.

Without the full set of ingredient information, it’s impossible for consumers to determine if a supplement is safe, and if a supplement is likely to cause side effects.

We urge both the FDA and Etsy to investigate the health claims and the ingredient issues related to this brand.

The manufacturer claims to use a "special sauce" without disclosing which ingredients are included.

We consider health and detoxification claims about juice cleanses to be generally questionable. While fruits and vegetables are nutritious whole foods that can be incorporated into a healthy diet, we haven’t come across any medical evidence that they provide detoxification benefits beyond what the liver and kidneys already manage.

Bye Bye Belly Juice doesn't appear to be clinically tested, which makes it more challenging to assess the risk of side effects, but we consider the risk of side effects from this product to be higher than the average weight loss product we've reviewed, because of the ingredient disclosure issues.