Cialix Review: Do Penis Pills Work?

Cialix Review: Do Penis Pills Work?

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice. All statements are merely the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to male enhancement supplements.

Cialix is a male enhancement supplement that claims not only to increase testosterone but also to increase penis size. The brand is only sold online and is composed of "natural ingredients."

But does Cialix contain ingredients proven in clinical studies to be effective for increasing testosterone and sex drive? Is it possible for an oral supplement to increase penis size? And does Cialix cause side effects?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Cialix to give our take on whether or not the supplement is likely to be effective, and whether or not it's healthy.

We'll explain whether or not a dietary supplement can really increase penis size, give our take on whether Cialix is likely to cause side effects, and share our concerns about the brand generally.

Ingredient Analysis

Cialix Supplement Facts label

The ingredients in Cialix male enhancement pills are shown above.

The supplement contains a proprietary (prop) blend with a total dosage of 1,489 milligrams (mg), which equates to an average ingredient dose of 186 mg.

As we explained in our review of Alpha Brain ingredients, prop blends only publish the total dose rather than the individual dose of each ingredient, which makes it challenging to assess the safety and efficacy of a supplement.

Epimedium extract, more commonly known as horny goat weed, has been shown in animal studies to increase testosterone levels, but we can't find any human trials proving the same.

Eurycoma longfolia was shown in a 2017 medical review to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Saw palmetto extract was shown in a clinical trial published in the Urology journal to improve erectile function in animals.

Bovine orchic susbtance is derived from the testicles of cows.

We can't find any clinical evidence of its efficacy.

We are unable to source any clinical studies suggesting the remaining active ingredients in Cialix are effective for improving any aspect of male sexuality.

Cialix also fails to publish an inactive ingredients list, as you can see in the Supplement Facts label shown above.

Inactive ingredients include capsule material, any fillers, preservatives or flavoring compounds. It's impossible to make an informed purchase decision without the full list of both active and inactive ingredients.

We're unable to identify any active ingredients in this supplement that we consider effectively dosed for male sexual function or male sex drive enhancement.

Can Supplements Increase Penis Size?

We find Cialix's health claim about increased penis size to be highly questionable.

The brand fails to cite any research or provide any proof of this claim, and we haven't come across any clinical studies suggesting that oral supplements can permanently increase penis size.

As we explained in our VigorNow review article on another supplement for penis size, it seems logically impossible for an oral supplement to alter the length and girth of the penis.

The penis is an appendage, just like the fingers. There is no biological mechanism for its permanent growth beyond puberty.

Some supplements can increase erection size by improving blood flow or arousal, but only to a maximum determined by the existing size of the penis. 

Does Cialix Cause Side Effects?

Cialix doesn't appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, so it's challenging to say for certain whether or not the supplement is likely to cause side effects.

However, we can make an educated guess based on its ingredients. 

The active ingredients in Cialix are mostly safe and well-studied, however, the fact that the brand fails to publish the individual ingredient dosage increases the risk of side effects in our opinion.

Side effect risk is intractably tied to dosage.

An active ingredient may not cause side effects at a dose of 200 mg, but it may cause side effects at a 400 mg dose.

Without knowing the individual ingredient doses, we can't establish whether or not those doses are within a safe range.

For this reason, we generally recommend avoiding supplements containing prop blends that aren't studied in clinical trials, because it's very challenging to assess their safety or risk of side effects.

Our Clean Men's Health Picks

Bulletproof Magnesium is our top overall testosterone support pick.

Magnesium is a mineral that is clinically shown to increase free and total testosterone in athletes and in sedentary individuals.

Momentous Tongkat Ali is our top herbal testosterone support pick.

A 2022 meta-study concluded that "A significant improvement in total testosterone levels after [tongkat ali] treatment was mostly reported in both healthy volunteers and hypogonadal men." 

MBG Omega-3 Potency+ is our top erection quality pick.

Omega-3 fatty acids were described as "critical for men with ED who are under age 60 years" in a 2012 medical review.

All of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we consider unhealthy.

Cialix Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Cialix in our opinion:


  • Some research-baacked ingredients


  • Questionable health claims
  • Failure to publish inactive ingredients
  • Uses prop blend
  • Unclear manufacturer
  • Unclear where to purchase
  • Many low-quality online publishers promoting Cialix
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We do not currently recommend Cialix, because we are unable to identify any active ingredients that we consider likely to be effective for improving testosterone or any other parameter of male sexual function.

Because the brand fails to publish individual ingredient doses, it's very challenging to determine potential efficacy.

Cialix also fails to publish inactive ingredients, which is a safety concern. Without the full list of both active and inactive ingredients, it's challenging to determine whether or not a supplement is safe.

The supplement doesn't appear to have been studied in any clinical trials.

We disagree with the health claims about potential increases to penis size, because the brand doesn't share any proof of these claims, and we haven't come across any medical research suggesting that oral supplements can increase penis size.

We consider Cialix to be a low-quality brand, and we believe there are better natural options for sex drive and sexual enhancement.