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Cialix Review: Why The Popular Pills Won't Increase Your Penis Size

Cialix Review: Why The Popular Pills Won't Increase Your Penis Size

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Cialix is a male enhancement supplement which claims not only to increase testosterone but also to increase penis size. There are many similar products targeted to men, and most of them like Libido Max Red provide garbage ingredients and no testing.

It’s worth noting that Cialix seems to have recently rebranded from “Cianix” because there are reviews online mentioning the same ingredients and claims under that name.

In this Cialix review we’ll explain why we consider this to be a terrible, unscientific and potentially dangerous product.

No Ingredient Dosage on Website

We’ve never seen this before, but Cialix doesn’t actually publish a Supplement Facts panel or any ingredient dosage information on their website. They do on Amazon because this is a requirement to sell on Amazon.

This is a huge red flag right off the bat because there’s no logical reason a company would withhold this critical information on their own website other than to be deceptive, in our opinion.

Formulation Review

Cialix Supplement Facts label

Cialix contains a proprietary blend with a total dosage of 1,489 mg. As we discussed in more detail in our review of Alpha Brain ingredients, prop blends are bad for consumers because they don’t allow you to see the actual dose of each ingredient; just the overall dose. 

High-quality supplement brands that respect their customers avoid prop blends and just transparently publish the dosage of each active ingredient.

The first listed ingredient in the prop blend is epimedium, more commonly known as horny goat weed. Supplementation of the active compound in horny goat weed called icariin increased testosterone in a rat study, but the dosage was equivalent to 900 mg for a 150 lb man. Given that the entire Cialix prop blend is 1,489 mg and there are 7 other ingredients, it’s very likely this is underdosed.

Eurycoma longfolia is the second ingredient in this product, and is more commonly known as tongkat ali. This compound is promising in testosterone research, and has been shown in one study to increase T in men with a testicular condition but not in healthy subjects. The dosage was 200 mg.

Another study on tongkat ali found that it significantly improved T levels in stressed adults, but the dosage was factors higher than the entire prop blend of Cialix (which includes other ingredients. The study used 2000 mg/kg, or 180,000 mg for an average weight American man. 

One ingredient which makes no sense to us is sarsaparilla root extract. We haven’t come across any research even testing this botanical for testosterone improvement, so we don’t understand why it would be included in a product formulated to increase T.

Overall we find this to be an ineffective and underdosed formulation.

Absurd Claims

It’s always a bad sign when a supplement company makes patently absurd and unprovable claims. The fact that this product claims to increase penis size should be enough for you to avoid it. We certainly haven’t seen any medical research suggesting botanical supplements can increase penis size, nor does Cialix provide any.

No Public Team

Legitimate products usually have a public team behind them, but Cialix does not. There is no mention of any team members on their site or Amazon listing, which is somewhat unsurprising due to the absurd claims their product makes which opens them up to liability.

We recommend that consumers ask themselves whether they should be taking a supplement which even the founders don’t want to publicly associate themselves with. Most of the supplements making outlandish claims tend to have no public team members listed.

No Testing

Given how sketchy this company already seems from all of the above points, it should come as no surprise that they don’t publish any test results proving that their products work or proving that their products are clean and accurately labeled.

Supplement companies which don’t publish independent testing should generally be avoided in our opinion because there is no pre-approval process in the U.S. for supplement companies. This means that a company could be selling products adulterated with a contaminant like lead, and consumers would only find out after the fact.

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It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves Cialix or Cianix, whoever’s making this product is not giving any care to their formulation, health claims or safety testing.

Like many products targeted to male libido and testosterone, there are exaggerated claims with zero backing provided, prop blends intended to deceive the consumer and a total lack of testing proving the products are safe.

We recommend that consumers avoid this company. We believe that it’s not only ineffective, but that it may be harmful. Companies which make such aggressive and unsubstantiated marketing claims while hiding any team members from the public eye are not to be trusted.

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