Bloom Nutrition Review: The Best TikTok Health Brand?

Bloom Nutrition Review: The Best TikTok Health Brand?

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Bloom Nutrition is a dietary supplement brand that sells a wide range of products from workout supplements like pre-workout to general wellness supplements like greens powders. The brand has a clean and simple aesthetic and is popular on TikTok. 

But do Bloom’s top-selling supplements actually contain effective ingredients? Do their supplements contain any questionable additive ingredients? How does the price compare to other brands selling in the same category? And how are real users rating and describing Bloom’s best supplements?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review the ingredients in Bloom’s top two supplements: Greens & Superfoods powder, and Collagen Peptides. We’ll review the ingredients in each to give our take on whether the products are likely to improve health or if they’re a waste of money.

We’ll also share customer reviews of Bloom supplements.

Bloom Nutrition Greens Review

Bloom Nutrition Greens ingredients

Bloom’s greens powder contains a large number of active ingredients (42 at our count); many of which are not greens. The ingredients shown above are just the Greens blend in this supplement.

The good news is that all of the ingredients in Bloom Greens & Superfoods are safe and non-toxic. There are no questionable additive ingredients at all (if you choose the Original version which is unflavored). The majority of the ingredients are whole foods ingredients like organic barley grass powder, which is shown in medical research to be a nutrient-dense food that can help naturally detoxify the body.

A recent medical review published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine concluded that fruit and vegetable concentrate supplementation “would result in the reduction of the burden of [cardiovascular diseases].”

Our main complaint about this product is that the fruit and vegetable blends only have a total dose of 2.49 grams (g) which is relatively low. We have not come across any medical research suggesting that a fruit and vegetable supplement dose this low has proven health benefits.

We don’t like when supplements try to “do everything.” It seems illogical for a greens supplement to contain low doses of probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes instead of just providing a higher dose of greens. The entire fiber blend only has a total dose of 1.606 g, or only 11% of the amount in one single cup of cooked beans (source).

Overall we believe that this supplement can help improve nutritional status in consumers that don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables from their diet. While we don’t consider it harmful or likely to cause side effects in any way, we do not recommend the supplement overall because we think the formulation is overcomplicated: a greens powder should just provide an effective dose of greens. Why would healthy consumers need to get additional digestive enzymes in a greens supplement?

One of the most popular YouTube reviews of this supplement is published by a creator named Mauricette Diaz who tried Bloom’s product for two weeks and shared her experience (including a review of the taste):

We Tried Bloom Ourselves

Bloom Nutrition UGC

One of our product testers named Matt Donnelly tested the Strawberry Kiwi flavor of Bloom Supergreens. Here's his experience:

The canister had an easy-to-open seal. No issues opening, but I did need to dig for the scoop, which is not uncommon for this sort of product.

I generally don’t like green powders that taste too "seaweedy." Bloom does not taste seaweedy at all. The strawberry kiwi flavor tasted exactly as you would expect even though the color is a very dark (seaweed-colored) green. 

I use these types of superfood greens powders regularly, so I enjoy the energy boost. Bloom does seem to increase energy and promote digestion in the same way as the others I’ve tried. I don’t know whether it reduces bloating, but I generally don’t get bloated so I couldn’t say either way.

I used the product with water and in my morning shake, and the strawberry kiwi flavor definitely added a fresh and surprising brightness to the shake.

As compared to the other greens powder products I’ve tried, the suggested use is less, and the scoop that’s included is quite smaller. So while the container and product weight might be smaller/less than others, you don’t need to consume as much, which means it will likely last as long as the other kinds.

Overall, I would rate Bloom Supergreens 9/10, and I plan to purchase this product in the future.

Does Bloom Greens Reduce Bloating?

Many users take Bloom Greens to reduce bloating, and while the supplement doesn't appear to have been studied for this effect, some users have done personal tests and claimed to have seen benefits.

A TikTok user named "kat brito" shared a video before and after taking Bloom Greens for bloating:

@katbritoo my holy grail @Bloom Nutrition #bloating #guthealth #debloatfast ♬ Younger - Kygo Remix - Seinabo Sey

Bloom Nutrition Collagen Review

Bloom Nutrition Collagen ingredients

Bloom Nutrition also sells a collagen supplement. Like Bloom’s greens powder, it has a simple and clean formulation with only three active ingredients: vitamin C, collagen peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

The 16 g of collagen in this supplement is an effective dose both for exercise and skin benefits.

A clinical trial published in the Nutrients journal found that 15 g of daily collagen peptide supplementation combined with weight training improved fat free mass and muscle strength more than weight training alone.

A 2019 medical review found oral collagen supplementation to improve visible signs of skin aging, as well as improve skin elasticity and skin hydration. The studies used a dosing range between 2.5 g/day and 10 g/day so consumers interested in skincare benefits alone can take half a daily serving of Bloom’s collagen (8 g) and save money.

Hyaluronic acid is included at a dose of 60 milligrams (mg), and as we documented in our Instaflex review article (on another supplement containing this ingredient), the minimum effective dose of oral hyaluronic acid supplementation appears to be 80 mg.

Overall we consider this supplement to be likely effective for exercise performance enhancement and skin quality improvement, and the unflavored version is entirely free of questionable additive ingredients.

Momentous Collagen Powder is our top collagen powder.

In addition to collagen peptides from grass-fed animals, it contains FORTIGEL, a trademarked collagen hydrolysate blend that's clinically shown to enhance elastin biosynthesis by 50% and may reduce ruptures and exercise-related injuries.

Where to Get the Best Price

Bloom Nutrition is sold on the brand's official website, on Amazon and at Target. Target does not currently carry the unflavored Bloom greens, which is the healthiest option in our opinion. 

Here's a price breakdown at the time of updating this article:

Walmart: $62 (third-party seller, link)

Brand website: $39.99 (plus shipping, link)

Target: $39.99 (free shipping, link)

Amazon: $39.99 (free shipping -- link to official Amazon listing)

Our Clean Green Powder Picks

Complement Daily Greens is our top overall green powder pick.

This greens powder is extremely nutrient-dense without any added vitamins, providing 50% of the iron Daily Value (DV), 46% of the chromium DV and 35% of the vitamin A DV in one serving.

Pique Japanese Sencha Green Tea is our top superfood green powder pick. 

Green tea was documented in a medical review to support "anti-hypertensive effect, body weight control, antibacterial and antivirasic activity, solar ultraviolet protection, bone mineral density increase."

Both of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of ingredients we consider to be unhealthy.

Bloom Nutrition Real Customer Reviews

Bloom’s supplements are sold on Amazon which is a more objective resource for customer reviews than a brand’s website in our opinion. Bloom’s greens powder has over 22,000 ratings at the time of writing this article. 

The average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named “Sam rodriguez” who claims the supplement reduced bloating:

“I did feel a mood boost, less constipation, more energy and less bloating. I usually just put a scoop in water and mix it with my frothed. It really does have a lot of good stuff in it. I would say it’s a really good multi vitamin with EXTRA goodies.”

The top negative review from a verified purchaser is written by a user named “Leah Riccio” who claims the product tasted bad (this could be avoided by purchasing the unflavored version) and didn’t blend well:

“I first bought the coconut flavor. First of all, it does not taste good. It’s a horrible artificial coconut taste that I could barely get down. Second of all, the powder blended terribly. I was drinking in chunks of powder despite blending vigorously. I even bought an electric milk frother just to blend the powder.”

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Bloom Nutrition is a high-quality supplement brand based on the two products we reviewed. Both supplements contained effective ingredients, and were entirely free of questionable additive ingredients, which is a rarity in the fitness and wellness industry.

Bloom Nutrition’s greens powder does contain a wide range of fruits and vegetables that may benefit the health of those who eat a poor diet, but it also contains a number of other ingredients like small doses of fiber and digestive enzymes that we consider unnecessary. 

Bloom’s collagen powder is effectively dosed and may improve exercise performance and skin quality.

We don’t recommend either product because we believe there are equivalent or superior formulations in the same product category that are better-priced.

For consumers set on purchasing from Bloom, we recommend purchasing unflavored versions of their products to avoid questionable flavoring agents.