Seint Makeup Review: The Cleanest Makeup Brand?

Seint Makeup Review: The Cleanest Makeup Brand?

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Seint is one of the most popular makeup brands and has beautiful packaging and aesthetic design. The company sells a wide variety of makeup products including foundations of various shades and bronzers. 

But does Seint makeup really have higher-quality ingredients than cheaper options? Does it contain any questionable additive ingredients? How do real users rate and describe the aesthetic effects of Seint makeup? And which retailer sells Seint for the best price?

In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze the ingredients in Seint Foundation and Seint Bronzer based on clinical studies, to give our take on whether or not they're likely to improve skin quality and whether or not they're a healthy option.

We’ll feature unsponsored user reviews of both products, share a video suggesting that there are some major controversies surrounding Seint, and provide a cost comparison to show which retailer sells Seint for the best price.

Seint Foundation Ingredient Analysis

Seint Foundation ingredients

The ingredients in Seint Foundation are shown above.

Seint sells two popular foundation products: “Highlight” and “Contour.” Both contain the exact same ingredients, and the coloration differences are achieved with differing levels of iron oxides and ultramarines.

Iron oxides are safe and effective colorant ingredients used in makeup that are a much healthier alternative to artificial dye. Iron oxides are shown in medical research to protect the skin against UV damage.

Ultramarines are dark-hued pigments created from minerals. This category of colorant was shown in a 2021 medical review to have some heavy metal contamination, though lower levels of contamination than other colorants.

Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic preservative shown to cause toxicity and atrophy to human cells in at least one test tube study, as we discussed in our Function of Beauty reviews article.

Lanolin is a contact allergen according to a 17-year retrospective study, meaning it may irritate the skin (although we don't consider it to be systemically harmful or toxic).

Overall, we do not recommend this makeup product from a health perspective, due to the inclusion of ultramarines and phenoxyethanol.

One of the most popular reviews of Seint’s foundation products comes from a YouTube creator named Erin Wygant, whose video includes a live demonstration of both the Highlight and Contour products with timestamps:

Seint Makeup Controversy

Seint is an multi-level-marketing (MLM) business, and MLMs tend to have controversy surrounding their business practices and how they pay their consultants. Seint is no different in this regard.

One of the most popular YouTube videos highlighting the controversy surrounding Seint comes from a creator named Isabella Lanter who analyzes how much Seint “artists” actually make, why their business model is questionable (artists apparently have to buy inventory from the company), and breaks down commentary from a Seint “top leader.”

It’s a very well-researched and engaging video that includes timestamps for individuals who may not have the time to watch it in full:

Where to Get the Best Price

Seint is sold at a variety of online retailers. Here's a price breakdown at the time of updating this article:

Seint Foundation

EveryMarket: $40.92 (plus shipping, link)

Brand website: $16 (plus shipping, link)

Seint Bronzer

EveryMarket: $46.03 (plus shipping link)

Brand website: $16 (plus shipping, link)

Seint makeup is currently around 66% cheaper on the brand's website than third-party retailers, and the company doesn't appear to sell on major third-party retailers like Ulta, Sephora or Amazon.

Seint Bronzer Review

Seint’s Bronzer contains the same ingredient list as their foundation, with the addition of mica which is a safe and non-toxic colorant that adds texture.

One of the most popular YouTube videos on Seint's bronzer comes from a YouTube creator named “Fit Mission Makeup,” who shares how to properly use this product along with foundation:

Our Clean Beauty Pick

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation is our top clean foundation brand.

Ilia’s makeup has natural ingredients beneficial for skin health like aloe vera juice, coconut and jojoba seed oil.

Ilia’s makeup is fragrance-free, free of phenoxyethanol and is also free of synthetic dyes.

While it does contain two preservatives (ethylhexylglycerin and sodium benzoate), we consider these to be less harsh options than the inactive ingrdients in Seint Makeup.

We would prefer to recommend a preservative-free makeup product but have not come across one. If we do, we will update this section of the article with that recommendation.

Pros and Cons of Seint

Here are the pros and cons of Seint Makeup in our opinion:


  • Cleaner formulations than average makeup brand
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Mostly positive online customer reviews
  • Should improve the appearance of skin


  • Contains phenoxyethanol
  • MLM business model
  • Brand website charges for shipping
  • Not as many active ingredients to improve skin quality as some alternative brands in our opinion
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Seint makeup is a better-formulated and safer option than many commercial makeup brands.

We don’t currently recommend the product overall due to the inclusion of a preservative ingredient that we recommend avoiding, and a colorant ingredient that was found to contain heavy metals in a medical study.

Consumers seem to rate Seint well from an aesthetic and functional perspective.

There is some controversy surrounding Seint’s business model and payout structure to their business partners, called “artists,” which is unfortunately common with MLM companies.

At the time of updating this article, Seint's website has much better prices than any third-party retailer.