BioFit Review: Can Probiotic Pills Cause Weight Loss?

BioFit Review: Can Probiotic Pills Cause Weight Loss?

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BioFit is a weight loss supplement made with probiotics manufactured by a brand called Vitalina.

In this article we’ll review the ingredients in BioFit to provide our determination on whether or not this supplement is likely to be effective for weight loss. We'll also share some concerns we have about the manufacturer.

At the time of updating this article, Vitalina appears to have discontinued BioFit as the product is not currently showing on their website. We'll leave the ingredient review up incase the brand re-launches this product, and we'll also highlight some research-backed weight loss supplements for the convenience of our readers.

Ingredient Review

BioFit ingredients list

At the time of originally publishing this article, Vitalina did not have a Supplement Facts label on either their website or the BioFit Amazon page. The ingredient list above comes from the product's Amazon listing, but it fails to publish doses as would be required on a Supplement Facts label. 

We consider this to be a red flag, because dosage information is important for consumer safety.

Dietary supplement manufacturers are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. to publish a Supplement Facts label. We recommend that consumers avoid any supplements without this critical information.

BioFit contains 172.5 billion colony-forming-units (CFU) of a probiotic blend. This is a very high dose that may cause gastrointestinal distress in some consumers. According to the American Family Physician journal, the typical probiotic dosing range for adults is around 10 billion to 20 billion CFU per day.

The first ingredient is lactobacillus acidophilus which is a strange choice for a weight loss formulation. As we documented in our Floraspring review article of another weight loss probiotic supplement, there is medical research suggesting that this ingredient actually causes weight gain.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus has been proven in a clinical trial published in 2014 to cause weight loss, but BioFit only publishes the species and not the specific strain of probiotic. The strain found in the medical study to cause weight loss was lactobacillus rhamnosus CGMCC1.3724. We will consider this ingredient potentially effective for weight loss.

The remaining five probiotic species may be effective for weight loss depending on the strain, but because Vitalina fails to publish the probiotic strain and only publishes the probiotic species, we cannot determine conclusively. 

We consider it to be a sign of a low-quality supplement manufacturer when the probiotic strain is not published, because this is important information. Different probiotic strains can have significantly different biological effects, even within the same species.

Overall we consider this supplement potentially effective for weight loss, but we would not recommend it because it's impossible to determine efficacy if only the probiotic species is published.

There are no ingredients in this formulation that we consider to be harmful or toxic.

BioFit Real User Review

One of the most popular YouTube reviews of BioFit is published by a channel called "RealLifeReviews." The video appears to be unsponsored and the creator shares her experience using BioFit:

Does BioFit Cause Side Effects?

Consumers are often curious about whether BioFit is likely to cause side effects, because of how many weight loss supplements and prescription medications do.

We don't believe that BioFit is likely to cause significant side effects based on its formulation. Even though we don't recommend the supplement, we don't believe it's likely to be harmful.

As stated in the ingredient review section, the relatively high probiotic dose may cause minor gastrointestinal side effects in some individuals such as gas and bloating. To minimize risk of this side effect, it may be logical to take a smaller serving than recommended for the first BioFit serving just to test the effects of the supplement and ensure that it doesn't cause any discomfort.

Should I Buy BioFit From Different Manufacturers?

Even though Vitalina has apparently discontinued BioFit, there are a number of other manufacturers on Amazon selling products called "BioFit." We do not recommend purchasing BioFit from any of these companies, as Vitalina was the official manufacturer.

In our opinion, dietary supplements made by companies other than the official manufacturer tend to be poorly formulated. It's a sign of a low-quality supplement brand to create a product with the same name as a competitor to try to take their market share.

Our Clean Weight Loss Picks

There are food-based nutrients which have been shown in medical studies to be effective for weight loss.

Dietary fiber was shown in a medical review published in The Journal of Nutrition to cause 16 pounds of weight loss in 6 months when combined with moderate caloric restriction (750 calories per day below baseline).

Supergut Fiber Mix is our recommended fiber supplement, because it contains three different types of fiber powder and no questionable additive ingredients. Interested consumers can check out Supergut Fiber Mix at this link to the product page on the brand's official website, where it retails for under $2 per serving at a subscription rate.

MCT oil is quickly absorbed by the body and increases metabolic rate, which causes fat loss. A 2015 meta-study on MCT oil documented more than one pound of weight loss over 10 weeks. This equates to potential annualized weight loss of 6 pounds per year with less than one tablespoon's worth of MCT oil per day.

Bulletproof MCT Oil is our top MCT oil product, because the only ingredient is MCT oil derived from coconuts. There are no questionable additives. Interested consumers can check out Bulletproof MCT Oil at this link to the product page on the brand's official website, where it currently costs only $15.50 for over a month's worth of product.

Coffee is one of the few whole food ingredients associated with weight loss in clinical trials. A meta-analysis published in the Nutrients journal found that coffee intake was associated with reduced body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.

VitaCup Organic Instant Coffee Sticks is our top coffee product for weight loss, due to its convenience. No preparation or machinery is needed. The sticks can be mixed into hot or cold water (or other beverages) and consumed. The only ingredient is organic instant coffee; no questionable additives.

Interested consumers can check out VitaCup Organic Instant Coffee Sticks at this link to the product page on the brand's official website, where they retail for $1 per serving at a subscription rate.

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 We do not recommend BioFit for various reasons. The manufacturer failed to publish Supplement Facts labels on either their website or the product's Amazon listing. The probiotic strain was not listed for any of the probiotic ingredients.

BioFit may be effective for weight loss because some of the probiotic species are effective for weight loss, but it's impossible to tell definitively because the manufacturer fails to publish dosage or probiotic strain.

It appears that the official manufacturer of BioFit has discontinued the product. 

We recommend avoiding all supplements sold by the official manufacturer of BioFit called Vitalina. This brand has manufactured two separate supplements that we reviewed poorly, and has since discontinued both products.

Many other brands are now selling products called BioFit on Amazon, and we would recommend avoiding all such products. In our opinion, "knock-off" products sold by companies other than the official manufacturer tend to be poorly-formulated.

Dietary fiber and MCT oil are research-backed weight loss supplements without any significant side effects.

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