Glucofort Review: Can A Supplement Lower Blood Sugar?

Glucofort Review: Can A Supplement Lower Blood Sugar?

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice, and is just the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to blood sugar management.

Glucofort is a dietary supplement formulated to help support healthy blood sugar levels. The company claims their supplement can “naturally awaken the feedback loop responsible for blood sugar and healing and regenerative potential that’s lying dormant within you.”

In this article we’ll review every ingredient in Glucofort based on medical research to give our take on whether it’s likely to be effective or if it's a waste of money. We’ll also highlight some safety issues related to this supplement.

Because Glucofort contains a wide range of active ingredients, we'll break our ingredient review into two sections: vitamins and minerals, and herbal blend.

Vitamins and Minerals Ingredient ReviewGlucofort vitamin and mineral ingredients

Because Glucofort doesn’t publish the ingredients on their website, we had to source the ingredient list from other websites which reviewed this supplement. Presumably they purchased the supplement and that’s how they were able to access the Supplement Facts label. 

We can’t guarantee these ingredients are accurate because Glucofort doesn’t publish their ingredients, but this same Supplement Facts label was on several websites reviewing Glucofort so we believe it’s likely to be accurate.

Vitamin C is the first-listed ingredient, and is almost certainly underdosed for any blood sugar benefit. Medical research has shown that Vitamin C may be effective for lowering blood sugar, but the lowest dose used in the linked review for oral supplementation was 200 milligrams (mg). Most of the doses were closer to 1,000 mg. There exists only 50 mg of Vitamin C in Glucofort.

Vitamin E has been proven in medical research to be ineffective for lowering blood sugar, so we don’t know why this ingredient was included.

Biotin may be effective for normalizing blood sugar levels based on medical studies, but we can’t find a single study proving it to be effective at as low a dose as included in Glucofort. We will conclude this is another ineffective and underdosed ingredient.

Magnesium is another ingredient which may be effective for blood sugar control, but appears underdosed in this supplement. An extensive medical review published in the Pharmacological Research journal analyzed 21 individual studies on magnesium supplementation to treat blood sugar.

Not one single study which measured magnesium in the same format as used in Glucofort (mg) contained as low a dose as that in Glucofort. We will conclude that this is another ineffective and underdosed ingredient.

We consider this blend of vitamins and minerals to be ineffective for blood sugar benefit.

Herbal Blend Ingredient Review

Glucofort herbal blend ingredients

Glucofort contains a blend of herbal ingredients which is listed in a manner we’ve never yet seen before on a Supplement Facts label. The company doesn't even list the dosage of the blend, or of any of the individual ingredients.

This appears to be in clear violation of the FDA’s labeling guidelines for dietary supplements, which state that the weight (dosage) of the blend is required to be on the Supplement Facts label.

We very strongly recommend that consumers avoid any supplement that fails to publish dosage for active ingredients. This is a consumer safety issue, because without knowing the ingredient dosage, there is no way to determine that ingredient is safe.

Whether or not these ingredients are effective for blood sugar also cannot be ascertained without dosage, but it's irrelevant because consumers should immediately avoid any supplement without ingredient doses listed.

No Ingredients List on Website

Glucofort is one of the few supplement companies we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health that doesn't even publish an ingredients list on their website. This is another huge red flag in our opinion.

Consumers deserve to know what ingredients are in an ingestible supplement, and for safety reasons this information should always be available. A supplement may contain an ingredient that a customer is allergic to, or that interacts with medication they’re taking.

We consider it to be irresponsible and unsafe that Glucofort does not publish ingredients on their website, and again we recommend that consumers avoid all supplement companies that do not transparently disclose ingredients on their website.

Research-Backed Blood Sugar Support Supplement

Cinnamon extract is a dietary supplement that can help support healthy blood sugar levels. We are not suggesting this supplement should be used to treat any disease or medical condition, but we would like to share some clinical research on the effects of cinnamon supplementation and blood sugar.

A medical review published in the Annals of Family Medicine journal found that cinnamon consumption reduced fasting blood sugar levels, reduced total cholesterol levels and reduced triglyceride levels.

A clinical trial from 2006 found that cinnamon extract caused a 10.3% blood sugar reduction in type 2 diabetics, while placebo pills only caused a 3.4% reduction.

For consumers interested in cinnamon extract supplements, we recommend choosing a ceylon cinnamon extract rather than a cassia cinnamon extract, because ceylon cinnamon has negligible levels of a toxin called coumarin that's high in cassia cinnamon. A medical review published in the Nutrition Journal concluded that ceylon cinnamon was safer for this reason.

Illuminate Labs manufactures a ceylon cinnamon extract supplement that's potent (standardized to minimum 8% flavonoids) and is third-party tested to ensure purity and label accuracy. 

Interested consumers can check out Illuminate Labs Ceylon Cinnamon Extract at this link.

Glucofort Complaints

Glucofort has been reviewed four times on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website) and all four reviews are complaints, some of which suggest that the brand is a scam. The company's average review rating is only 1.25 stars out of 5 stars.

Several of the complaints have to do with missing refunds, but one complaint from a user named "Josh A" actually claims that the drug increased A1C levels, which is a marker for blood sugar:

"In my case, my A1C actually increased while using this product. My diet remained constant. I stopped the Glucoufort and my A1C went down!"

Is Glucofort Available on Amazon or Walmart?

There are products called "Glucofort" on Amazon and Walmart, but none appear to be sold by the official manufacturer. We cannot identify any references to Amazon or Walmart on the official manufacturer website, which is found here:

While we don't recommend Glucofort, we would advise consumers set on purchasing this product to buy from the official manufacturer website, because the risk of fraudulent products is significantly higher when buying from non-official sellers.

It's important to always check the brand name on Amazon and Walmart listings to ensure that it matches the official brand's name. The most popular "Glucofort" product currently sold on Amazon is sold by a brand called "Vitaking" which is a red flag in our opinion, because it signifies that it's not being sold by the official manufacturer.

Does Glucofort Cause Side Effects?

All of the individual active ingredients in Glucofort appear safe in our opinion, but the risk of side effects may be higher because Glucofort doesn't publish ingredient doses. Any ingredient is more likely to cause side effects at a higher dose, and without this critical information consumers are left without any insight into whether the doses used are safe.

We consider the side effect risk to be higher for supplements without doses published, which is another reason we recommend avoiding this supplement.

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Glucofort is one of the worst supplements we’ve ever reviewed. We recommend avoiding this product entirely.

Not only are we unable to identify a single effective ingredient based on medical research, but many ingredients do not even have a listed dosage, which is something we’ve never encountered before on a dietary supplement's ingredients label.

Glucofort also fails to publish ingredients on their website which is a consumer safety issue, because ingredient dosage is necessary to determine the safety and efficacy of an ingredient.

All of the reviews of Glucofort on the brand's BBB page at the time of updating this article are negative.

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