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SkinnyFit Review: Good Collagen and Bad Other Stuff

SkinnyFit Review: Good Collagen and Bad Other Stuff

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

SkinnyFit is a health brand that makes a variety of products, including anti-aging products, detox teas and superfood blends.

In this article we’ll review their formulations based on medical research to determine if the products are likely to be effective.

SkinnyFit Super Youth Review

SkinnyFit Super Youth ingredients

Super Youth is Skinnyfit’s line of collagen powders. Interestingly, they use mostly collagen peptides rather than regular collagen.

Both collagen and collagen peptides are composed of the same amino acids, the peptides just contain shorter chains.

More importantly, both collagen and collagen peptides have been shown in medical research to be effective as an anti-aging treatment, and effective for influencing taut skin. A thorough review published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology found that collagen peptides were effective for skin improvements, with a minimally effective dose of 2.5 grams/day.

Super Youth contains 7.8 grams of collagen per serving, so we can confirm this is an effective dose. The unflavored product also contains zero filler ingredients like sweeteners or dyes.

Skinnyfit's flavored products like Super Youth Peach Mango and Super Youth Tropical Punch contain natural flavors which we recommend avoiding for health reasons, because harmful ingredients can be included under this broad descriptor.

The price of these products is very reasonable for the dosage, at barely over $1 per serving. 

We do recommend SkinnyFit Super Youth unflavored, although Vital Proteins is a slightly cheaper option for a larger dose.

SkinnyFit Detox Tea Review

SkinnyFit Detox Tea ingredients

Any tea company advertising their product as a “detox” is already a red flag, because there is no medical need or biological mechanism for a tea to detoxify people. 

As we discussed at length in our review of covid vaccine detox, organs like the kidneys and liver already perform all of the detoxification needed, and extreme situations where medical intervention is needed for detoxification are very rare and solved with treatments like dialysis, not herbal teas. 

We have not come across any medical research suggesting detox teas are helpful, and one recent study found a popular brand called Yogi’s detox tea to have actually caused acute liver failure in a consumer.

The ingredients in SkinnyFit’s Detox Tea seem to be fine, but we disagree with their health claim that the tea is “detoxifying” in any medical sense. These herbal ingredients may provide micronutrients and other nutritional compounds, and the lack of added sugar is a plus, but we’d recommend only considering this product as an herbal tea and nothing more.

The cost is very high at around $2 per teabag. We don’t recommend this product due to the cost and the health claims; it would be more cost-effective to just use the ingredients separately as teas.

SkinnyFit Skinny Greens Review

SkinnyFit Super Greens ingredients

SkinnyFit makes a “superfood” powder called Skinny Greens which contains many botanical ingredients. The dosage seems relatively high at 8.2 g, which is a good thing because it means more nutrients per serving. 

The superfood blend contains a variety of exotic herbs meant to provide micronutrients: chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa and more.

The probiotic blend contains both prebiotics and probiotics which is an effective combination, since prebiotics help increase healthy strains of bacteria already existing in the gut, while probiotics introduce new strains.

We question whether the probiotics in this product will be alive at the time of consumption, since this product isn’t refrigerated and SkinnyFit provides no information about how they’re ensuring label accuracy. We know from medical studies that two of the probiotic strains included in Skinny Greens are very sensitive to heat, and aren’t usually included in shelf-stable probiotic formulations for this reason.

There’s an adaptogen blend with coconut as the first ingredient, which is confusing because coconut is just a fruit and has never been studied for adaptogenic benefit to our knowledge.

Finally this product includes a “Waist-Slimming Blend” which we believe is inaccurately labeled. The entire dosage of the blend is only 320 mg. Glucomannan, the first ingredient, is effective for weight loss based on medical studies but only at a dosage many times higher than could be included in this blend.

Green tea leaf extract has also been shown to be effective for weight loss, but at a dosage much higher than this entire blend (which includes other ingredients).

The theme of effective but underdosed weight loss ingredients holds true for the final ingredient in this blend, which is apple cider vinegar (ACV). We previously assessed ACV in our Goli review of the popular ACV gummies brand. ACV can aid in weight loss to a small but statistically significant degree but needs to be consumed at levels vastly higher than what could be included in this product.

Skinny Greens also has natural flavors, which we would recommend avoiding for reasons discussed above.

Overall this is a decent formulation for nutrient density, but we disagree strongly with their health claims. It’s just a product with a variety of botanical ingredients, not a product we believe is likely to be effective for probiotic or weight loss outcomes.

Lack of Any Published Product Testing

Like far too many health brands, SkinnyFit makes bold health claims but provides no proof that the products they’re selling actually contain what they say they do.

Ingredient contamination and underdosing is a huge problem in the U.S. healthfood industry, and without seeing published product testing for the dietary supplements you’re taking you have no way to accurately assess their safety and efficacy. 

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We find SkinnyFit to be a decent brand, one which makes somewhat average formulations but also makes bold and unfounded health claims we strongly disagree with.

SkinnyFit’s Super Youth unflavored collagen product is one of the best collagen products we’ve reviewed yet both in terms of formulation and cost, and we would recommend it.

We don’t recommend their detox products or their superfood powders, though neither are likely to be harmful.

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