Anadrol Steroid Review: Research and Health Risks

Anadrol Steroid Review: Research and Health Risks

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice, and is just the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to steroid use.

Anadrol is the common name for an anabolic steroid by the name of oxymetholone. This compound is primarily used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth and fat loss, and also used recreationally for the same effects.

But is Anadrol proven in medical studies to support muscle growth? How does it compare to other steroids? What are the side effects of its use? And is Anadrol legal in the US?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze medical studies on Anadrol to determine if it’s proven to be effective for building muscle and losing fat.

We’ll document side effects of the drug, review its legal status in the US and feature real user reviews of Anadrol.

Is Anadrol Proven to be Effective for Bodybuilding?

Anadrol has been studied in various clinical trials for its effects on body composition and muscle growth.

A clinical trial published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism tested the effects of Anadrol on muscle strength and lean body mass in older adults.

After the 12-week trial was completed, the group taking 100 milligrams (mg) of Anadrol daily gained an average of 9.26 pounds of muscle. Those taking Anadrol also experienced fat loss and improved power during weightlifting compared to those taking placebo.

A 2013 clinical trial tested the effects of Anadrol on muscle strength and muscle growth in patients with kidney dysfunction.

Lean muscle mass and handgrip strength improved in the Anadrol group, and there was also a decrease in fat mass compared to those taking placebo.

Anadrol has also been studied for potential benefits to insulin and blood sugar.

A clinical trial published in the Clinical Nephrology journal found that Anadrol normalized insulin function in patients with kidney disorder compared to placebo.

Based on the available research and its chemical nature, we consider Anadrol likely to increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass and increase muscle strength.

Most clinical trials on this compound are in population groups with health disorders, but the same effects are expected in healthy adults due to the fact that Anadrol is an anabolic steroid.

But how do real Anadrol users describe the effects of the drug? We’ll review in the next section.

Real Anadrol User Reviews

A popular bodybuilding YouTuber with a channel called "More Plates More Dates" reviewed studies on real people taking Anadrol at two different doses:

A TikTok creator named "biohacking_info" has a video from an anonymous submitter who describes what taking Anadrol feels like:

@biohacking_info Replying to @VAPE TSEK part 2 Anadrol.🇿🇦 #gear #gymtok #natty #southafrica #gym ♬ original sound - BIO-HACKING INFO

Is Anadrol Dangerous?

The side effects of Anadrol are well-documented in medical studies.

A 2001 medical review documented side effects of Anadrol, with liver damage being described as the primary risk. The study authors described cholestatic jaundice, a condition where liver bile flow slows or stops, to be the “most important hepatic side effect.”

Anabolic steroid use is generally dangerous. As we documented in our review of another steroid called Superdrol, steroid users were shown in one study to die at three times the rate of non-users.

A 2018 case study documented a patient who experienced kidney failure due to use of Anadrol. The man was 33 years old and was experiencing abdominal pain along with changes to urine color.

Upon examination, doctors found that his kidneys were failing due to Anadrol use, but thankfully his condition normalized and he survived after quitting the drug.

Due to the potential for severe side effects from Anadrol use, we would strongly advise patients to speak with their doctor prior to taking this drug.

But how does Anadrol compare with other steroids? We’ll review in the next section.

Anadrol vs. Other Steroids

All anabolic steroids are likely to increase muscle mass due to their chemical nature, but some are better-studied than others for having this effect.

Trenbolone, better known as tren, is the only steroid that we could find clinical backing for in a healthy patient population. As we documented in our tren steroid review article, tren was clinically shown to increase muscle mass and muscle size in strength-trained athletes.

Most clinical trials on steroid use involve patient populations with health issues, due to the risk of side effects outweighing potential benefits in healthy patients or athletes in most cases.

Some popular steroids don’t have any studies proving their effects on muscle strength.

As we discussed in our Primobolan steroid review article, we couldn’t identify one single clinical trial proving the drug effective.

Overall, we consider Anadrol to have the second-most research backing (after tren) of all steroids we’ve analyzed on Illuminate Health.

Doctor Reviews Anadrol

A doctor and YouTube creator named “Anabolic Doc” reviewed the history, medical uses, side effects and muscle effects of Anadrol:

Is Anadrol Illegal in the US?

Anadrol is federally illegal in the US at the time of publishing this article. According to Wikipedia, it’s classified as a “Schedule III” substance under the Controlled Substances Act, which regulates possession and distribution of unapproved drugs.

According to the Justice Department, all anabolic steroids are currently illegal.

Due to its illegal status, individuals seeking Anadrol will be purchasing it on the black market, which may drastically increase the risk of counterfeit or harmful drugs because of the lack of oversight and testing.

Again, we advise patients to speak with their doctor before considering use of this drug, and we strongly advise against taking anabolic steroids.

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Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that may increase muscle mass, muscle strength and cause fat loss.

There is not much medical research proving steroids effective in athletes or healthy adults due to the risks of their use and their illegal status. However, due to their chemical nature, we can assume they’re likely to be effective for muscle gain.

Anadrol can cause liver and kidney failure, with liver damage being more common according to a medical review on the compound.

We do not advise use of anabolic steroids due to these health risks, and due to the fact that they’re currently illegal in the US.

Tren is the steroid that we could find the most clinical studies on, with Anadrol being second. Some steroids that are used recreationally don’t even appear to have been shown in medical trials to cause lean muscle gains.