Does Tapee Tea Cause Side Effects? An Ingredient Analysis

Does Tapee Tea Cause Side Effects? An Ingredient Analysis

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Tapee Tea is an herbal tea used for pain relief. The brand claims that their tea "kills the pain in minutes," and contains "herbal based ingredients formulated to ease pain relief."

But does Tapee Tea cause side effects? Why does the FDA recommend that consumers avoid this tea? And how do real users rate and describe its effects?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Tapee Tea based on clinical studies to give our take on whether or not it's likely to cause side effects.

We'll explain why the FDA recommends that consumers avoid this brand, and feature unsponsored Tapee Tea customer reviews.

Ingredient Analysis

Tapee Tea ingredients

The ingredients in Tapee Tea are shown above.

Sandalwood is generally used topically according to a 2019 medical review, and we can't find any studies showing its safety when taken orally.

Elephant grass (botanical name Cenchrus purpureus) is another relatively uncommon botanical ingredient in this tea.

We can't find any studies proving its safety in humans when taken orally, nor does the brand cite any on their product page at the time of publishing this article, which concerns us in relation to potential side effects.

Lovage is a plant that can increase the risk of bleeding according to a medical review published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.

Of this ingredients, lovage and sandalwood are the greatest concern to us.

Overall, we consider Tapee Tea somewhat likely to cause side effects given the research citations above, however it's difficult to predict a percentage risk, because this tea doesn't appear to have been clinically tested, and some of its ingredients seem to have limited safety data.

FDA Warns Consumers About Tapee Tea

In August of 2023, the FDA published a document warning consumers to avoid Tapee Tea.

The FDA found two hidden drug ingredients in Tapee Tea: dexamethasone and piroxicam.

We consider the risk of side effects to be drastically higher when using any product formulated by a company willing to hide drug ingredients, since this is such an ethical violation.

These two hidden drug ingredients themselves have side effects.

Dexamethasone at high doses can increase blood pressure according to a 2023 medical review.

Piroxicam can cause death in severe cases, according to a medical review published in the Acta Medica Scandinavia journal.

These hidden drug ingredients, combined with the active ingredients in the tea cited in the previous section of this article, lead us to believe there is a significant risk of side effects from taking Tapee Tea.

Real People Try Tapee Tea

A TikTok creator named Angie Lute claims that Tapee Tea reduced her pain:

@ang_lute18 Im just trying not to be sore and stiff. Its really not that bad #dramatic #thai #tapeetea #day2 #momsover40 ♬ original sound - Angie Lute

A YouTube creator named "Coconut Island Co" has a video reviewing Tapee Tea that includes a live product preparation:

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Tapee Tea contains several active ingredients that are clinically shown to cause side effects in some individuals.

As an example, lovage is an herb that may increase risk of bleeding according to a medical review cited in this article.

The FDA warns users against taking Tapee Tea because it was found to have hidden drug ingredients, and this dramatically increases the risk of side effects in our opinion.

Not only do both of the hidden ingredients have the potential to cause side effects, but it's a red flag when a manufacturer is willing to hide drug ingredients in a formulation.

Tapee Tea doesn't appear to be clinically tested, which makes it challenging to assess the relative risk of side effects to any degree of specificity.