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GutConnect 365 Review: Gut Healer or Snake Oil?

GutConnect 365 Review: Gut Healer or Snake Oil?

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

GutConnect 365 is a digestive supplement manufactured by a brand called United Naturals. The brand claims this product will not only improve gut function but will also improve mood, fatigue and weight management.

In this article we’ll review every ingredient in GutConnect 365 based on published medical research to determine if we believe it’s likely to be effective and safe. We’ll also explain why we recommend avoiding this product on Amazon.

Ingredient Review

GutConnect 365 ingredients

Zinc orotate is the first active ingredient in GutConnect 365, at a dosage of 3 milligrams (mg). While this mineral salt isn’t typically used for enhancing gut function, a medical review published in the FASEB journal found that zinc supplementation may prevent gut inflammation based on animal studies.

This is a relatively weak standard of evidence, but we will consider this an effective ingredient choice because there is at least some research backing it.

L-glutamine is the second active ingredient, and the ingredient at by far the highest dose in this supplement at 5,000 mg. It’s an amino acid that’s not considered “essential” because it’s produced by the body.

Medical research shows that this amino acid may help regulate intestinal permeability. The researchers in the linked study found that glutamine supplementation could improve gut barrier function, which would reduce symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases and potentially reduce allergic responses to food because less food proteins would end up in the bloodstream. We will consider this an effective ingredient.

The next ingredient is quercetin, and this polyphenol compound has been shown in an animal study to fix dysbiosis of the gut, which refers to a state where harmful bacteria outnumber beneficial bacteria in the gut. Most of the research on quercetin and gut function is on animals, so it’s not necessarily the case that these results will translate to humans.

Slippery elm bark, botanical name Ulmus rubra, significantly reduced symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) when combined with several other botanicals in a clinical trial. The patients taking the slippery elm bark mixture had a 20% increase in bowel frequency and reductions in straining and abdominal pain. This doesn’t prove that this ingredient is effective in isolation, but suggests it may be.

Marshmallow root was found in a medical trial on rats to have gastro-protective effects. It not only reduced the chance of gastric ulcer formation, but also had anti-inflammatory effects.

There is research suggesting N-acetyl-glucosamine may exert a positive effect on gut function, but it may be underdosed in this supplement. The dose in GutConnect 365 is only 150 mg, while the daily dose in the only human trial we could locate on this ingredient was over 3,000 mg.

Licorice root extract at 150 mg does appear to be an effective dose. This is the exact dose used in a medical study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal, which found that the ingredient reduced all symptoms of indigestion. It’s theorized to be effective because licorice increases gastric mucus secretion, which improves digestive function.

We believe that the final two active ingredients, aloe vera extract and maitake mushroom extract, are at too low of a dose to provide functional benefits.

GutConnect 365 also contains natural flavors as an inactive ingredient, and if you’ve read any of our previous reviews you’ll know we recommend avoiding this ingredient. It doesn’t detail which specific chemicals are used in the flavors, and according to a medical review these flavoring agents may contain solvents and preservatives.

For the most part, GutConnect 365 is well formulated. The majority of ingredients have some research backing for improving gut function, and are appropriately dosed. We wouldn’t recommend this product due to the natural flavors ingredient, but we do consider this product much better formulated than the average dietary supplement we’ve reviewed.

Questionable Health Claims

As reviewed in the previous section, most of the ingredients in GutConnect 365 have been studied for gut function. We don’t take issue with any health claims the brand makes in regard to their supplement potentially improving gut health and digestion, since there is some research backing for those claims.

However the brand makes a broad set of health claims that we disagree with. The text on the product page on their website claims use of supplements can result in better energy, improved mood, less fatigue, better weight management and deeper sleep.

All of these health claims are uncited and the brand doesn’t link out to any scientific research to prove these claims.

We disagree with all of the health claims made by United Naturals about this product other than those specifically related to gut function.

Failure to Publish Ingredients List on Amazon

GutConnect 365 is available on Amazon, but the product listing doesn’t contain the ingredients. This explicitly violates Amazon’s listing requirements for dietary supplements, which clearly states the following:

“Must clearly show the entire product label (all sides), including the applicable facts panel, ingredients list…”

GutConnect 365’s Amazon listing also has a C grade on FakeSpot, which isn’t a good sign. The FakeSpot algorithm analyzes Amazon reviews for suspected fake reviews, and issues adjusted product ratings. Their algorithm adjusts GutConnect 365’s reviews from 4 stars to 2.5 stars.

The Amazon price is almost $20 more expensive than the price on the United Naturals website, so for consumers interested in purchasing this product we would recommend buying from the retailer website.

Better Alternative

For general enhancement of gut function, we typically recommend eating more probiotic foods. These foods contain vitamins and minerals that aren’t present in dietary supplements, and it’s also a cheaper way to improve gut health.

Medical research shows that consumption of naturally fermented foods can optimize the microbiome, which is the medical term for the bacteria residing in our digestive tract which play a huge role in overall health and immune system function.

Foods like kimchi, pickles, yogurt and even kombucha can all improve gut function due to the beneficial strains of live bacteria they contain. Look on the product label for “contains live and active cultures,” which indicates that the food hasn’t been heat-treated and should still have probiotics at the time of consumption.

If you prefer yogurt for your probiotic intake, which many Americans do, we recommend choosing a brand without added sugar, which will likely negate any probiotic benefits. Unflavored, full-fat Greek yogurt is a healthy option.

GutConnect 365 User Reviews

309 people have reviewed GutConnect 365 on Amazon. The top positive review from a verified purchaser simply states “It works.”

The most popular negative review from a verified purchaser comes from a person named Irving Luna who complains about the high price: “Very spensive and it doenst do what they say i tried.”

A YouTube video reviewing the supplement from a channel dedicated to analyzing probiotic supplements received over 100,000 views and gave a generally positive review:

It’s worth noting the creator is an affiliate of United Naturals and doesn’t appear to disclose that in the description of the video, which raises issues of bias.

GutConnect 365 Pros and Cons

Here’s an overview of the benefits and negatives about this product:


  • Many effective active ingredients
  • Most ingredients effectively dosed


  • Expensive (nearly $2 per serving)
  • Brand makes health claims
  • Contains flavoring agents
  • Low quality Amazon listing
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GutConnect 365 is an above-average quality supplement based on formulation. It contains many ingredients proven in human and animal studies to be effective for optimizing gut function. 

We don’t recommend the supplement due to the inclusion of natural flavors, but it’s better formulated than most gut supplements we’ve reviewed.

If you do choose to try GutConnect 365, we recommend purchasing from the United Naturals website rather than the brand’s Amazon listing, because it’s much cheaper on their website and the Amazon listing doesn’t contain the ingredients.

We would recommend consuming fermented foods over taking this supplement for general microbiome enhancement at a lower cost.

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