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Product FAQs

 1. How do I interpret the test results on the product pages?

The heavy metals results are relatively self-explanatory, as the results section shows the exact levels (to four decimal points) of the heavy metals we tested our finished products against. 

The HPLC test section can be more confusing to consumers who don't have a STEM background. This type of testing quantifies constituent compounds in the botanical. It proves the potency of the finished product, and of our standardization. Any specific questions about the HPLC results can be directed to our email:

2. Do you plan to add more products?

Yes, we want to expand to more herbal supplements first and later to vitamins, using the same third-party testing methodologies.

3. I like your company's mission, how can I get involved?

If you're a consumer that wants to collaborate on a social media promotion, reach out to us! If you have a decent following we may send you free product in exchange for exposure.

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