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Panax Ginseng Extract Capsules - 200 mg

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Panax Ginseng Extract
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Panax Ginseng Extract Capsules - 200 mg

Supports Energy, Cognitive Function & Mood

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Page content edited for scientific accuracy by Bryn Sachdeo PhD

What Makes Us Different

In January of 2020, over 800 individual supplement brands (supplied by three large contract manufacturers) were ordered to take all of their products off the market by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The only way for consumers to know that the supplements they're taking are safe and effective is to see test results from a third-party laboratory.

Illuminate Labs is the only supplement manufacturer in the U.S. which ensures that all of our products meet European Union dietary supplement standards (strictest in the world). We test our products at a third-party laboratory and then publish the test results for you the consumer to see. We only sell products that pass this rigorous testing. The sixth image shows the third-party test results for this batch.

These documents are highly technical. If you have any questions about the results please reach out to info@illuminatelabs.org

Additionally, we publish all of the medical research that went into our supplement formulations right on each product page. See the Medical Research section at the bottom of this page to view the 10 research papers that went into our Panax Ginseng Extract formulation. These publications prove the safety & efficacy of our product.

What is Panax Ginseng?

Panax ginseng extract (often called "Korean Ginseng" or "Red Ginseng") comes from the root of a perennial plant native to the Asian continent. Panax is one of two variants of the herb, the other being American ginseng. It's considered a "general tonic" in Chinese medicine. However, most of the recent research on this plant involves its nootropic (cognitive-enhancing) effects.

Research suggests that panax ginseng extract can improve cognitive performance and support energy. We recently put together a research article on all of the benefits of this type of ginseng.

All of the research studies we analyzed when formulating this product are found in the Medical Research section below. The studies demonstrate the safety and efficacy of panax ginseng extract.

All Illuminate Labs herbal extracts are sourced from a variety of different countries based on seasonality and purity of raw materials.

Ingredients: 200 mg Panax Ginseng Root Extract Standardized to Minimum 8% Ginsenosides, Rice Flour, Hypromellose (Cellulose Capsule), Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

Product Features: Fully Standardized, 100% Vegan, GMO Free, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Technical Specifications

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Medical Research on Panax Ginseng (Efficacy & Safety):

  1. “Ginseng exerts acute positive effects on secondary memory and more heavily cognitively loaded working memory tasks.” See full study here.
  2. “The most notable behavioural effects were associated with 200mg of ginseng and included significantly improved Serial Sevens subtraction task performance and significantly reduced subjective mental fatigue throughout all (with the exception of one time point in each case) of the post-dose completions of the 10 min battery (p 0.05).” See full study here.
  3. “P. ginseng improves aspects of mental health and social functioning after 4 weeks of therapy, although these differences attenuate with continued use.” See full study here.
  4. “Overall these data suggest that Panax ginseng can improve performance and subjective feelings of mental fatigue during sustained mental activity. This effect may be related to the acute gluco-regulatory properties of the extract.” See full study here.
  5. “A favourable effect of [Panax Ginseng extract] G 115 relative to baseline performance was observed in attention (cancellation test), processing (mental arithmetic, logical deduction), integrated sensory-motor function (choice reaction time) and auditory reaction time.” See full study here.
  6. “Ginseng is a promising treatment for fatigue. Both American and Asian ginseng may be viable treatments for fatigue in people with chronic illness.” See full study here.
  7. “These results confirm that Panax ginseng may possess glucoregulatory properties and can enhance cognitive performance.” See full study here.
  8. “In conclusion, ginseng extract does improve psychomotor performance during exercise without affecting exercise capacity.” See full study here.
  9. “In summary, PG was shown in the present study to be safe, tolerable, and free of any untoward toxic effect in healthy male and female volunteers, when administered during a 4-week period.” See full study here.
  10. “Unlike other herbal products, clinically limited by unfavorable pharmacokinetics, ginseng has been extensively studied in humans and the pharmacological actions - which have proven effective in many diseases - have been well characterized. Moreover, ginseng has had nearly no toxic effects in case of controlled intake.” See full study here.
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    great brand.

    Hale K.
    United States United States
    Thanks For Making It Recyclable

    Supp is good, but I order a lot and it's good to know that everything from box to bottle I can recylcle. I try to take care of Earth as best I can.

    United States United States
    this one was great for me for fatigue!

    I saw that this was supposed to give energy so thought it could help with my fatigue and it did. I now take religiously every morning.