Superdrol Review: The Strongest Steroid?

Superdrol Review: The Strongest Steroid?

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice, and is just the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to steroid use.

Superdrol is the colloquial name for an anabolic steroid called methasterone. This compound was once legal for use as a bodybuilding supplement, and is taken to support muscle growth and reduce body fat, as are most steroids.

But has Superdrol been studied in medical trials and shown to be effective for muscle building? Does it have side effects? Is Superdrol legal in the US? And how do real Superdrol users rate the effects of the drug?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze medical studies on Superdrol to determine if the compound is proven effective for muscle growth and fat loss.

We’ll overview side effects of the drug, review its legal status in the US and feature real, unsponsored Superdrol user reviews.

Does Superdrol Build Muscle?

A medical review published in the Steroids journal described Superdrol as “highly androgenic,” which suggests that it may be effective for muscle-building given that higher levels of androgens (which are male sex hormones like testosterone) are associated with increased muscle mass.

A resource page published on PubChem, which is a medical library maintained by the National Library of Medicine, describes Superdrol as a “testosterone congener” which means that it’s a precursor to testosterone.

This suggests that taking Superdrol will increase testosterone levels, and increased testosterone is associated with increased muscle mass and reduced body fat (especially when combined with resistance training and proper diet).

Overall, we consider Superdrol likely to build muscle based on its chemical nature and its description in clinical studies, but we cannot find one single trial directly proving it to do so.

Some steroids do have clinical backing. As we documented in our review of Primobolan, several clinical trials tested that steroid on human participants.

But does Superdrol cause side effects? We’ll review in the next section.

Is Superdrol Dangerous?

While the effectiveness of Superdrol does not appear to be well-documented in medical studies, side effects of the drug are.

A 2009 medical review documented a case of “severe cholestasis” and failure of the kidneys caused by use of Superdrol. Cholestasis is a condition that causes impairment of bile flow from the liver.

Another medical review published in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal documents five different case reports of severe side effects from the drug.

The study authors concluded that Superdrol can cause “severe hepatotoxicity,” which means it can damage the liver.

A medical review published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports found that Superdrol can damage the kidney and the pancreas.

Clearly, Superdrol use confers the risk of severe damage to various organs that are critical to human health. 

Anabolic steroid use is generally dangerous (as we documented in our review of the Tren steroid, anabolic steroid users die at 3x the rate of non-users), but we consider the side effects of Superdrol to be particularly concerning, even more so than the other two steroids we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health at the time of publication.

But how do real users describe their experience taking Superdrol? We’ll review in the next section.

Unsponsored Superdrol User Reviews

A YouTube creator named “Formula SEC Initiated” reviewed his experience taking Superdrol and discussed the pros and cons in a video with over 100,000 views:

A YouTube creator named Ryan Russo describes the side effects he experienced from taking Superdrol:

Is Superdrol Illegal in the US?

All anabolic steroids are illegal in the US at the time of publishing this article.

As described in this Drug Fact Sheet published by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), steroids are classified as “Schedule III” substances under the Controlled Substances Act.

This means that use of the drugs, and even transporting them, can cause serious legal repercussions.

We would strongly suggest that patients considering Superdrol use speak with a doctor first about legal alternatives.

Doctor Reviews Superdrol

A video from the “Anabolic Doc” on YouTube has over 80,000 views and discusses the risks and potential benefits of Superdrol, as well as compares it to other steroids:

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Superdrol is an anabolic steroid that may increase muscle mass and reduce body fat because of its effects of hormone production in the body.

However, we could not find any clinical trials proving that Superdrol is effective in humans.

This drug has very strong side effects that may be life-threatening, including liver failure, kidney failure and pancreatitis. The side effects of this steroid are more concerning to us than the side effects of the other steroids reviewed on Illuminate Health.

We would strongly advise anyone to avoid using Superdrol, not only because of its dangerous potential side effects but also because the drug is federally illegal in the US at the time of publishing this article.

Since Superdrol is a testosterone precursor, it may be worthwhile for patients considering Superdrol to speak with their doctor about getting a testosterone panel and potentially considering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a much safer and legal alternative to this drug.