Tabs Chocolate Review: Chocolate for Better Sex?

Tabs Chocolate Review: Chocolate for Better Sex?

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Tabs Chocolate is a unique food product formulated to improve sex drive. The brand describes their product as “composed of aphrodisiac ingredients” and as a “sexually enhancing dark chocolate.”

But does Tabs Chocolate actually contain ingredients proven in clinical studies to increase sex drive or are these just marketing claims? Is the product safe? Is it healthy or unhealthy? And how do real users rate and describe the effects of Tabs Chocolate?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review the ingredients in Tabs Chocolate based on medical studies to give our take on whether the product is likely to be effective for increasing sex drive.

We’ll explain our thoughts on whether the chocolate brand is healthy, document a strange ingredient labeling discrepancy, and share customer reviews of Tabs Chocolate.

Will Tabs Chocolate Increase Sex Drive?

Tabs Chocolate ingredients

Tabs Chocolate does contain ingredients proven in clinical studies to increase sex drive.

Tabs is a dark chocolate, because it contains 60% cocoa, and dark chocolate contains between 50% and 90% according to Harvard research.

Dark chocolate was described in a 2019 medical review as an aphrodisiac, or a compound proven to increase sexual desire.

The active ingredients in this product are a proprietary blend of Epimedium (horny goat weed) extract, maca root extract and DHEA with a total dose of 630 milligrams (mg), or an average ingredient dose of 210 mg.

Epimedium extract was described as an aphrodisiac in a medical review published in the Sexual Medicine Reviews journal, and the plant may also help to improve erectile function in men.

Maca root extract is one of the most well-studied libido enhancers. As we documented in our review of another sexual enhancement product called VigorNow, maca was shown to have a “significant positive effect” on sexual desire in both men and women.

DHEA is a hormone that was shown in a medical review to improve libido in women, however we cannot identify any clinical research suggesting it’s effective for men.

Overall, we think that Tabs Chocolate is a pretty well-formulated product, and we do consider it likely to improve sex drive in both men and women given that all of its active ingredients are backed by clinical research.

The effective dosing ranges of some of these botanical compounds aren’t very well-understood, but given that the product contains four effective active ingredients, we figure it’s likely to cause an effect on the average consumer.

We Tried Tabs Chocolate – Our Take

Tabs Chocolate UGC

One of our product testers named Matt Donnelly tested Tabs Chocolate. Here's his experience:

The packaging was easy-to-use and I like the design.

Tabs Chocolate tastes like dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt, but has a slightly unpleasant aftertaste compared to regular chocolate. I suspect the herbal ingredients may have had something to do with the dry, metallic taste left in my mouth.

I don’t believe the product worked as a libido enhancer as I didn't notice improved libido upon its use.

I had issues falling asleep after taking this product (probably due to the caffeine), although my partner didn't.

I wouldn't purchase this product for myself, although it could make a fun novelty gift for a friend.

In the past I've used sildenafil which is a prescription erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment and the active ingredient in Viagra. There is no comparison that sildenafil is more effective, and also is cheaper per-serving than Tabs.

Overall, I'd rate Tabs Chocolate 5/10.

Real Tabs User Review

A TikTok user named “The Geriatric Millennial” shared her experience using Tabs for libido enhancement:

@geriatricmillennial2 Reply to @kaish_715 what products have worked so far? #vyleesi #libido #tabschocolate ♬ original sound - The Geriatric Millennial

Is Tabs Chocolate Healthy?

The good thing about Tabs Chocolate is that it’s free of unhealthy additive ingredients like artificial flavoring agents or artificial colors.

We have two concerns about the brand’s ingredient labeling. 

Tabs lists caffeine as an active ingredient but the total caffeine dose doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere on their site at the time of publishing this article. Cocoa naturally contains caffeine as well. 

The FAQ page on Tabs’ website states that “Those sensitive to caffeine should take caution before consuming Tabs,” and it’s extremely important that the brand publishes the caffeine dose for consumer safety.

The Nutrition Facts label shown in the previous section lists 0 grams (g) of added sugar, but sugar is listed as an ingredient. Tabs lists 4 g total sugar but 0 g added sugar.

Incase Tabs’ formulators aren’t aware, adding sugar to your chocolate product does count as added sugar.

We typically recommend avoiding added sugar as much as possible, given that it’s associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes when consumed in excess according to medical research.

That being said, all dark chocolate contains some added sugar, and we believe the health benefits of cocoa outweigh the downsides of added sugar. A meta-review on cocoa found that it has cardioprotective effects, protects nerve function, and protects skin from oxidative damage.

Overall we consider Tabs Chocolate to be somewhat healthy. One square contains 8 g of added sugar which is a relatively low amount especially given that this product isn’t meant for daily use, and the cocoa will benefit the health of consumers. It’s certainly not unhealthy or a health risk in our opinion.

Will Tabs Chocolate Cause Side Effects?

Tabs Chocolate does not appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, so we can’t definitively say whether or not it causes side effects. However, we can make an educated guess based on its ingredients.

Caffeine is our main ingredient of concern given that we can’t determine how much is in this product. Caffeine can increase blood pressure and increase anxiety at high doses, so if the dose of caffeine in this product is relatively high (>200 mg or so), we would warn consumers of those potential effects.

Dark chocolate can also have a mild stimulant effect due to a chemical compound called theobromine, but the dose is low enough in this product for it not likely to be a concern.

We do not consider Tabs Chocolate likely to cause side effects, but we hope that the brand publishes the total caffeine dose so consumers can make a more informed decision.

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Tabs Chocolate contains a number of research-backed ingredients for improving sex drive. We do believe that the product is likely to enhance sex drive in both men and women.

We don’t currently recommend the product overall due to some ingredient labeling issues, and because we think that $5 per serving is too high of a cost.

The good thing about Tabs Chocolate is that it’s free of any questionable additive ingredients, and it definitely has a healthier formulation than many sexual enhancement products on the market (some of which we consider actively detrimental to health).

User reviews online of Tabs Chocolate seem to be relatively favorable.