Chill Pill Review: Drug-Free Stress Relief or Scam?

Chill Pill Review: Drug-Free Stress Relief or Scam?

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The Chill Pill is a physical, handheld device used for stress relief. Its manufacturer claims that by using it, you can “say goodbye to synthetic pills and hello to natural, effective relief.”

But does the Chill Pill contain research-backed technology or are these just marketing claims? How does the device actually work? What retailer sells it for the best price? And how do real users rate and describe the effects of the Chill Pill?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze the tech behind the Chill Pill to give our take on whether it’s likely to be effective for stress relief or if it’s a waste of money.

We’ll also provide a cost comparison featuring the retailer that sells the Chill Pill for the best price, and share real, unsponsored Chill Pill user reviews.

Is Chill Pill Proven to Work?

Chill Pill doesn’t appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, so we’ll have to evaluate its potential efficacy based on how the manufacturer describes the device.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this device provides very little information in regard to the mechanism of action. On the “How it Works” page of the Chill Pill website, the brand describes its technology as “pressure point stimulation,” as shown below:

Chill Pill mechanism of action explanation from website

Various forms of pressure point stimulation have been studied in some clinical trials.

A meta-study published in the Acupuncture in Medicine journal analyzed the effectiveness of acupressure for anxiety and found that the treatment provided “immediate relief.”

As we documented in our review of BeActive Plus, acupressure is also clinically shown to reduce pain scores.

The issue is that Chill Pill fails to explain the type and location of pressure points that are stimulated and at what force. Just because some acupressure methods can relieve anxiety does not mean that all pressure point stimulation methods will.

Essentially, we consider Chill Pill potentially effective, but because the brand fails to explain how their device works it seems illogical to purchase.

But how do real users rate and describe the effects of Chill Pill? We’ll review in the next section.

Real People Try Chill Pill

A YouTube creator named “Sew Geek Mama” has a review of the Chill Pill that includes a demonstration on how to use the device as well as her thoughts on the pros and cons (including negative impact on sleep):

A TikTok user named Jenny Haley who claims to suffer from anxiety and panic disorder shared her experience using the device:

@askjeevees Sorry it took a while- I wanted to give it a few days! @mendyourmental #chillpill #anxiety #mentalhealthmatters #fyp #foryoupage #mendyourmental ♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble - SelteMemset

Where to Get the Best Price

Chill Pill is currently only sold on the brand's website and Amazon. Here’s a price breakdown at the time of publishing this article:

Brand website: $49.50 (plus shipping, link)

Amazon: $46 (free shippinglink to official Amazon listing)

The Chill Pill is currently around 15% cheaper on Amazon than the brand's website when factoring in shipping fees.

Real Customers Review Chill Pill

Amazon is a better resource for real customer reviews than a brand’s website in our opinion.

Chill Pill has been reviewed over 450 times and has an unimpressive average rating of 2.2 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named “Keo Hilihili” who claims that the device improved the mental health of their child:

“I have an adult child who is mentally ill…This gadget is the best thing we have ever had her use. It has kept us away from the ER. It has allowed us to finish a restaurant meal or run a complete list of errands. My voice has been saved. Her therapist is thrilled she has it. Her psychiatrist is happy he hasn't had to figure out a medication to add to her regimen or to completely have to reorganize all her meds.”

The top negative review from a verified purchaser is written by a user named “Marilyn Phinazee” who claims the device is ineffective:

“I got the chill pill and read the instructions and tried it the same night and I felt NOTHING so I tried putting on a different hand and again nothing so I tried to return it and was told that it couldn't be returned because of the oils in the machine…I give this item a -0 because it doesn't work.”

Mind Your Mental, the manufacturer of Chill Pill, has an average review rating of 1 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, which is the worst possible rating. 

It’s a small sample size so this isn’t particularly concerning, but at the time of publishing this article the brand has failed to respond to any negative reviews or customer complaints. This is a red flag of a low-quality brand in our opinion.

Does Chill Pill Cause Side Effects?

Since the Chill Pill doesn’t appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, we can’t say for certain whether or not it will cause side effects. 

However, given that it’s a hardware device and is not ingested, we consider the risk of side effects to be very low. It’s hard to imagine how using this device could cause side effects, although perhaps if it’s manufactured incorrectly it could apply too much pressure and cause pain.

We haven’t seen any customer reports of side effects online, and there is no mention of side effects on the brand’s website.

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Cornbread CBD Lotion is our top pick for a topical stress-reliever.

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All of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

Pros and Cons of Chill Pill

Here are the pros and cons of Chill Pill as a brand in our opinion:


  • Drug-free
  • Unlikely to cause side effects
  • Affordable


  • No clinical support showing it works
  • Unclear mechanism of action
  • Unimpressive Amazon reviews
  • Brand fails to respond to customer complaints on BBB website
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Chill Pill does a very poor job at specifically describing the science behind their product, and thus we have no evidence that it works. Not only does Chill Pill not appear to be clinically tested, the manufacturer doesn’t even clearly explain the mechanism of action of the device.

The brand’s website explains that Chill Pill uses “pressure points” to relieve anxiety, but without providing more information about what force is applied and what pressure points are targeted, consumers are left without enough information to make an informed purchase decision.

We do not currently recommend Chill Pill for these reasons. We don’t consider it likely to be harmful or cause side effects, we just think it’s a waste of money.

The average review rating on Amazon of Chill Pill is one of the worst ratings of any product or service we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health.