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Yumi Baby Food Review: Healthier Than Regular Baby Food?

Yumi Baby Food Review: Healthier Than Regular Baby Food?

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Yumi is a subscription food service with a unique twist: it’s targeted to babies (well, mostly to their parents). The brand suggests that their products are healthier than regular baby food because they’re whole-foods based and free of harmful additives.

In this article we’ll review some of Yumi’s meals and snacks to determine if their products are truly healthier based on medical research, and whether we recommend the brand overall.

We have no affiliation with Yumi.

Yumi Snacks Review

Yumi sells five different baby snacks on their site. Their cauliflower and beet puffs are entirely whole foods based, without preservatives or harmful fillers. The main ingredient in each is organic sorghum flour, which is a nutrient dense food.

They also sell three fruit leather snacks: mango, mixed berry and strawberry. These snacks are made entirely of fruit purees and contain no added sugars. We find them to be a nutritious option for kids with a sweet tooth.

Overall we recommend Yumi snacks for children and are impressed at how healthy they are.

Medical research has shown that introducing healthy sweets like fruits to babies can positively impact their health and their dietary patterns later in life.

Yumi Meals Review

Yumi’s meal subscriptions come in a variety of different “Stages” based on the baby’s age. The simplest meals from Stage 1 are single-ingredient purees of nutritious foods like blueberry and adzuki bean. The pureed format can make eating easier for a developing baby.

As the baby gets older, Yumi offers more meals with multiple ingredients. A meal from Stage 6 is called Carrot Sweet Potato Combo, and contains the following ingredients: butternut squash, sweet potato, broccoli, carrot, nutritional yeast. This meal is high in nutrients, providing 60% of the Daily Value (DV) of potassium and 20% DV of calcium in only 70 calories.

We find it impressive that Yumi makes fun and tasty meals so nutritious. A meal from the final Stage is called Pizza Bite, which sounds like it would be full of processed ingredients.

But instead the ingredients are all organic whole foods, such as organic mushrooms and organic ground flax.

Every Yumi meal is entirely whole-foods based without any added sugars or harmful filler ingredients. This is especially important for children, as developing bodies are more sensitive to environmental contaminants. 

We believe that Yumi meals not only provide significant nutritional value, but also contain an impressive range of different food products. It’s healthier for a developing child to eat a wide range of different foods than a few repetitive meals, because it can lead to healthy microbiome development.

Yumi has savory offerings (like Pizza Bite) and sweet offerings (like Gingerbread Bite), so parents should be able to satisfy the cravings of their baby in a healthy way.

Are Their Containers Safe?

Yumi does use plastic containers, but claims they are BPA and BPS-free.

As we detailed in our extensive BPA review article, these designations don’t really mean much from a health context because medical research has shown alternative plasticizing chemicals to be just as harmful if not more to human health.

The entire class of chemicals used to make plastic soft are estrogenic and hormone-disrupting, and the risk of exposure to these chemicals is especially high for babies based on medical research, because their body has limited capacity to process environmental toxins.

We do understand that there are reasons to make baby products plastic (like the risk of dropping a glass product), but we would like to see Yumi explain exactly what type of plastic they use for their bottles and the safety research backing that choice.

We’re not suggesting that Yumi food containers are necessarily unsafe, but we do generally recommend that parents try to limit plastic exposure as much as possible during the early years of their child’s development.

Feeding your child organic food purees from a safer material like ceramic or glass may be a healthier option than Yumi.

Yumi Vitamins Review

Yumi sells a line of vitamins based on age.

The Toddler vitamins are entirely whole foods based, which we believe is a safe and optimal choice for young children compared to synthetic vitamins which have less research backing their efficacy for children.

The gummy vitamins contain nutritious ingredients like black currant and broccoli, and provide a significant amount of vitamins and minerals based on their Supplement Facts label.

The only issue we have with the Toddler vitamins is they contain “natural flavor”, which is an essentially unregulated term. We would like Yumi to clarify what flavoring agent they’re using, as this broad category encompasses ingredients which are safe and which are harmful.

Yumi’s Kid Vitamins targeted at ages 4+ have a very similar ingredients list and are also entirely whole-foods based.

As we concluded in our vitamins for teens article, there isn’t much medical research suggesting that vitamin supplementation is necessary for children who are already eating a healthy diet. If a nutritional deficiency is found, then vitamin supplementation to fix that deficiency is often recommended, but taking general vitamins seems to be a waste of money because it isn’t associated with improved health outcomes for healthy children or adults.

If a doctor does recommend vitamin intake due to deficiency, we think Yumi vitamins would be a superior option to most commercial children’s vitamins because they’re whole-foods based.

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We think that Yumi baby food is superior to the vast majority of commercial baby food on the market. Their offerings are high in nutritional value, and can introduce a child to a wide range of healthy foods.

Our only concern is with the plastic used in the packaging. We believe that feeding your child similarly nutritious meals without any risk of plastic ingestion from leaching of the packaging would be superior to Yumi meals, but for busy parents who don’t have the time for that, we think Yumi is a good option.

We don’t recommend Yumi vitamins for general use in children, but think they would be a good option for babies whose doctor recommended vitamin use. We strongly recommend that parents consult with their pediatrician prior to any sort of vitamin supplement for their child (even a whole-foods vitamin supplement), because the safety considerations in regards to dosage are much higher for a developing body.

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