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Amberen Review: Natural Menopause Relief?

Amberen Review: Natural Menopause Relief?

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Amberen Menopause is a supplement for menopausal women that claims it can significantly reduce some of their most common symptoms, such as hot flashes and mood swings. The supplement has been tested in medical research.

In this article we’ll review the clinical research backing Amberen, as well as its ingredients, to determine if it’s likely to be safe and effective.

Medical Trials

Amberen Menopause and its active ingredients (succinates) have been studied in several medical trials, which is a good sign of a brand that takes the effectiveness of their products seriously.

One study published in the Gynecological Endocrinology journal found that supplementation of Amberen led to statistically significant improvements in more than half of menopausal symptoms tested, including difficulty sleeping, sadness or depression, hot flashes and more.

Several symptoms that didn’t improve enough to be considered statistically significant still showed moderate improvement, like panic attacks which decreased from 32.3% of participants to 17.7% after 3 months of supplementation.

Another medical review on Amberen for menopause combined the data from the above-linked study to data from a more recent study, and found even more positive results. Of the 21 discomforting symptoms tested against, all of them except for 3 were improved by the end of the studies. The three symptoms which didn’t improve were: numbness and tingling in some body parts, numbness of hands and feet, and difficulty breathing.

The more common menopausal symptoms such as lack of energy, lack of sex drive and mood swings were significantly improved.

Because all study participants were Caucasians of Russian ancestry, the authors note that these results might not necessarily apply to women with dissimilar genetic backgrounds, and that further research is needed on more diverse population samples.

We find the results of these studies to be impressive, and we can conclude that while more research is needed, Amberen is likely to be effective for treating menopausal symptoms.

How Does Amberen Work?

The ingredients in Amberen are somewhat unique, and certainly not similar to many women’s supplements we’ve reviewed previously.

It’s composed of a blend of antioxidant compounds (mostly succinates) which are involved in the energy-exchange process, and are shown in medical research to directly impact metabolic function.

It’s not understood exactly how these compounds are effective specifically for menopause, but the medical studies that Amberen funded showed that the supplement does significantly impact hormone levels.

Estradiol levels nearly doubled in the supplement group after 90 days, while leptin levels also significantly decreased. It’s unclear whether Amberen directly optimizes these hormone levels, or whether the hormone changes are downstream effects from Amberen’s beneficial effects on metabolism, and the researchers don’t propose an explanation in the study.

It appears to us that Amberen impacts metabolism and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) function in a beneficial way, and may regulate hormone levels in menopausal women to levels similar to what they would experience pre-menopause. 

Amberen Menopause Side Effects

The active ingredients in Amberen Menopause seem to be very safe when used short-term. The medical review of both Amberen studies reported no serious adverse events, and “Patients reported no side effects during the performance of both studies”.

This is a fantastic result for how positive the study results were. Usually there will at least be some minor side effects reported, even with safe botanical ingredients.

Amberen Menopause does unfortunately include a filler ingredient called titanium dioxide which was banned in Europe over toxicity concerns. There will be a very low dose of this, since it’s listed in Other Ingredients, but we’d urge Amberen to replace this with a safer chemical.

Overall though, we believe the research shows that this product, when used for 90 days or less, has a negligible chance of causing any significant side effects.

Does Amberen Perimenopause Work?

Amberen Perimenopause has a similar succinate-based formulation to Amberen Menopause, but the dosage is slightly higher. It also contains a vitamin complex. The term “perimenopause” refers to the transitionary period a woman experiences before menopause is in full effect.

The strange thing about this product is that Amberen claims it’s clinically-backed, but we can’t find the research on it at all. Amberen doesn’t link to the research for Perimenopause as they did for their original publication, and a search of the term “Amberen Perimenopause” in many of the leading medical databases leads to no results.

The fine print of their site for this product references the same two studies we mentioned earlier, which were on regular Amberen but not Amberen Perimenopause.

Because of these concerns, we cannot recommend Amberen Perimenopause, and we hope that it’s a genuine error on Amberen’s part (or something we’re missing) rather than intentional deception. We find it very strange that Amberen clearly referenced the studies for one product but not for another, when they claim they’re both clinically-proven to work.

Because the formulation is similar, this product may be effective, but a lack of medical studies means a lack of safety data, and we’d recommend that consumers avoid this product.

Amberen Perimenopause also contains artificial food dyes, which are linked to a range of negative health effects in published research.

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Amberen Menopause seems like a safe, short-term way to treat hormonal imbalances due to menopause. We recommend that patients speak with their doctor before taking Amberen, especially if the patient is considering taking the product for longer than 3 months at a time, because there is a lack of long-term safety research.

We do recommend Amberen for short-term use based on the efficacy and safety data (with the approval of a doctor), but we don’t recommend Amberen Perimenopause because of the apparent lack of testing. We hope that Amberen can clarify why they claim this product is clinically-proven to work, but it doesn’t appear to be in any published medical research.

Amberen is one of the few supplements we’ve reviewed with clinical trials proving it works, and is far superior to Provitalize, the other menopause supplement we’ve reviewed to-date.

One benefit of a supplement like Amberen over standard hormone therapy is the safer side effect profile.

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