Cymbiotika Review: Are Liposomal Supplements Effective?

Cymbiotika Review: Are Liposomal Supplements Effective?

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Cymbiotika is a supplement brand that sells a lot of liposomal vitamins and minerals. The company describes its product line as "cutting edge" and "pure."

But what are liposomal supplements, and are they more effective than regular supplements? Are Cymbiotika's supplements well-formulated from a health perspective? Do they contain any questionable additive ingredients? And how do real customers rate and describe the effects of Cymbiotika supplements?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we give our take on whether or not liposomal supplements are superior.

We'll also analyze the ingredients in two of Cymbiotika's most popular supplements to share our opinion on whether or not they're likely to be effective, and feature unsponsored customer reviews.

Are Liposomal Supplements Better?

Liposomal is a classification that refers more to the delivery mechanism of a supplement than to its ingredients.

There are different types of liposomes, such as phosphatidylcholine, and they're used to increase the bioavailability of supplements.

This means that, theoretically, supplements with a liposomal delivery mechanism are better absorbed by cells in the body.

Early research suggests that liposomal supplements may be more effective than traditional supplement delivery matrices.

A medical review published in the Integrative Medicine journal reported that liposomes offer "high bioavailability and absorption compared with other oral forms of supplements."

A 2023 medical review found that liposomal supplements may cause up to 100% greater absorption than non-liposomal supplements in some cases.

Overall, we consider liposomal vitamin and mineral supplements to be somewhat more effective than non-liposomal supplements based on the available evidence.

The animated video below is only one minute long and provides a visual explanation for what differentiates liposomal supplements:

Magnesium Ingredient Analysis

Cymbiotika's magnesium supplement is one of the company's most popular supplements.

Its active ingredients are shown below:

Cymbiotika magnesium active ingredients

Magnesium is included at a dose of 94 milligrams (mg), which is relatively low for a magnesium supplement.

The company may be assuming that it will have greater absorption due to its liposomal delivery technology, but the research review we linked in the previous section didn't note a significant difference in magnesium absorption with liposomal technology.

Vitamin E is another active ingredient, and is a vitamin that consumers may wish to be wary of taking at a relatively high dose for extended periods.

As we documented in our Immuno 150 reviews article, high-dose vitamin E supplementation has been clinically shown to increase all-cause mortality.

We don't consider the dose in this supplement to be dangerous, but it may be wise to avoid vitamin E supplementation altogether without a blood test indicating deficiency.

The inactive ingredients in this supplement are shown below:

Cymbiotika magnesium inactive ingredients

There are no unhealthy inactive ingredients, and this is an excellent ingredient list, particularly for a flavored product.

Organic vanilla extract is used for flavor rather than a cheaper flavoring chemical, and this compound is rich in phytochemicals.

Citrus extract adds a tangy flavor, but also is clinically shown to support optimal human cognition.

Overall, we consider this supplement to be one of the better magnesium supplements on the market, but we don't currently recommend it due to the inclusion of vitamin E.

Bulletproof Magnesium is our top magnesium supplement pick because it provides an effective magnesium dose, contains clean ingredients, and is one of the most affordable magnesium supplements on the market at under $14 for a subscription at the time of publishing this article.

Real People Try Cymbiotika

A TikTok creator named Blair Hatzmann had a negative experience using Cymbiotika supplements:

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A TikTok creator named "bisamijay" explains why she switched to Cymbiotika's glutathione from a different brand:

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Vitamin C Ingredient Analysis

The active ingredients in Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C are shown below:

Cymbiotika Vitamin C active ingredients

Vitamin C is the core active ingredient, at a dose of 1,000 mg.

This is an effective dose for immune support, as this vitamin C dose is clinically shown to reduce the duration of cold and flu.

Biotin is the only other active ingredient with a meaningful dose, and we don't understand its inclusion in a vitamin C supplement.

The inactive ingredients in this supplement are shown below:

Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C inactive ingredients

Konjac was shown in a medical review to have favorable effects on blood pressure and cholesterol, and we documented in our review of Lipozene.

Beta carotene is a compound that's converted into vitamin A by the body, and a 2022 medical review concluded the following:

"The [US Preventative Services Task Force] concludes with moderate certainty that the harms of beta carotene supplementation outweigh the benefits for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or cancer."

Overall, we consider this supplement likely to be effective for supporting immunity, but we don't currently recommend it due to the inclusion of beta carotene.

MBG Vitamin C Potency+ is our top vitamin C supplement pick because it provides an effective vitamin C dose, contains added antioxidants in the form of citrus bioflavonoids, and contains no unhealthy additives.

Real Customers Rate Cymbiotika

Amazon is a better resource for unbiased customer reviews than a brand's website in our opinion.

Cymbiotika's most-reviewed supplement on Amazon is their magnesium supplement, which has over 400 reviews and an average review rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars at the time of publishing this article.

A top positive review comes from a user named "Vanessa M." who gives the product a 5/5 rating, and claims it helps to support sleep:

"Since taking this magnesium, I’ve had the best sleep at night. Before taking magnesium, id wake up randomly throughout the night and I couldn’t stay asleep. This magnesium keeps me asleep at night. I notice a difference in my sleep when I forget to take it."

A top negative review is written by a user named "Headquarterz" who dislikes the packaging among other things:

"Do not buy. I had high hopes for this company and product but concluded after spending way too much money it is not worthy. It is toxically packaged, grossly over-priced, lotta waste left over in the foil package that you cannot get out and customer service sucks."

Cymbiotika Liposomal Magnesium currently has an average review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.

Cymbiotika Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Cymbiotika in our opinion:


  • Liposomal delivery
  • Effective doses
  • Highly positive online customer reviews
  • Healthier-than-average formulations
  • Whole food flavoring ingredients
  • Whole food sweeteners


  • Magnesium contains added vitamin E
  • Vitamin C contains added beta carotene
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't appear to be clinically tested
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Cymbiotika is a high-quality supplement brand that uses a novel delivery mechanism we think is likely to enhance absorbability.

After a review of existing clinical research, we consider liposomal supplements to be somewhat more likely to be absorbed than non-liposomal supplements.

Cymbiotika's magnesium supplement provides a relatively low magnesium dose and contains another vitamin that we don't generally recommend supplementing with.

Cymbiotika's vitamin C supplement provides an effective vitamin C dose, but contains an active ingredient we generally recommend avoiding.

Online customer reviews of this brand are significantly more positive than average, at the time of publishing this article.