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Muscle Growth Stories: The Best Online Resources

Article edited for scientific accuracy by Illuminate Labs Blog Editor Taylor Graber MD 

Gaining muscle is hard, and sometimes external motivation is needed. It can be incredibly motivating to see someone’s muscle growth story; their journey from slim to muscle-bound.

For aspiring bodybuilders, there are several online resources and forums for muscle growth stories which we’ll share in this article.


Brogress is a subreddit (a community on Reddit) devoted exclusively to before-and-after images of muscle transformations. All content is user-submitted and non-promotional. 

Some of the content focuses on weight loss journeys, but the vast majority of posts are highlighting muscle growth.

We find this subreddit to be a great resource for muscle growth stories because it seems to be a welcoming and motivational community. When people post pictures of their transformation, nearly all of the comments are congratulatory.’s Motivation Section is arguably the premier online resources for all things bodybuilding, and they have a section of their site dedicated to motivational content.

This is a good resource for users who don’t want to actively participate, or potentially are early in the bodybuilding journey.

If you don’t yet have a transformation to share, and want to read muscle growth stories from the sidelines, this is a great option because they update their content frequently.

A lot of the articles on this section of’s site are personal interviews, which are interesting because you get to know the motivations behind someone who may have the same goals as you in regards to fitness.


The fitness subreddit is one of Reddit’s largest health-related subreddits, with over 8 million members. 

Most of the content on r/fitness is text-based, so there aren’t as many progress pics as the previous two resources, but there’s such a large quantity of content that it can still be a great resource for muscle growth stories for those willing to search.

The subreddit features a “Physique Phriday” thread with progress photos similar to the content on the r/brogress subreddit.

BoredPanda’s Transformations Page

BoredPanda is a content aggregator that has the biggest fitness transformation page we’ve seen. Their page highlights the best before-and-after transformations on the web, and unsurprisingly the post has nearly a million views.

This is a great online resource for muscle growth stories because it features both women and men, while the first three resources were more male-dominated.

It’s important for both genders to have positive representation in the fitness world. 


We highlighted four of the best online resources for real muscle growth stories, and they all take a different angle. r/brogress is specifically dedicated to transformation pics, while r/fitness is more generalized with a host of weightlifting content that sometimes includes muscle growth stories. writes personal stories about some of their readers’ fitness journeys, and BoredPanda has maybe the best curated transformations page on the web.

We think that muscle growth stories can be both inspiring and motivating for people who are just starting their bodybuilding journey. Especially if your friend group isn’t active, seeking that motivation online can be the catalyst to commencing a healthy and active life.

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