Java Burn Review: Does Weight Loss Coffee Work?

Java Burn Review: Does Weight Loss Coffee Work?

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Java Burn is a supplement added to coffee and used for weight loss. The brand makes the bold claim that “There’s never been anything close to Java Burn ever attempted,” and that its effect is “torching off fat from your problem areas.”

But does Java Burn contain ingredients proven in medical research to cause weight loss or are these just marketing claims? Does the supplement contain any questionable additive ingredients? What’s actually in Java Burn? And how do real users rate and describe its effects?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze the ingredients in Java Burn based on medical studies to give our take on whether the supplement is likely to work or if it’s a waste of money.

We’ll share our concern about the lack of ingredients on the brand’s website and also share our concern about ClickBank products generally (Java Burn is a ClickBank product). We’ll also feature Java Burn customer reviews.

Missing Ingredients

The main website selling Java Burn did not include the ingredients anywhere on their homepage at the time of publishing this article. Even the fine print and FAQ section do not include an ingredient listing.

We were able to find the ingredients shown below on a subdomain of Java Burn’s website in a “support” section. We strongly recommend that the brand clearly publish this information on their homepage or product page, because this is important for consumer safety:

Java Burn ingredients

Vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and chromium are a vitamin and mineral blend that comprise 50% of Java Burn’s active ingredients.

We cannot find any clinical evidence that these ingredients at their stated doses cause weight loss, nor does Java Burn cite any.

Green tea leaf extract has been clinically shown to cause weight loss, however it’s an ingredient that health-conscious consumers may wish to avoid. According to Health Canada, this ingredient has been shown to cause liver damage in a small subset of individuals.

We do not believe that the 300 milligram (mg) dose in Java Burn is likely to cause liver damage, but it may be logical to avoid this ingredient given that there are effective weight loss ingredients without this health concern.

Green coffee bean extract was shown to cause 1.29 pounds of weight loss over eight weeks in a meta-study, as we documented in our Trimtone reviews article on another weight loss supplement containing this ingredient.

L-carnitine and l-theanine are amino acids not typically used for weight loss. We can’t find any clinical evidence supporting these ingredients in a weight loss formulation.

Based on the active ingredients in Java Burn, we consider it potentially effective for weight loss due to the green tea extract and green coffee bean extract. It also contains one questionable additive ingredient.

Natural flavor is a healthier option than artificial flavor, but still may be toxic depending on the natural flavoring agents used, according to a 2013 medical review

A doctor named Brian Yeung goes into more detail on each ingredient in an analysis posted to his YouTube page:

We consider Java Burn potentially effective but are concerned about its status as a ClickBank product, which we’ll explain in the next section.

Our Concerns With ClickBank Supplements

Java Burn is marketed on an affiliate platform called ClickBank. This platform allows individuals and entities with no relevant medical or scientific experience to market health products, which is concerning in our opinion.

It creates economic incentives for people without any health knowledge to make specific health claims that may be inaccurate.

We generally consider supplements sold on ClickBank to be low-quality, because a high-quality brand would not want literally anyone to be marketing their products in our opinion.

A TikTok user named Kevin Schattovits shows how easy it is below to start promoting health products on ClickBank:

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Questionable Health Claims on Java Burn Website

There are a number of questionable and uncited health claims on the Java Burn website.

Java Burn questionable health claim 1

As shown above, the brand suggests that their supplement is formulated to work “synergistically” with coffee which suggests that some sort of chemical reaction makes it especially effective with coffee. However, no proof at all is provided of such.

The brand claims their technology is “patent-pending” but that doesn’t mean it’s proven to work.

Java Burn also claims that their supplement increases energy, reduces hunger and improves overall health while providing no citations or support of any of these claims.

Java Burn questionable health claim 2

We consider it to be a red flag of a low-quality brand when a company makes specific health claims without providing any support of such claims.

But how do real users rate and describe the effects of Java Burn? We’ll review in the next section.

Real People Try Java Burn

A TikTok user named Troy Beav explains if Java Burn caused weight loss for him:

@itry4you Day 10 of 30 day Java Burn test. #weight #weightlosstips #weightlosschallenge #diet #javaburndiet ♬ original sound - Troy Beav

Another TikTok user named “Stimulife Health” tried Java Burn and claims in the comments that it did not cause weight loss after one month of use:

@stimulifehealth Just got in some JavaBurn! #javaburn #javaburncoffee #looseweightfast #fyp #foryoupage @stimulifehealth ♬ Music inspired by traditional Japanese music(261976) - And More Music

Does Java Burn Cause Side Effects?

Java Burn does not appear to have been studied in any clinical trials so we can’t say for certain whether or not it causes side effects. However, we can make an educated guess based on its active ingredients.

Green coffee leaf extract can have a stimulatory effect, but it’s a mild stimulant and considered less of a stimulant than coffee.

There are no other ingredients in this formulation we consider likely to cause side effects, so we do not believe that Java Burn is likely to cause side effects for the average consumer.

The brand’s website states that Java Burn does not cause side effects, and claims that none have been reported by their thousands of users. The brand has not been the subject of any lawsuits related to side effects.

Pros and Cons of Java Burn

Here are the pros and cons of Java Burn in our opinion:


  • Two research-backed weight loss ingredients
  • No seriously questionable additives


  • Questionable and unproven health claims
  • ClickBank product
  • Contains natural flavoring agents
  • Contains green tea leaf extract
  • Expensive
  • Ingredients not clearly published on homepage
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Java Burn may be effective for weight loss because it contains two research-backed weight loss ingredients.

However, we don’t currently recommend the supplement due to a vitamin and mineral blend, natural flavoring agents, and the fact that the Supplement Facts label isn’t clearly published on the brand’s homepage or product page.

Java Burn is a ClickBank product and we haven’t recommended any ClickBank products that we’ve reviewed on Illuminate Health to date. We consider this a sign of a low-quality brand.

We do not believe that Java Burn is likely to cause side effects, and the brand claims that they have not received any reports of side effects.

There are a number of questionable and uncited health claims on the Java Burn website, and the supplement is relatively expensive at $69 per pouch.