Feastables Review: Is Mr. Beast's Chocolate Healthy?

Feastables Review: Is Mr. Beast's Chocolate Healthy?

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Feastables is a new chocolate bar brand that’s available both at Walmart and online. It’s run by Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTube in the world. 

The brand claims to have a “simple and delicious” formula with only five ingredients. 

In this article we’ll focus on the ingredients used, and share our thoughts on whether Feastables is more or less healthy than a commercial chocolate bar like Hershey’s. We’ll also share a real user review of the bar that focuses more on taste.

Ingredient Review

Feastables ingredients

Feastables does have a simple and clean formula. Cane sugar is unsurprisingly the first ingredient, and there is 22 grams (g) of added sugar per bar. The rest of the ingredients are healthy whole foods ingredients like organic milk and organic vanilla powder.

Their website notes that the milk used in the bars is sourced from grass-fed animals, which is a healthier option than milk from conventionally-raised animals. A medical review found that grass-fed milk was higher in nutrients like omega-3 fats that benefit human health.

It’s great in our opinion that Feastables is free of questionable additives like preservatives or artificial flavoring. To provide a comparative example on why we consider Feastables healthier than most commercial chocolate bars, let’s analyze the ingredients for Snickers below:

Snickers ingredients

The first thing to note is that Snickers contains 26 g added sugar, or 5 g more than Feastables. We recommend minimizing added sugar intake as much as possible, so this is a point for Feastables.

There is no mention of whether the milk used in Snickers is sourced from grass-fed animals, so we’ll assume it’s sourced from conventionally-raised animals. Another point for Feastables.

Snickers contains corn syrup which is a processed sweetener that we recommend avoiding. It also contains artificial flavor, and medical research suggests some toxicity concerns with artificial flavoring ingredients.

Overall we consider Feastables to be a healthier option than most commercial chocolates that we reviewed while writing this article. 

Our only complaint is that the brand doesn’t publish the cocoa content, because this is a good measure of the healthiness of a chocolate bar. Most dark chocolates have a listed cocoa percentage (“dark chocolate 70%” means that 70% of the bar is made from cocoa). The higher the cocoa content, generally the healthier the chocolate bar, because this means there is less added sugar.

We Tried Feastables – Our Take

Feastables UGC

As the author of this article, I wanted to try Feastables myself to share my thoughts on its taste and the overall product experience.

I went to a local Walmart and purchased the milk chocolate version.

This was the only milk chocolate bar available at my local Walmart with milk sourced from grass-fed cows, so the product stands out on that point alone.

The taste was sweet (unsurprisngly) but not too sweet, with a hint of vanilla. 

I don't even have a sweet tooth and rarely purchase chocolate for myself, but this is one of the best milk chocolate bars I've had in recent memory.

I would definitely purchase this product over commercial alternatives, because I like the relatively clean ingredient list and lack of unhealthy additives like artificial flavors.

I'd rate this product a 9/10 and would definitely recommend it to consumers looking for a tasty and somewhat healthy milk chocolate brand.

This is a more minor consideration but I also would rather give my money to Mr. Beast than Hershey's, as I feel like he's somewhat more likely to do something beneficial with it.

Feastables Real User Review

One of the most popular reviews of Feastables comes from a YouTube channel called “PhilPro.” The creator tries Mr. Beast’s chocolate bar and compares its taste to other popular chocolate bars like Hershey’s and Crunch:

Our Healthy Chocolate Recommendation

We recommend Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate as our top healthy chocolate pick because it’s a dark chocolate (70%) with only 12 grams of sugar per serving, or around half of the amount in Feastables.

Like Feastables, this product is free of questionable additives and is flavored with natural ingredients like bourbon vanilla beans. We consider dark chocolate to be healthier than milk chocolate due to the lower sugar content, so we hope that Feastables launches a dark chocolate option soon. If they do, we'll consider switching our recommendation.

Interested consumers can check our Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate at this link.

For chocolate lovers who are focused entirely on health and care less about taste, Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate is the healthiest option because it contains no added sugar at all. The only ingredient is 100% cacao beans. This makes it quite bitter but it pairs well with fruit.

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We consider Mr. Beast’s chocolate to be one of the healthier milk chocolate options on the market, but we don’t recommend it from a health perspective because we only recommend dark chocolate.

It’s great that Feastables chocolate bars have no additives like artificial flavor and high fructose corn syrup that so many commercial chocolate bars have, and if the brand launches a dark chocolate option we’ll likely recommend it.

There are unsweetened chocolate products that we would consider the healthiest option on the market, but they’re relatively bitter and may be unappealing to some consumers.

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