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ProbioSlim Review: Why It's a Poor Weight Loss Option

ProbioSlim Review: Why It's a Poor Weight Loss Option

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

ProbioSlim is a weight loss supplement made by a brand called Force Factor, which can be purchased online but is also available from a number of large retailers such as Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart. The supplement makes a number of claims, suggesting that it not only aids in weight loss but also supports digestive health.

In this article we’ll review the ingredients in ProbioSlim based on medical research to determine if it’s likely to be effective, as well as highlight some issues we have with the health claims the company makes.

Prop Blend Issues

The entire ingredient label of Force Factor is composed of a proprietary (prop) blend. We disagree with prop blends generally and find them to be unethical, because it’s a way for manufacturers to hide the exact dosage of each ingredient.

Prop blends simply list the dosage of all ingredients in the blend combined, which disallows consumers (and researchers like us) to determine if the dose of each ingredient is likely to be safe and effective. 

Using prop blends also allows manufacturers to be deceptive and add tiny amounts of exotic ingredients, because consumers aren’t shown the dosage. So imagine a supplement with a prop blend of 500 milligrams (mg) dosage.

The main ingredient could have 499.9 mg dose and there could be 10 other exotic ingredients like saffron with 0.01 mg dosage each. Because the individual dosage doesn’t have to be listed, consumers would be unaware that there was such a tiny and pointless dose of the secondary ingredients. 

This is why we recommend that consumers avoid companies using prop blends entirely unless the company has published research in medical journals proving their product is effective (which Force Factor has not).

Ingredient Review

ProbioSlim ingredients list

Prop blends are required to be listed in order of relative dose, so the first ingredient is the highest-dosed ingredient in the blend.

The first ingredient in ProbioSlim is a patented probiotic called LactoSpore, which is made of a probiotic species called Bacillus coagulans.

We haven’t come across a single study even testing this type of probiotic for weight loss, never mind proving it works, and Force Factor doesn’t publish any so we’ll assume this is a totally ineffective ingredient for weight loss.

Both of the next two ingredients in ProbioSlim are forms of green tea extract. While green tea extract may be effective for weight loss short-term, we know from medical research that that are health risks associated with high doses of polyphenols from green tea.

This issue illustrates the issue with prop blends. ProbioSlim contains an ingredient which may be dangerous depending on the dose, but we can’t determine the dose because the company doesn’t publish it. For this reason alone we’d recommend avoiding this product entirely.

The next three ingredients in ProbioSlim are fruit extracts: kiwi extract, fig extract and papaya extract.

Papaya extract is the only of these three ingredients that we could find medical research on, suggesting it may be effective for weight loss. But the doses used in the medical review of papaya were factors higher than the dose of the entire prop blend in ProbioSlim, leading us to believe this ingredient is almost certainly underdosed and ineffective.

The final ingredients in ProbioSlim are two forms of chlorophyllin, and we can’t find any medical studies suggesting this compound is effective for weight loss.

Overall we find this to be a very poorly formulated supplement.

Questionable Health Claims

As referenced earlier in the article, Force Factor makes a variety of health claims without any sources. The company has not funded any medical research proving that ProbioSlim is effective, nor do they even link to any existing medical research suggesting that the ingredients they chose, at the dosages given, are effective for weight loss.

Force Factor also claims on the “Science” page of their website that they perform all sorts of testing, including finished product testing (which is the industry gold standard), to prove the potency and purity of their supplements.

However, the company doesn’t publish any of this testing so consumers have no reason to believe them. If you have all of these test results proving your product is clean and accurately labeled, wouldn’t you want to publish that data on your product pages?

Contamination and lack of product testing is a huge issue in the U.S. supplement market, and there’s no logical reason for a consumer to believe that a company performs testing if they won’t share any of it.

Terrible BBB Reviews

Force Factor has only 8 reviews on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, and every single one of them is at the lowest rating of 1 star.

While we have issues with the BBB’s business model (which is why we have not registered with them), it is a good place for consumers to research a brand because it’s much harder for companies to fake reviews on their BBB page than it is on their website.

Customers are complaining about unauthorized charges by Force Factor, and the brand doesn’t appear to respond to any of the reviews.

Better Weight Loss Alternative

We typically don’t recommend weight loss supplements because they’re often ineffective and potentially dangerous.

The most underrated lifestyle change for weight loss is increasing dietary fiber, which has been proven in medical research to not only lead to improved health outcomes overall, but also to cause weight loss.

Dietary fiber fills up your stomach with indigestible plant matter which makes you feel full faster, and leads to fewer calories consumed. It’s relatively easy for adults to eat a full pizza of 1,500 calories or so because it contains so little fiber. Eating the same amount of calories of beans and steak would be more challenging due to the higher fiber.

There exist many healthy, high-fiber foods, but our recommendation is to start by replacing low-fiber foods in your diet with higher-fiber variations.

So white bread can be swapped out for whole wheat bread, white rice swapped out for brown rice and so on.

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We strongly recommend not purchasing ProbioSlim. Not only do we believe it’s likely to be ineffective based on medical research, but we believe the green tea extract ingredients may be dangerous since we don’t know their dose.

Force Factor makes health claims on their website which are uncited, and has terrible reviews on BBB.

We believe that simply increasing dietary fiber is a cheaper, safer and superior alternative to this supplement for weight loss.

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