Does Farxiga Cause Weight Loss? A Doctor Answers

Does Farxiga Cause Weight Loss? A Doctor Answers

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice. All statements are merely the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to weight loss.

Farxiga is a medication that’s FDA-approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The generic name for this drug is dapagliflozin, and we’ll refer to these two terms interchangeably throughout this article as they refer to the same active drug ingredient.

Farxiga is one of a number of diabetes drugs (the most popular is Ozempic) that’s being used off-label for weight loss.

But is Farxiga proven in research studies to cause weight loss, or is it just another popular health fad? Are there any risks to its use? How do real users rate and describe the effects of Farxiga for weight loss?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze medical studies on Farxiga to determine if the drug has a weight loss effect, and what its side effects are.

We’ll also feature patient reviews of this medication.

Does Farxiga Cause Weight Loss?

The effects of Farxiga on weight have been studied in several clinical trials.

A 2012 clinical trial found that Farxiga caused an average of 4.6 pounds of weight loss in overweight diabetic patients over the course of 24 weeks.

A clinical trial published in the Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism journal reported a similar rate of weight loss in diabetic patients: 10 pounds over 102 weeks. 

A 2021 meta-study found that Farxiga is effective for weight loss in patients without diabetes, with average weight loss of 3.1 pounds in trials ranging from 2 to 26 weeks.

Based on the available research, we consider Farxiga potentially effective for weight loss, but this would be an “off-label” use that patients should speak with their doctor about before considering. 

Farxiga is not currently FDA-approved for weight loss, and there can be additional risks to using drugs off-label.

But what are the risks of using Farxiga? We’ll discuss in the next section.

Does Farxiga Cause Side Effects?

Farxiga does cause side effects in some patients according to medical studies.

A 2014 medical review on the safety of Farxiga reported the following as the most common side effects: female genital mycotic infections (fungal infections around the vagina), urinary tract infections (UTIs) and nasopharyngitis.

A medical review published in the Drugs journal described low blood sugar as another potential side effect, but described Farxiga as “generally well tolerated.”

Farxiga’s FDA label does not carry a “black box” warning, which is the most severe type of warning issued by the FDA that indicates potentially life-threatening side effects.

Mounjaro is another diabetes medication that’s used off-label for weight loss, and that drug has an FDA black box warning about tumors, as we documented in our Mounjaro weight loss reviews article. This suggests that Farxiga may have a more favorable safety profile.

But how do real Farxiga patients rate and describe the effects of the drug for weight loss? We’ll discuss those questions in the next section.

Real Users Review Farxiga for Weight Loss

A YouTube creator named Jody Bunting who was prescribed Farxiga discusses the drug’s effects on weight:

A TikTok creator named Brandi Harris discusses her experience taking Farxiga for diabetes and its effects on her weight:

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What Drugs are FDA-Approved for Weight Loss?

As stated in the first section, Farxiga is not FDA-approved for weight loss. However, there are medications that are FDA-approved for weight loss, and that may be a safer option for patients who are unwilling or unable to reduce weight with lifestyle changes alone.

Orlistat and Saxenda are two examples of medications that are FDA-approved for weight loss, and the latter of these two drugs was shown to cause over 17 pounds of weight loss in one year at its highest approved dose.

There are many FDA-approved weight loss medications available, and speaking about options with a board-certified doctor can make the process simpler and safer.

Why Are People Using Diabetes Drugs for Weight Loss?

A segment from the TODAY show discusses the recent trend of patients considering diabetes drugs for weight loss, and the TikTok popularity of one specific drug:

Our Clean Weight Loss Picks

There are food-based nutrients which have been shown in medical studies to be effective for weight loss.

Dietary fiber was shown in a medical review published in The Journal of Nutrition to cause 16 pounds of weight loss in 6 months when combined with moderate caloric restriction (750 calories per day below baseline).

MBG Organic Fiber Potency+ is our top fiber pick because it's certified organic, provides 7 g of fiber per serving and costs under $1.85 per serving at the time of updating this article.

MCT oil was shown in a meta-study to cause more than one pound of weight loss over 10 weeks. This equates to potential annualized weight loss of 6 pounds per year with less than one tablespoon's worth of MCT oil per day.

Performance Lab MCT Oil is our top MCT oil pick because it's certified organic.

Ginger intake "significantly decreased body weight" according to a 2019 meta-study on ginger and weight loss that analyzed data from 14 clinical trials.

Pique La Ginger is our top ginger product, because it's an organic tea in convenient crystallized form, and all that's needed is to pour the powder into a glass and add hot water.

All three of the products mentioned in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

We're not suggesting any of these supplements should be used to treat any medical condition, or that they're as effective as any FDA-approved medication; rather, we're just sharing information that individuals averse to prescription medication can speak with their doctor about.

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Farxiga has been shown in clinical studies to be effective for weight loss in people with diabetes and also in people without diabetes. However, the drug is not currently FDA-approved for weight loss, so there may be additional risks when compared to a drug that is FDA-approved for weight loss.

We would recommend that patients who are considering weight loss medication speak with a doctor about approved weight loss drugs rather than consider using Farxiga off-label.

Farxiga does not appear to cause severe or life-threatening side effects, but it may cause genital infections in rare cases.

Some user reviews that we highlighted in this article suggest that Farxiga is effective for weight loss when combined with lifestyle changes.