Is Shredded Wheat Good for You? A Dietitian Answers

Is Shredded Wheat Good for You? A Dietitian Answers

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Shredded Wheat is a classic breakfast cereal in the US, sold by Post. It comes in multiple flavors, and its manufacturer describes this product line as "Simple Goodness" and "100% Whole Grain."

But is Shredded Wheat good for you overall? What ingredients does it contain other than wheat? Does it have any unhealthy additives? And how do real customers rate and describe its taste and health effects?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Shredded Wheat cereal to give our take on whether or not it's good for you.

We'll also feature unsponsored customer reviews of the product.

Ingredient Analysis

Shredded Wheat Original ingredients

There are only two ingredients in the Original flavor of Shredded Wheat: whole grain wheat, and BHT.

Whole wheat is a nutritious whole food ingredient that's associated with a range of health benefits.

Consumption of whole grains is associated in population studies with reduced risk of obesity, reduced risk of diabetes and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

A meta-study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition analyzed data from 23 other meta-studies on the effects of whole grain consumption.

The researchers concluded that "Overall findings are encouraging for a positive effect of whole grain consumption on certain diseases, especially highly prevalent metabolic diseases."

However, we consider sprouted grains to be healthier than unsprouted grains, and we'll explain why later in this article.

BHT is a synthetic preservative that has a metabolite described in at least one clinical trial as a "tumor promoter," as we documented in our review of healthy cereal brands.

Overall, we do not consider Shredded Wheat to be good for you, given the inclusion of BHT.

There are many cereal brands on the market which are preservative-free.

Shredded Wheat vs. Other Cereal

How does Shredded Wheat stack up to other popular cereal brands in terms of healthiness? 

We'll give our takes below:

Life Cereal

Contains refined sugar and synthetic vitamin additives. However, Life Cereal is free of synthetic preservatives.

Our verdict: Life is healthier

Magic Spoon Cereal

The most popular keto-friendly cereal brand, Magic Spoon contains natural flavors (an ingredient we recommend avoiding) but is preservative-free.

Our verdict: Magic Spoon is healthier

Kix Cereal

Very similar ingredient list to Life Cereal. Contains refined sugar and synthetic vitamin additives, but free of synthetic preservatives.

Our verdict: Kix is healthier

Of the four cereals, we consider Magic Spoon to be the healthiest by a significant margin.

Real People Try Shredded Wheat

A YouTube creator named Tucker Smith reviewed the Big Biscuit flavor of Shredded Wheat:

A TikTok creator named "docboj" has a recipe for making a healthy bowl using Shredded Wheat:

@docboj Reply to @blkmimildn ♬ Where You Are (feat. WILLOW) - PinkPantheress

Our Healthy Cereal Pick

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cereal is the healthiest cereal brand in our opinion, and features entirely sprouted grains like organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted barley and organic sprouted millet.

A Harvard Health review found that sprouted grains have more bioavailable nutrients than unsprouted grains, and a medical review published in the Nutrients journal found that “the amount of anti-nutritional factors…decreases significantly” when grains are sprouted.

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin cereal is naturally sweetened with organic raisins, which are shown in medical research to support cardiovascular health and gut function.

There are no questionable additive ingredients in this product, and it's rich in naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.

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Shredded Wheat has one main ingredient: whole grain wheat.

Whole grain wheat is nutritious, and consumption of whole grains is associated with a range of positive health outcomes in population studies.

However, we don't consider Shredded Wheat to be healthy because it also contains BHT, which is a synthetic preservative that was shown in at least one clinical trial to be broken down into a metabolite that's carcinogenic.

We consider Life Cereal, Magic Spoon Cereal and Kix Cereal to be healthier options than Shredded Wheat, because all three popular cereal brands are free of synthetic preservatives.

The whole grain wheat in Shredded Wheat appears to be unsprouted, while sprouted grains are more nutritious based on clinical research we could find.