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Vaccine Detox: Why it's Unnecessary

Vaccine Detox: Why it's Unnecessary

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

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There are a lot of conflicting views online abou​​t vaccines generally, and especially abouthe COVID vaccine, so we wanted to examine whether there is a need for a “detox” from the vaccine.

In this article we’ll review the mechanism of action of vaccines, and explain why a vaccine detox is unnecessary.

When are Detoxes Necessary?

The body is constantly undergoing natural detoxification processes, but occasionally there are rare environmental conditions which may cause someone to need additional detoxification support.

Our liver and kidneys, along with our lungs, work to detoxify our blood and keep us healthy. The liver changes the chemical nature of most toxins, rendering them harmless, while our kidneys filter toxins out of our blood into urine.

Certain toxins, like heavy metals, bioaccumulate in the body and can overwhelm natural detoxification systems. If someone was working in an industrial facility and was exposed to significant amounts of mercury, for example, they could get sick from mercury poisoning if the amount in their bloodstream became too high for their organs to properly filter.

In such a case, a detox may be recommended by a medical professional using chelation therapy, which is a risky medical treatment involving compounds that bind to heavy metals and allow patients to excrete them.

Are Vaccines Toxic?

There is no evidence that vaccines are toxic to the body in the way that heavy metals are. A vaccine is a biological compound which mimics a virus, and allows the body’s immune system to build antibodies which can fight the targeted virus if exposed to it in the future.

So someone getting a COVID vaccine shot will be less likely to get sick from COVID once they’re fully vaccinated, because their body’s natural defense mechanisms will be heightened.

To make the comparison clearer, a vaccine is a substance which may cause uncomfortable effects for a short duration, but is not toxic to the body. Certain heavy metals and pesticides are directly toxic to the body.

Are Inactive Ingredients in Vaccines Toxic?

Many websites claim that the adjuvants, or other ingredients in a vaccine are what actually cause harm as opposed to the vaccine itself. This is also inaccurate, and there have been a lot of medical studies on this topic.

One study investigated aluminum exposure in children (from vaccines and dietary sources) and found that the combined intake was extremely low and posed no health or safety threat.

Another study disproved the link between mercury containing vaccines and autism, because autism diagnoses have continued to rise while mercury in vaccines has substantially dropped. It’s worth noting here that the mercury in vaccines (which is phased out of nearly all vaccines given to children in the U.S.) is in the form of ethylmercury, which is much less toxic than methylmercury (the form in fish).

Do I Need a Vaccine Detox?

All of the available research suggests that the answer is no.

We are exposed to contaminants of all forms in modern society, but the dose makes the poison. It’s true that you may be exposed to a very small amount of toxins in a vaccine (unrelated to the active compounds of the vaccine), but they do not require a detox.

You wouldn’t get a detox after having a fish dinner, and the mercury levels in that fish dinner are significantly higher than you’d get from a vaccine.

You wouldn’t get a detox after having a bowl of rice, even though rice contains trace amounts of arsenic. Your body is more than able to cope with these minor toxic loads.

The need for detoxification in a medical setting comes from extreme and rare exposure to extremely high levels of heavy metals or other contaminants like pesticides. These detoxification processes, like chelation therapy, also come with significant risks because forcing the body to process and excrete large amounts of toxins at once can be hard on the body.

Companies Promoting Vaccine Detox Products

We recommend that you stay far away from any companies promoting natural “detox” products, for vaccines or otherwise, unless they have funded clinical trials proving their products work (they never do).

As we discussed in our Herbalife review, it’s unfortunately common for companies to use fear-based marketing to convince consumers that they need to buy something. 

It’s your job as a consumer to ask yourself whether there is any objective, medical proof that the product works, or if the company is just making health claims with no backing whatsoever.

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There is no medical research suggesting that a vaccine detox is necessary, or even safe. We recommend that consumers look to published medical research and government guidelines when considering how to approach vaccine safety.

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