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Estroven Review: Why We Don't Recommend It For Menopausal Women

Estroven Review: Why We Don't Recommend It For Menopausal Women

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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.
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Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about what makes our site the premier resource for online health information.

Estroven is a supplement brand that makes products for natural menopausal relief. The brand claims that their products provide relief from “all major menopause symptoms” such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and more.

There’s an increased demand for natural menopause relief products since hormone therapy, which is the standard solution, can have a host of uncomfortable side effects. We previously reviewed another menopause relief supplement called Amberen which readers of this article may be interested in. We found that supplement to be effective short-term, but unproven long-term.

In this article we’ll review the formulation of Estroven supplements based on medical research to determine if they're likely to be effective, as well as if we think the products are safe.

Estroven Complete

Estroven Complete ingredients list

Estroven’s most popular product is called Estroven Complete Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief, and it only contains one active ingredient: a patented rhubarb root extract called ERr 731 at a dosage of 4 milligrams (mg).

A clinical trial published in the Menopause journal tested the exact same dosage of ERr 731 for menopausal symptoms and found it to be effective for nearly all sympoms. The researchers also noted that the supplement improved quality of life in the women overall, compared with the group taking a placebo pill.

It’s important to note that the study was on a perimenopausal population (this term refers to the period of transition into full menopause), so the results might not necessarily hold for menopausal women.

We can’t find any scientific studies proving that this ingredient is effective for menopausal women.

ERr 731 does appear to be a very safe and non-toxic ingredient, as a medical review noted. The review authors found that hundreds of millions of daily doses were taken in Germany alone during the study review period, and over that period only 124 “predominantly nonserious” adverse events were reported, and no deaths. 

Estroven Complete contains titanium dioxide as an inactive additive ingredient for coloration. Europe recently banned use of this ingredient over toxicity concerns, and their standards are much higher in regards to consumer safety than in the U.S. We recommend avoiding this ingredient.

Perimenopausal women may want to consider taking this supplement, and it’s likely to be effective for menopausal women as well given that the biological changes between perimenopause and menopause aren’t that significant. That being said, we don’t recommend this supplement for menopausal women as it hasn’t been proven effective for menopausal women, and because it contains a potentially harmful additive ingredient.

Misleading Health Claims

Estroven misleading health claims

Estroven’s homepage states that their product(s) are “clinically proven” for menopause relief. We find this statement to be misleading, because none of their products have ever even been tested in a medical trial.

The active ingredient in Estroven Complete called ERr 731 has been clinically proven to reduce negative symptoms of menopause in a population of perimenopausal women, but not menopausal women.

Estroven Complete’s product page highlights a design change: their old packaging used to claim “up to 80% reduction in hot flashes.” Their new packaging claims “up to 90% reduction in hot flashes & night sweats.”

We find this update to be strange, since there doesn’t seem to be any recent research suggesting this product has become more effective. If Estroven is just artificially increasing the stated benefit without medical backing that would be a huge red flag in regards to the company’s ethics.

Estroven Weight Management Review

Estroven Weight Management ingredients list

Estroven makes a weight loss product with a totally different formulation than Estroven Complete. The active ingredients in this product are: black cohosh root extract, soy isoflavones and cissus quadrangularis stem and leaf extract.

Black cohosh root extract has been studied for reduction of menopausal symptoms, but there is much less research on its effects on weight loss. We were only able to locate one study on this ingredient for weight loss, and it was an animal study. 

The study found that black cohosh root extract led to less weight gain compared with a control group, but the dosage was absurdly higher than that in Estroven Weight Management.

The dose used in the animal study was 6.67 grams(g) per kilogram (kg), which would equate to a dose of 480 g for the average adult woman. 

480 g = 480,000 mg. The dose in Estroven is 40 mg. So the dose in Estroven is 12,000x less than the dose found to be effective in the one animal study on this ingredient for weight loss that we could find.

Soy isoflavones may be an effective ingredient for weight loss. A meta-review published in the Nutrition journal found that in post-menopausal women, soy isoflavones at a dosage of less than 100 mg were effective for weight loss. The dose in Estroven Weight Management is 56 mg, so this ingredient appears to be effectively dosed.

Another medical study analyzed the chemical compounds in soy isoflavones, and concluded that they “could have health benefits in human obesity”.

The final ingredient in this product is cissus quadrangularis which is a plant in the grape family that’s native to parts of Africa and Asia.

One study found that cissus quadrangularis supplementation reduced obesity compared to a control group “regardless of diet” which is an impressive result. The dose used in the study was 1,028 mg/day, which is over 3x that in Estroven Weight Management.

Another clinical trial, this time using the same dosage as in Estroven, found that cissus was effective for weight loss. Study participants taking cissus extract lost nearly 10% of their body fat on average over the course of 8 weeks, while subjects taking a placebo pill lost only 1%.

Overall, Estroven Weight Management seems decently formulated, with two of the three active ingredients backed by medical research and effectively dosed for weight loss. We don’t recommend the supplement because one of the ingredients is ineffectively dosed, and it contains titanium dioxide like Estroven Complete. However, we don’t believe it’s actively harmful and it’s better-formulated than a lot of weight loss supplements we’ve reviewed.

Estroven Vs. Amberen

As we mentioned previously, we reviewed another leading menopause supplement called Amberen, and consumers are often curious which of the two brands we believe has a superior formulation.

We recommend Amberen over Estroven because the Amberen supplement has actually been tested in medical research on a menopausal population and proven to work. Unfortunately both supplements contain titanium dioxide, but we believe Amberen is more likely to be effective.

We don’t recommend use of either supplement for long periods of time without a doctor’s approval, since neither supplement has undergone long-term safety studies.

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We don’t recommend Estroven products as they are not clinically-proven to reduce menopause symptoms in menopausal women. The active ingredient in Estroven Complete is proven to reduce menopause symptoms in perimenopausal women, so if you’re a woman in the transitional phase of menopause it may be worth speaking to your doctor about Estroven use.

We believe that Amberen has a superior formulation to Estroven, and would recommend it over Estroven for menopausal women due to the reserach backing. We hope in the future both brands remove titanium dioxide as a filler ingredient for safety reasons.

Estroven Weight Management contains two ingredients which should be effective for weight loss, but the supplement itself has never been proven in medical research to be effective for weight loss.

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