Kangen Review: Is Ionized Water Worth Thousands?

Kangen Review: Is Ionized Water Worth Thousands?

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Kangen is an ionized water brand manufactured and sold by a company called Enagic. The brand is expensive, with many of their products costing over $3,000.

But what is ionized water and does it have health benefits? Are Kangen devices really worth the price, or will cheaper water filters suffice? How do real users describe the taste and effects of Kangen-treated water? 

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review medical research on ionized and alkaline water to give an overview of how the Kangen water machine works, and give our take on whether or not they’re worth the money.

We’ll also share customer reviews of Kangen.

What is Ionized Water and Is It Healthy?

Ionized water can be formed several ways. The natural way that ionized water is formed is by passing through mountains and sediment after rainfall, due to the force of gravity, and picking up mineral ions like calcium and magnesium along the way.

This type of water is often branded as “mineral water” by companies like San Pellegrino.

Ionized water can also be created from a process called electrolysis, which is what Kangen water devices use. This process uses electrical currents to separate water by pH levels, creating a stream of acidic and a stream of alkaline water.

It’s unclear to us what specific mineral ions are contained in Kangen water, and if they’re added back during the water processing, because this information isn’t very clearly presented on the brand’s website.

Kangen advertises that after processing, their water is rich in hydrogen, and there is some medical evidence that hydrogen-rich water may benefit human health.

A clinical trial published in the Scientific Reports journal compared the effects of hydrogen-rich water and regular water on healthy adults. The researchers found that those consuming hydrogen-rich water had a reduced inflammatory response and decreased DNA damage.

Another clinical trial published in 2020 compared the effects of hydrogen-rich water on older adults over the course of six months to a group consuming regular water. The effects were profound. Individuals consuming hydrogen-rich water experienced increased telomere length while individuals consuming regular water experienced decreased telomere length.

This suggests an anti-aging effect, because telomere length is used as a marker of biological aging. The study authors even claimed that “this simple biomedical gas could be recognized as a possible anti-aging agent that tackles several hallmarks of aging, including loss of function and telomere length shortening.”

Aside from the potential health benefits of hydrogen-rich water, there is clinical evidence of health benefits from drinking alkaline water. As we documented in our blk Water review article on another alkaline water brand, early research suggests that alkaline water consumption may improve gastrointestinal health and sleep quality.

Overall we consider Kangen water to have promising potential benefits to human health. We would like to see more clinical trials on the long-term safety and effectiveness of hydrogen-rich, alkaline water, but all of the early research trials we have reviewed on this technology are promising.

Is Kangen Water a Scam?

A YouTube creator called “Anna’s Analysis” does a deep dive into Kangen water and the business model behind its manufacturer Enagic. The video has over 250,000 views:

Real People Try Kangen Water

A YouTube creator named “Clime Life” had 23 different people taste test Kangen water to compare it to tap:

A TikTok user named “Franchisca MK” made a short video that includes a product demonstration of Kangen water and a visual feature of the hydrogen it contains:

@flowinwithfrankie Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association. #fyp #foryoupage #drinkmorewater #waterfacts #healthnut #viral #kangenwater #alkalinewater #changeyourwaterchangeyourlife #kangenmama #alkalizedwater #medicalgradewater #kangenmachine #medicalgrademachine #whatsinyourwater #water ♬ original sound - Franchisca MK

Why Kangen Water May Be Ideal for Cleaning

As we stated in the first section, the Kangen water machine creates alkaline and acidic water.

The acidic water should not be consumed, but it may be ideal for cleaning. It appears to have disinfectant properties beyond regular water.

A 2014 clinical trial found that electrolyzed water was highly effective at reducing bacterial counts on surfaces in a hospital setting.

A medical review published in the Molecules journal describes electrolyzed water as a “disinfecting agent” and found acidic electrolyzed water to be especially effective.

Using the acidic water for cleaning of food and surfaces in the house also reduces waste and provides an application for that water which isn’t to be consumed.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum published a YouTube video that describes some of the food safety benefits of electrolyzed water:

Our Clean Water Picks

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Aquasana Whole House Water Filter is our top whole-home filtration solution.

Whole-home filters reduce contaminants in all taps and all showers throughout the house, and are the most thorough way to ensure the purity of drinking and bathing water.

Where to Buy Kangen Devices

Kangen water ionizers are sold by a number of online distributors, however we only recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Especially for a hardware device as expensive as Kangen, it seems prudent to buy directly from the manufacturer because such purchases typically come with a warranty, may have a reduced risk of counterfeit product, and also typically provide the consumer with more legal recourse if the product fails and they require a return.

For consumers intent on purchasing a Kangen water filter, we recommend doing so on the manufacturer’s official website.

We do not recommend purchasing through third-party distributors.

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Kangen is an interesting brand and we believe their ionized water technology is promising. There is certainly some clinical evidence that hydrogen-rich water and alkaline water can benefit human health.

We don’t currently recommend the Kangen water system because we would like to see more long-term safety studies with human trial participants on the use of alkaline water and hydrogen-rich water. That being said, we haven’t come across any medical evidence that either technology is harmful or causes side effects.

For consumers who plan to purchase a Kangen device, we recommend doing so directly on the manufacturer’s website rather than purchasing from a third-party distributor.