Tactical X Abs Review: Easy Fat Burning or Scam?

Tactical X Abs Review: Easy Fat Burning or Scam?

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Tactical X Abs is a muscle stimulator device used to burn fat and increase muscle tone. The brand claims that their device “Rapidly Sheds Your Body Fat” and that it uses the “Latest Technology.” 

But are ab stimulator devices actually shown in clinical trials to work, or is it just another fitness marketing trend? Are there any risks associated with using these devices? How do real users rate and describe the effects of Tactical X Abs? And what retailer sells Tactical X Abs for the best price? 

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze medical studies on ab stimulation to give our take on whether this type of device is likely to be effective, or if it’s a waste of money.

We’ll discuss side effects, and explain what retailer sells the product for the best value.

Does Ab Stimulation Even Work?

Ab stimulation technologies have been studied in clinical trials.

A clinical trial published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine analyzed the effects of an ab stimulator device called the Slendertone FLEXTM and found that the device improved abdominal strength by 58%, and decreased waist circumference by 3.5 centimeters (cm).

A 2018 clinical trial found that electrical muscle stimulation reduced waist circumference in obese adults.

A medical review published in the Sports Medicine journal suggests that neuromuscular stimulation can improve overall strength of the muscle.

Overall, we consider ab stimulator devices somewhat likely to improve muscle tone and strength, and somewhat likely to cause weight loss in overweight adults based on the available research.

It’s important to note that while the underlying technology used by Tactical X Abs appears to be promising, it doesn’t appear that the brand funded any clinical trials proving their specific device to be effective for any health or aesthetic outcome.

But how do real users rate and describe the effects of Tactical X Abs? We’ll feature unsponsored reviews in the next section.

Real People Try Tactical X Abs

A YouTube creator named Tyler Oliveira tried an ab stimulator for 30 days and reported on his results. It’s unclear if this is the Tactical X Abs device or a different brand:

A TikTok creator named “peyton_lifts” suggests the device is not worth the money:

@peyton_lifts Does the ab stimulator machine actually work? #abs #gymhack #amazonfinds #howtogetabs #abmachine ♬ original sound - Peyton_lifts

Does Ab Stimulation Cause Side Effects?

None of the medical studies we cited in the first section of this article referenced any side effects experienced due to use of ab stimulator devices.

A 2011 medical review concluded that electrical stimulation can cause muscle damage, which is why using a device that’s clinically tested (for those interested in this type of device) is so important in our opinion.

Electrical stimulators use a varying range of power and force, and if the device has not been tested in studies, there’s no way to be certain that it will not harm the body.

Since the Tactical X Abs device does not appear to have been clinically tested, it’s very challenging to determine whether or not it’s likely to cause side effects.

There is no mention of side effects on the Tactical X Abs website at the time of publishing this article.

What Happens With 24 Hours of Continual Use?

A YouTube creator named “DRHOBS” used an ab stimulator device for 24 hours straight and documented the effects, in a video with over 160,000 views:

Where to Buy Tactical X Abs

There are a number of products with the “Tactical X Abs” brand sold online. It’s unclear who the official manufacturer is.

While we don’t currently recommend this device, consumers intent on purchasing it may benefit from doing so through what appears to be the official brand website, which can be accessed at this link.

There are many different products called “Tactical X Abs” on Google Shopping, as shown in the screenshot below:

Tactical X Abs Google Shopping results

Purchasing from a third-party retailer may increase the risk of obtaining counterfeit products.

Pros and Cons of Tactical X Abs

Here are the pros and cons of Tactical X Abs in our opinion:


  • Minimally invasive
  • May support muscle growth
  • May support weight loss
  • Passive
  • Relatively affordable
  • Free shipping


  • Brand doesn’t appear clinically tested
  • One clinical trial found electrical stimulation to cause muscle damage
  • Unclear official manufacturer
  • Unclear device specifications
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Tactical X Abs is an interesting brand, and the idea of passive fat loss and muscle growth is understandably intriguing to many consumers.

We consider the product potentially effective, because the underlying technology does have some research backing.

However, we don’t currently recommend this brand because device specifications are not currently published on the brand’s product page, and at least one clinical trial found that neuromuscular stimulation can cause muscle damage.

We hope that in the future, Tactical X Abs funds a clinical trial showing their product to be safe and effective. If that occurs, we will consider recommending this brand.

Online customer reviews we came across while researching this product were mixed: some said it caused fat loss and muscle toning, others said it was a waste of money.

For consumers intent on purchasing Tactical X Abs, we recommend doing so through the website we linked to in this article. There are a number of competing brands selling under the same trade name on Google Shopping, and purchasing from a third-party retailer may increase the risk of getting a counterfeit product.