Pink Pussycat Honey Review: Safe Aphrodisiac?

Pink Pussycat Honey Review: Safe Aphrodisiac?

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Pink Pussycat Honey is a supplement used for sexual enhancement and marketed to women. It comes in a single pack also marketed as a “1 count” or a “1ct” which costs around $10. The brand claims that the supplement can cause “maximum arousal.”

But what’s actually in Pink Pussycat Honey and does it contain ingredients proven to enhance libido and sexual function in women? Does it contain any unhealthy additive ingredients? Is it safe? And how do real users rate and describe its effects?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review the ingredients in Pink Pussycat Honey based on medical studies to give our take on whether or not the supplement is likely to be effective.

We’ll share our concerns about its manufacturer, highlight an FDA warning about the Pink Pussycat brand, and share a real, unsponsored user review of Pink Pussycat Honey.

Ingredient Analysis

Pink Pussycat Honey ingredients

Pink Pussycat Honey contains four active ingredients: honey, caviar powder, tongkat ali root, and cinnamon powder.

Honey has long been used as an aphrodisiac, but we cannot identify any medical studies proving that it increases arousal or sensitivity in women; only in men.

Caviar powder is another healthy, whole food ingredient but we can’t find any proof that it increases libido in women, nor does the manufacturer provide any.

Tongkat ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia with a botanical name of Eurycoma longifolia. Again, this compound appears to be studied for enhancing sexual function in men but not women.

As we documented in our review of Royal Honey VIP, medical studies have shown tongkat ali to be able to reverse male sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

Cinnamon was shown in a clinical trial published in the Journal of Young Pharmacists to reduce sexual dysfunction caused by age, but it was an animal study which makes the data weaker than a human study.

Further, a cinnamon extract was used which is more potent than the cinnamon powder included in Pink Pussycat Honey. The dose was also over 100x higher than the human equivalent dose in Pink Pussycat Honey.

We do not believe that Pink Pussycat Honey is likely to improve sexual function or libido in women, because we’re unable to identify any effective active ingredients. 

Why Did Pink Pussycat Receive an FDA Warning?

In 2021, the FDA published a warning about the Pink Pussycat brand. 

The regulatory organization found a hidden drug ingredient in Pink Pussycat called sildenafil. This is the active drug ingredient in Viagra.

The FDA advised consumers not to purchase or use Pink Pussycat, because drug ingredients may cause side effects and constitute an unapproved pharmaceutical medication.

It’s definitely a red flag in our opinion for a supplement to contain a hidden drug ingredient, and we would recommend avoiding the brand entirely for this reason.

Real, Unsponsored Pink Pussycat Honey User Review

A Youtube creator named “NovaStarr” reviewed Pink Pussycat Honey and shared her experience using the product. She also compares it to the Pink Pussycat Pill:

Does Pink Pussycat Honey Cause Side Effects?

Pink Pussycat Honey does not appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, so we can’t say for certain whether or not it causes side effects. However, we can make an educated guess based on its ingredients.

The active ingredients in this supplement are all safe and well-studied, and we do not believe they’re likely to cause side effects. The majority of the product is honey, which is a whole food.

Our concern in regard to side effects comes from the risk of the hidden drug ingredient.

A 2022 medical review documents the most common side effects of sildenafil: headaches, flushing, dyspepsia (indigestion), nasal congestion, back pain, myalgia (muscle pain), nausea, dizziness and rash.

We also believe that a company willing to add hidden drug ingredients into a formulation is more likely to hide other ingredients in a formulation, so we consider Pink Pussycat Honey to have a greater risk of side effects than most dietary supplements not due to its listed ingredients but due to the ethical violations of its manufacturer.

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We do not recommend Pink Pussycat Honey. We are unable to identify any clinical evidence that its ingredients improve sexual function or sex drive in women, and the FDA found a hidden drug ingredient in the supplement in 2022.

Hidden drug ingredients pose a serious health risk for consumers, and it seems wise to avoid any brands found to have included them by a regulatory agency.

We consider the risk of side effects from this supplement to be greater than the risk of side effects for most sexual supplements, given the hidden drug ingredient.

There are natural compounds which have clinical backing for improving libido and are free of the risks associated with Pink Pussycat Honey.