Silky Peach Cream Review: Natural Vaginal Relief?

Silky Peach Cream Review: Natural Vaginal Relief?

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Silky Peach Cream is a women’s health product used to treat vaginal dryness. It’s a topical cream the company claims “it can…increase your natural lubrication, balancing the pH resulting in less dryness, less itching, and less pain.”

But does Silky Peach Cream contain research-backed ingredients for treating vaginal dryness, or are these just marketing claims? Does it contain any questionable additive ingredients? How do real users rate and describe effects of this product? And are there more effective ways to treat vaginal dryness? 

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Silky Peach Cream based on research studies to give our take on whether or not the product is likely to be effective.

We’ll highlight several questionable additive ingredients, discuss side effects, and share a YouTube video that discusses natural remedies for optimal vaginal health.

Ingredient Analysis

Silky Peach Cream ingredients

The ingredients in Silky Peach Cream are shown above.

Estriol is a female sex hormone shown to improve signs and symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy in a clinical trial published in the Menopause journal. This hormone significantly improved vaginal dryness when applied at a 0.005% concentration.

The Silky Peach Cream website's FAQ section lists the estriol dose as 0.5 milligrams (mg), but fails to list the concentration.

Lactobacillus is a probiotic species that’s the most abundant species in the vagina, according to a 2022 medical review.

The above-linked research study suggests that this type of probiotic can prevent pathogens from colonizing the vagina.

Silky Peach Cream also contains some active ingredients shown to be beneficial for skin health generally.

Beeswax is naturally antimicrobial, as we discussed in our Jones Road Miracle Balm reviews article.

Cupuacu butter restores elasticity to the skin, according to a 2022 medical review.

While there are some potentially effective active ingredients in this cream, there are also two inactive ingredients that we consider to be questionable from a health perspective.

Sodium hydroxide is a pH-balancer shown in a 2016 case report to scar the vagina, and Silky Peach Cream does not clearly publish the concentration of this ingredient.

Sodium benzoate can be a skin irritant according to a 2004 clinical trial, and since vaginal skin can be especially sensitive, it may make sense for consumers to speak with their doctor about a preservative-free topical product.

Overall, we consider Silky Peach Cream somewhat likely to be effective, given that it contains research-backed ingredients for improving vaginal dryness and supporting an optimal vaginal microflora.

However, we don’t currently recommend this product because the concentration of the active hormone ingredient is not clearly published, and this cream contains two inactive ingredients that we consider questionable from a health perspective.

Can Diet Support Vaginal Health?

A YouTube video from Stephanie Villa with over 900,000 views features eight foods that may support a healthy vagina:

Will Silky Peach Cream Cause Side Effects?

Silky Peach Cream doesn’t appear to have been studied in any clinical trials, which makes it more challenging to determine whether or not it’s likely to cause side effects.

However, we can make an educated guess based on its active ingredients.

Both of the inactive ingredients in this formulation have the potential to cause side effects, as discussed in the ingredient analysis section, but we consider this likelihood to be low for otherwise healthy adults.

The fact that the brand fails to clearly publish concentrations of these ingredients makes the side effect profile more concerning in our opinion.

Estriol can cause the sensation of “vaginal heat” in some women, but this appears to fade over time according to a 1983 clinical trial on estriol vaginal cream.

Overall, we don’t consider there to be a high likelihood of serious side effects, but it’s too difficult to ascertain the risk of mild side effects given the limited information provided by the brand.

Our Clean Vaginal Health Picks

There are nutrients that have been shown in clinical studies to support optimal vaginal health. 

Clairvee by Bonafide is our top probiotic supplement pick for vaginal health, because it contains 5 billion CFU of Lactobacillus probiotics.

Oral supplementation with Lactobacillus probiotics improved the ratio of healthy-to-unhealthy bacteria in the vagina in a clinical trial published in the Nutrients journal.

MBG Omega-3 Potency+ is our top omega-3 supplement pick.

Oral supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids has been clinically shown to relieve vaginal dryness in some individuals.

Momentous Vitamin D3 is our top vitamin D3 supplement.

A 2015 meta-analysis reported that treatment of vitamin D deficiency "is an effective method in the treatment of asymptomatic bacterial vaginosis."

Momentous' supplement contains a relatively high vitamin D dose per serving (5,000 IU) making it more cost-efficient per unit, but it may not need to be used daily.

All of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

Interview With Silky Peach Cream Founders

The brand behind Silky Peach Cream is a company called Parlor Games, and its founders are featured in a YouTube video discussing how this product can heal the vagina (in their opinion) if it’s not applied there:

Pros and Cons of Silky Peach Cream

Here are the pros and cons of Silky Peach Cream in our opinion:


  • Estriol is clinically shown to relieve vaginal dryness
  • Contains probiotic for vaginal health
  • Multiple effective botanical ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t appear clinically tested
  • Brand fails to clearly document estriol concentration
  • Contains two potentially-irritating ingredients
  • Challenging to find customer reviews
  • Difficult to ascertain side effect risk
  • Brand website charges for shipping
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Silky Peach Cream contains several ingredients that have been shown in research studies to support vaginal health.

Estriol, in particular, is a steroid hormone that can relieve vaginal dryness and support vaginal healing at a concentration of 0.005%.

However, the brand behind Silky Peach Cream doesn't clearly publish the concentration of this ingredient in their formulation, which we consider to be a consumer safety issue.

Further, this cream contains two inactive ingredients that may irritate the skin (one of which even caused scarring in one clinical case report).

We do not currently recommend this product due to these concerns.

We do not consider Silky Peach Cream likely to cause side effects in otherwise healthy individuals, but we don't have enough information to suggest it's unlikely to cause side effects either.

At the time of publishing this article, the brand's website appears to be the only place to purchase Silky Peach Cream, as it's not available on third-party retailers like Amazon or Walmart.