Konscious Keto Review: Are Keto Digestive Supps Healthier?

Konscious Keto Review: Are Keto Digestive Supps Healthier?

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Konscious Keto is a health brand that promotes “AI diet technology” and also sells supplements. The brand claims that they combine the “highest quality keto products and technology to transform your metabolic condition.”

But is “AI diet technology” actually proven to yield better results, or is this just a gimmicky marketing claim? Do Konscious Keto’s supplements contain research-backed ingredients? Do they contain any questionable additive ingredients? And how do real users rate and describe the effects of the Konscious Keto program?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we analyze the claims about AI diet tech in light of medical studies to give our take on whether it’s likely to improve health or if it’s a waste of time and money.

We’ll also analyze the ingredients in Konscious Keto’s most popular supplement Emma to see if it contains research-backed ingredients and any questionable additives.

Finally, we’ll feature Konscious Keto customer reviews.

Is “AI Dieting” a Scam?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword being used by brands across a wide range of industries.

As shown below, Konscious Keto claims that they’re the first brand to leverage AI in the unique way they do for dieting:

Konscious Keto AI dieting claim

However, the brand provides no proof of this claim anywhere on their website at the time of publishing this article.

We don’t understand how or why AI would be beneficial in creating meal plans or dieting plans, and consider this more of a marketing claim than a scientific claim.

We know from decades of medical research that weight loss is a thermodynamic process: calories ingested versus calories expended. It’s not a complex medical sphere that requires advanced software to solve in our opinion.

A meta-study published in the Public Health Nutrition journal analyzed results from clinical trials on AI for weight loss.

The study authors concluded that “the use of AI for weight loss is still undeveloped,” and many of the studies involved sensors which Konscious Keto doesn’t appear to provide.

Overall, we have not come across any convincing evidence that AI is beneficial for weight loss at this stage of the technology, or that Konscious Keto leverages it in a way that’s provably effective.

But how does Konscious Keto’s most popular supplement stack up? We’ll review in the next section.

Emma Supplement Analysis

Emma digestive supplement ingredients section 1

The first section of active ingredients in Emma, or Emma Digestive Relief, are shown above. They consist of a vitamin and mineral blend.

This is the most popular supplement sold by Konscious Keto, and as suggested by the name, is used to support gut health.

The brand claims that the Emma digestive supplement is formulated for women, and that most gut health supplements fail because they’re designed by men, for men, but provides zero proof of this claim. This supplement does not appear to be clinically tested.

We have not come across any evidence that vitamin and mineral supplementation is beneficial for gut health in otherwise healthy adults, nor does the brand cite any research proving such. We don’t understand the choice to include these active ingredients in a gut health formulation at all.

The second section of active ingredients in Emma, a botanical blend, are shown below:

Emma digestive supplement ingredients section 2

Berberine was shown in a 2018 clinical trial cited by Konscious Keto to improve cardiovascular parameters in mice. 

This does not prove that this ingredient will necessarily have the same results in humans, and the dose used in the trial (0.5 grams per liter of water), was vastly higher than the human-equivalent dose in Emma.

Licorice root extract is suggested by Konscious Keto to be more effective than commonly-used antacids in “a recent 2 year study,” but the brand fails to link to or cite that study, and we can’t find it.

We recommend that consumers be extremely wary of brands making specific health claims while failing to provide proof of those health claims.

Resveratrol may be an effective gut health support ingredient. It was shown in a 2023 medical review to regulate the gut microbiome and inhibit intestinal inflammation.

Quercetin was shown in a clinical trial published in the Food & Function journal to improve gut health in antibiotic-treated mice, but we can’t find any human trials proving such.

The good news is that the inactive ingredients in this supplement are entirely safe and non-toxic.

Overall, we consider Emma potentially effective for supporting gut health. 

However, we don’t believe it’s more likely to be effective in women than men because the brand provides zero convincing evidence proving such, and we can’t find a single clinical trial with human participants showing the ingredients in Emma to be effective at their included dose.

We do not currently recommend this supplement due to the vitamin and mineral additives and our concerns over its efficacy.

But how do real users rate and describe the effects of Konscious Keto and Emma? We’ll review in the next section.

Real People Try Konscious Keto

A TikTok creator named Diane shared her experience after using Konscious Keto's Activate supplement for four days:

@greeneyeukie33 I feel good all day. No jittery, my mind was calm and focused . It definitely calmed my appetite down. Overall great product 10 out of 10. I highly recommend it. this product is going to sell out, so definitely go run to go grab it. @@Konscious Keto##productreview##tiktokshopreview##nohormones##nogmo##nosoy##fatburning##energy##appetitesuppression##focus##ketogenic##ketofriendly##naturallyflavored##electrolytes##konscious##konsciousfoods##tiktokmademebuyit##weightloss##ketoactive##konscious##darkchocolate##truffle ♬ original sound - ✨Diane ✨

A TikTok creator named Lili Sanchez quickly reviewed one of Konscious Keto’s other supplements:

@lilianaa.sanchezz Loving this chocolate flavor 😍 #konsciousketo ♬ Nonsense - Sped Up Version - Sabrina Carpenter

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Probiotics "can improve in the immune, gastrointestinal...health systems in healthy adults" according to a 2019 medical review.

VSL#3 is our top premium probiotic pick, because this probiotic supplement has been studied in 25 clinical trials, and a 2020 meta-study on VSL#3 concluded the following:

"...many studies demonstrated that VSL#3 has a beneficial effect on obesity and diabetes, allergic diseases, nervous systemic diseases, AS, bone diseases, and female reproductive systemic diseases."

All of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

Is Keto Effective for Weight Loss?

A woman was featured on the popular TODAY show describing how the keto diet helped her lose over 100 pounds:

Pros and Cons of Konscious Keto

Here are the pros and cons of Konscious Keto in our opinion:


  • Emma supplement may support gut health
  • Emma supplement has no unhealthy additives
  • Free shipping


  • Brand makes highly questionable health claims
  • Brand fails to cite scientific references
  • Brand provides no proof that Emma is more effective in women than men
  • Active ingredients in Emma may be underdosed
  • Emma contains vitamin and mineral additives
  • Brand provides no proof of “AI dieting”
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Konscious Keto is the most unimpressive keto brand and Emma is the worst gut health supplement we’ve reviewed to date on Illuminate Health.

This company provides zero proof of their bold “AI dieting” claims at the time of publishing this article, and leaves health claims on the Emma supplement product page either uncited or poorly cited.

Just because an ingredient was shown effective at a higher dose in mice with cardiovascular damage, does not mean that ingredient is necessarily effective at a lower dose in healthy humans.

Emma also contains a number of added vitamins and minerals, and we do not understand why these are included in a gut support formulation.

We warn consumers to be extremely wary of brands making as many specific health claims as Konscious Keto without providing clear proof to back those claims.

It’s challenging to find unsponsored customer reviews of Konscious Keto or Emma, especially given that the brand isn’t currently sold on Amazon.

We recommend avoiding this brand entirely.