Xyngular Review: Effective or MLM Garbage?

Xyngular Review: Effective or MLM Garbage?

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Xyngular is a weight loss brand that sells a wide range of products from collagen to probiotics. The brand has a confusing tagline of “Expect more from weightloss,” and suggests that their products can help users “improve weight loss results.”

But do Xyngular’s supplements contain research-backed ingredients for weight loss, or are these just marketing claims? Do they contain any questionable additive ingredients? What’s their best supplement for weight loss? And how do real users rate and describe the effects of Xyngular supplements?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review the ingredients in two of Xyngular’s most popular supplements: Xyngular Complete Prebiotic and Xyngular Complete Collagen.

We’ll also share real, unsponsored Xyngular customer reviews and ratings.

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic Review

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic ingredients

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is one of the few individual supplements that Xnygular lists as a “weight loss” product. It’s also included in the company’s “Tummy Tamer” bundle which is indicated for weight loss.

Most of the active ingredients like organic apple fiber and organic acacia fiber are included in an “Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend” that provides 4 grams (g) of dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber intake is associated with weight loss in clinical trials. A medical review published in The Journal of Nutrition found that fiber intake “promotes weight loss” and that individuals with higher fiber intake experienced greater weight loss. This is because fiber is zero calorie plant matter that fills up the stomach and reduces hunger.

4 g of fiber is not a particularly high amount, but any supplemental fiber is better than none, to a limit.

The remaining active ingredients are included in a “Good Gut Blend” totalling 270 milligrams (mg).

Green tea extract is one of these ingredients, and while it has been clinically shown to cause weight loss, it’s an ingredient we generally recommend avoiding. According to Health Canada, this ingredient has been shown to cause liver injury in a small subset of consumers.

We do not believe that the green tea extract dose in Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is high enough to cause liver injury, but it seems logical to avoid this ingredient given that there are natural, food-based supplements like fiber that can help promote weight loss.

Bilberry extract was shown in a clinical trial to promote weight loss, but only in an animal study and at a dose far higher than that in Xyngular.

While Xyngular Complete Prebiotic has some potentially effective ingredients for weight loss, it also has some questionable additive ingredients that health-conscious consumers may wish to avoid.

Natural flavors is a broad categorical term that fails to describe the specific flavoring agents used. As we referenced in our review of another weight loss brand containing this ingredient called Plexus, there are legitimate toxicity concerns in regard to some natural flavoring agents.

Citric acid is a preservative and flavor enhancer shown to cause whole-body inflammatory reactions in a small subset of the population according to a medical review published in the Toxicology Reports journal.

Overall we consider Xyngular Complete Prebiotic potentially effective for weight loss given that it contains fiber. We don't recommend the supplement due to the inclusion of two inactive ingredients with questionable health effects, and because we don’t consider it a cost-effective way to obtain fiber.

MBG Organic Fiber Potency+ is our top prebiotic fiber pick because it provides 7 g of fiber per serving, contains probiotics and is entirely free of ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

MBG Organic Fiber Potency+ contains 100% soluble fiber, which was described as "one of the most important nutrients for the gut microbiota" in a clinical review published in the Molecules journal.

Is Xyngular a Scam?

Xyngular is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company which means it relies on distributors to sell its products. According to the Compensation Plan page on the brand’s website, 68.42% of distributors made no money at all in 2020, and 24.63% made an average gross monthly income of $74. This is before expenses.

Less than 2% of distributors made an average gross monthly income of more than $1,000 per month. 2020 appears to be the most recent financial reporting year.

While we appreciate the brand transparently publishing these financial statements, we certainly would not recommend becoming a Xyngular brand partner based on these metrics.

A YouTube creator named CC Suarez describes Xyngular as a pyramid scheme and suggests the company is a scam in a video with over 27,000 views:

Xyngular Complete Collagen Review

Xyngular Complete Collagen ingredients

Xyngular’s most popular product is their collagen powder. This isn’t a weight loss product, but collagen is used to improve skin quality and joint health.

This supplement does provide an effective collagen dose of 10 g. A medical review published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that oral collagen supplementation reduces visible signs of skin aging like wrinkles and improves skin hydration. 

Hyaluronic acid is included in a “Collagen Builder Blend.” This ingredient is clinically shown to be effective for improving skin quality, but may be underdosed in Xyngular Complete Collagen. As we referenced in our review of the best collagen brands, the minimum effective dose for hyaluronic acid appears to be over 100 mg. 

The total dose of the Collagen Builder Blend is 105 mg, and there are four ingredients, which equals an average ingredient dose of only 26 mg.

There are no other active ingredients in this formulation that we consider effective for improving skin quality or joint health at the stated dose.

Like the previous Xyngular supplement we reviewed, Xyngular Complete Collagen contains citric acid and natural flavors, which may be best to avoid for reasons previously stated.

Overall we consider Xyngular Complete Collagen to be likely to improve skin quality and joint health due to the effective collagen dose. We don’t recommend the supplement overall due to the two questionable additive ingredients, and also because we don’t find it to be a cost-effective way to obtain collagen.

We recommend Bulletproof Collagen as our top collagen powder pick. Bulletproof’s collagen only contains one ingredient: collagen sourced from grass-fed animals. There are no questionable additives at all. It costs $43.95 for 500 g of collagen, which equates to a cost-per-gram of $0.09. Xyngular’s collagen powder costs $156 for 600 g of collagen, which equates to a cost-per-gram of $0.26.

Interested consumers can check out Bulletproof Collagen at this link to the product page on the official brand’s website.

Real, Unsponsored Xyngular User Reviews

Some Xyngular supplements are sold on Amazon, which is a more objective resource for customer reviews than a brand’s website in our opinion. Xyngular’s most-reviewed supplement on Amazon is a multivitamin called Axion.

The product has been reviewed over 40 times with an unimpressive average review rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars.

The top positive reviews for this product are both in Spanish which we find questionable given that Xyngular is based in the U.S. 

The top negative review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named “Andrea” who claims the supplement is ineffective for weight loss:

“I have been taking this for 20 days and am at the same weight as when I started”

In Xyngular’s defense, this is a multivitamin and is not marketed as a weight loss supplement.

Xyngular has a 2.63 out of 5 star average review rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site.

A TikTok user named Alexis Nichole shared before-and-after images of Xyngular’s weight loss program and claims the program helped her lose weight:

@allienicholelindsley Link www.myxyngular.com/alexislindsley results or refund! #fypシ #weightlosscheck #weightlosstips #xyngulardistributor ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) - Paloma Faith
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We don’t recommend either of the Xyngular supplements we reviewed in this article; Xyngular Complete Prebiotic or Xyngular Complete Collagen.

We consider Xyngular’s prebiotic to be more likely to be effective for weight loss than the collagen product, because it contains dietary fiber which is clinically shown to be associated with weight loss. Collagen is not used for weight loss but for improving skin and joint health.

Both Xyngular supplements contained questionable additive ingredients that health-conscious consumers may wish to avoid, and we consider both overpriced on a per-serving basis.

We would not recommend becoming a Xyngular distributor, given that over 50% of Xyngular distributors made zero income in 2020 according to the company’s own financial documents.

Xyngular’s most-reviewed product on Amazon has a very low rating, but it’s a small sample size of total reviews.