Mind Lab Pro Review: The Most Well-Studied Nootropic?

Mind Lab Pro Review: The Most Well-Studied Nootropic?

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Mind Lab Pro is one of the few nootropic supplements on the market that's been validated in clinical trials. The company describes their supplement as "The world's smartest brain supplement," and suggests that it's "the only brain supplement scientifically proven to work."

But is Mind Lab Pro actually proven to work in legitimate clinical trials, or are these just marketing claims? Does the supplement contain any unhealthy additives? How do real users rate and describe the effects of Mind Lab Pro? And which retailer sells this supplement for the best price?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the clinical studies on Mind Lab Pro to give our take on whether or not the supplement is likely to be effective for enhancing cognitive function.

We'll analyze the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro, feature unsponsored customer reviews and provide a cost comparison to show which retailer sells Mind Lab Pro for the best price.

Is Mind Lab Pro Proven to Work?

Mind Lab Pro has been studied in two clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

This is the gold standard of supplement research, and we commend the brand for investing in legitimate clinical trials.

The first trial, published in the Human Psychopharmacology journal, tested the effects of Mind Lab Pro on memory in healthy adults with an average age of around 31 years.

The trial reported that Mind Lab Pro improved memory to a statistically significant degree across a range of categories, including visual memory, visual working memory and delayed recall.

Visual memory improved in the group taking Mind Lab Pro by 66%, and these results are particularly impressive in our opinion given the relatively low average age.

Since most healthy 30 year olds generally don't have significant memory impairment, the fact that this supplement caused an improvement in memory even in young people is encouraging. 

The second trial, published in 2023, tested the effects of Mind Lab Pro on information processing capacity in healthy adults.

Participants taking Mind Lab Pro experienced improvements in all three mental tasks, and the study authors concluded the following:

"The results of the current study therefore suggest that there are benefits to cognitive performance (processing information) when taking the nootropic Mind Lab Pro. In this study there has been a significant positive impact on information processing for the experimental group and given the nature of the tasks this would indicate improvements in focus, attention and decision making."

Based on the available research, we believe strongly that Mind Lab Pro is likely to have a nootropic effect.

We Tried Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro UGC

One of our product testers named Dr. Aly Goldstein used Hormone Harmony. Here's her experience:

The box that the product arrived in was somewhat crushed upon arrival, but the supplement bottle was undamaged and easy to open. The directions on the bottle were very clear, and I appreciated the recommended options to either take the supplement in the morning or in the afternoon.

Mind Lab Pro did positively impact my working memory. I was better able to stay attentive and process information in the afternoons after taking Mind Lab Pro. I was much less forgetful and more focused after taking the supplement.

I did not experience any noticeable side effects from taking Mind Lab Pro, and the capsules themselves were tasteless and moderately sized.

One unexpected effect was that I noticed an immediate improvement in my headaches (which I've been getting daily) when taking Mind Lab Pro in the afternoons, effectively delaying their onset.

Overall, I would rate this supplement 7/10, and I plan to purchase it in the future and keep a bottle on hand for more intense workdays to help prevent headaches.

Ingredient Analysis

Mind Lab Pro ingredients

The ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are shown above.

Analyzing the ingredients for potential efficacy is less important when a supplement has been clinically proven to work, so we'll focus first on the inactive ingredients.

The only inactive ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are capsule and filler material derived from rice, and should be entirely safe and non-toxic.

There are no ingredients in Mind Lab Pro that we consider to be unhealthy.

Some of the active ingredients in this supplement have been shown to have nootropic effects in isolation.

Phosphatidylserine was shown in a 2010 medical review to enhance memory at the exact same dose as exists in Mind Lab Pro.

Rhodiola rosea extract is clinically shown to improve memory, as we documented in our Feel Free reviews article on a nootropic drink.

Overall, we're impressed by Mind Lab Pro's formulation.

Real People Try Mind Lab Pro

A YouTube creator called "Your Inception" who reviews nootropic supplements has a video on Mind Lab Pro.

We've timestamped the below video to start at the point where he discusses his personal experience using the supplement, since we already completed an ingredient and trial analysis above:

A TikTok creator named Cody shared his experience after taking Mind Lab Pro for four weeks:

@mindbrainbodylab I took this Nootropic for 30 days and here is how it went. #nootropic #brainhealth #30daychallenge #adhdsupplement ♬ original sound - Cody | Neuroscience & Trauma

Where to Get the Best Price

Mind Lab Pro is sold at a variety of online retailers. Here's a price breakdown for a one-time purchase at the time of publishing this article:

Walmart: $99.33 (link)

Brand website: $69 (plus shipping, link to official product page)

Amazon: $61 (free shipping, third-party seller, link)

Mind Lab Pro is currently around 20% cheaper on Amazon than the brand's website for a one-time purchase, but the Amazon listing is from a third-party retailer.

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer in this case may be the best choice to ensure product quality.

Does Mind Lab Pro Cause Side Effects?

Because Mind Lab Pro has been studied in two separate clinical trials, it's much simpler to evaluate the risk of side effects for this product than for most over-the-counter (OTC) supplements.

Neither clinical trial reported side effects in participants taking Mind Lab Pro, which leads us to believe that this supplement is highly unlikely to cause side effects.

We have reviewed the ingredients in this supplement individually, and consider them unlikely to cause side effects.

There is no mention of side effects on the Mind Lab Pro website at the time of publishing this article.

Real Customers Review Mind Lab Pro

Amazon is a better resource for honest customer reviews than a brand's website in our opinion.

Mind Lab Pro has been reviewed over 900 times on Amazon at the time of publishing this article, with an average customer review rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named "Stan M" who gives the product a 5/5 star rating and claims to have experienced improvements in memory:

"With me, the product has increased my 'aha moments'. It is nothing that you suddenly feel of course, but an acute awareness that a memory or recall is there when you need it! I also like the increase and enhancements to lucid dreaming I'm having"

The top negative review from a verified purchaser is written by a user named "Tam C." who gives the product a 1/5 star rating and claims that it had no effect:

"It has more ingredients than alpha brain so you would think it would be slightly more effective, at least as effective, but it does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. No returns because they know its defective"

Mind Lab Pro currently has an average review rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Google, but it's a small sample size.

Our Clean Nootropic Picks

Mind Lab Pro by Performance Lab is our top premium nootropic pick.

This is the first Illuminate Labs Certified supplement, and has been shown to be effective for short-term cognitive improvements in two clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals.

Bulletproof MCT Oil is our top food-based nootropic pick.

MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, and improved memory recall by 20% in adults in a 2022 meta-study.

Illuminate Labs Ginkgo Biloba Extract is our top herbal nootropic pick.

medical review published in the Psychopharmacology journal found that ginkgo biloba supplementation improved attention and cognitive performance in healthy, young adults.

Pros and Cons of Mind Lab Pro

Here are the pros and cons of Mind Lab Pro in our opinion:


  • Clinically proven to work
  • Shown to improve memory
  • Shown to improve cognitive function
  • No unhealthy additives
  • Fair price given substantial research backing
  • Only nootropic supplement we're aware of with two positive clinical trials


  • Amazon review rating currently under 4
  • Brand website charges for shipping
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Mind Lab Pro is one of the most impressive nootropic supplements that we've reviewed to date on Illuminate Health.

This supplement has been proven effective in two separate clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals, and the trial participants were healthy and relatively young.

This is notable because a nootropic supplement is theoretically less likely to cause a significant effect in young and healthy individuals when compared to individuals who already have an impairment due to age or mental condition.

There are no ingredients in Mind Lab Pro that we consider to be unhealthy, and we recommend this supplement from a formulation perspective.

Mind Lab Pro was not shown to cause side effects in either trial.

At the time of publishing this article, Amazon has a better price on Mind Lab Pro, but the brand's website appears to be the only official retailer of the supplement.