Javy Coffee Review: Is Concentrate Unhealthy?

Javy Coffee Review: Is Concentrate Unhealthy?

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Javy Coffee is a coffee brand that's famous for its coffee concentrate, which is a convenient way to make both hot and iced coffee. The company describes this product as "bold, aromatic and undeniably captivating."

But what's actually in Javy Coffee and how does it compare to regular coffee in terms of health and taste? Is coffee concentrate really more convenient? How do real users rate the brand? And which retailer sells Javy Coffee for the best price?

In this article we'll answer all of these questions and more, as we analyze the ingredients in Javy Coffee based on research studies to give our take on whether or not it's healthy.

We'll feature unsponsored customer reviews of the brand, and provide a cost comparison to show which retailer sells Javy Coffee for the best price.

Ingredient Analysis

The first massive red flag about Javy Coffee as a brand is that the company fails to clearly publish an ingredient list on their product pages at the time of publishing this article.

Ingredient information is necessary for consumer safety, because people can have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, and we consider it entirely unacceptable for a brand to fail to clearly publish this information.

The only thing we can find on either the product page or the Amazon page for Javy Caramel Coffee is this vague descriptor under a header "What Is Javy Made Of?":

Javy Caramel Coffee ingredient descriptor

We don't understand how the brand can have all of these different flavors, but claim to only be made with coffee beans and water.

The exact same vague descriptor is in place for every flavor of Javy coffee concentrate at the time of publishing this article.

We found the below ingredient descriptor on a third-party retailer of Javy called "Bubble Goods," so we can't be certain that these ingredients are accurate:

Javy Coffee Bubble Goods ingredients

If these ingredients are accurate, this is not a product we would recommend.

Natural flavors may have questionable health effects depending on the specific chemical compounds used, as documented in a 2017 medical review:

"In reality, ‘natural flavors’ are a far cry from what consumers might expect, as they can contain both artificial and synthetic chemicals (often used as processing aids).” 

We hope that if natural flavors are included in Javy Coffee, the brand clearly publishes this information (along with a full ingredient list) on their product pages of their website and on their Amazon listing.

Real People Try Javy

A YouTube creator named Greg Toope shared his experience trying Javy Coffee for the first time:

A YouTube creator named Morgan Eckroth compared Javy to other popular coffee concentrate brands in a video with over 100,000 views:

Our Clean Coffee Picks

MBG Clean Coffee+ is our top coffee product, because it’s ground for convenience, organic certified, and third-party lab tested for purity (which is highly uncommon for coffee).

Four Sigmatic Think is our top nootropic coffee brand, because it contains organic Lion's Mane which is clinically shown to enhance cognitive function.

Both of the products recommended in this section are entirely free of additive ingredients that we consider to be unhealthy.

Make Coffee Concentrate at Home

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a YouTube video showing how people can make coffee concentrate at home:

Where to Get the Best Price

Javy Coffee is sold at a variety of online retailers. Here's a price breakdown for a one-time purchase of one bottle of Javy Coffee at the time of publishing this article:

Brand website: $24.95 (plus shipping, link)

Walmart: $24.83 (plus shipping, link)

Amazon: $24.86 (free shipping, link to official Amazon listing)

Javy Coffee is currently around 20% cheaper for a one-time purchase on Amazon than other retailers due to the free shipping offer.

Real Customers Review Javy

Amazon is a better resource for honest customer reviews than a brand's website in our opinion.

Javy Coffee has been reviewed over 32,000 times on Amazon, with an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars at the time of publishing this article.

The top positive review from a verified purchaser is written by a user named "chelbsn" who gives the product a 5/5 star rating and likes its taste:

"These are truly as good as all the hype says. Using Javy, it's just really easy to make truly delicious iced coffee."

The top negative review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named "Dee" who claims to have experienced side effects:

"Put a few teaspoons in a glass w bottled water, within minutes, I couldn't stop going to the bathroom, my stomach has been sick for days now!"

Javy has an average review rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website of 4.64 out of 5 stars, which is highly impressive for that site, given that most brands have low average reviews there.

Javy Coffee currently has an average review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.

This is one of the best average customer review profiles of any coffee brand we've reviewed to date on Illuminate Health.

Pros and Cons of Javy

Here are the pros and cons of Javy Coffee in our opinion:


  • Highly positive online customer reviews
  • Affordable (under $1 per serving)
  • Packaged in glass
  • May be more convenient than making coffee


  • Brand fails to clearly disclose all ingredients on product pages
  • We don't understand how there can be different flavors if the only ingredients are coffee and water, as the brand claims
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Javy Coffee is reviewed very highly online, so perhaps the product experience and taste are great.

However, we cannot currently recommend this brand because of its failure to clearly publish ingredient lists on product pages at the time of publishing this article, which is a consumer safety issue.

The brand's website currently states on product pages that the only ingredients are coffee and water, but the product is sold in a variety of flavors which makes no sense to us.

Amazon currently has the best price on Javy Coffee when factoring in shipping fees.