Hanacure Review: Better Skin Science or Just Hype?

Hanacure Review: Better Skin Science or Just Hype?

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Hanacure is a luxury skincare brand that sells cosmetics products with what they describe are the “finest-grade ingredients.” The brand claims that their products can create “glowing” skin.

But are Hancure's products really better-formulated than cheaper options, or are they just priced like they are? Do they contain ingredients proven in medical studies to improve skin quality? Do they contain any harmful or questionable additive ingredients? And how do real users review Hanacure?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions by reviewing every ingredient in some of Hanacure’s most popular products: their mask and their Nano Emulsion Moisturizer. We'll share real, unsponsored user reviews of both products and give our take on whether they're worth the money. We'll also share a before-and-after video published by the brand itself.

Hanacure Face Mask Review

Hanacure Face Mask ingredients

Hanacure’s most popular product is their face mask, which comes as part of a starter kit called the All-In-One Facial. 

One of the first active ingredients in the Hanacure mask is Camellia sinensis (tea) leaf extract, which appears to be a very effective skincare ingredient. 

A medical review of the applications of tea for the cosmetics industry, published in the Molecules journal in 2019, stated the following: “By the inhibition of lipoxygenase, metalloproteinase, hyaluronidase and collagenase, tea and its extracts significantly delay the signs of skin aging.”

This means that tea extract when applied topically can inhibit expression of enzymes produced by the body which age skin.

The next-listed ingredient is Nelumbo nucifera (lotus) seed extract, which is also backed by research. A medical review of this botanical compound found that it could prevent loss of elasticity in the skin, and also that it had a synergistic anti-aging effect when combined with green tea.

We’re impressed that Hanacure included these ingredients as the first two active ingredients, because it appears they actually reviewed the same medical literature we’re citing in this article. 

Caffeine is another active ingredient in Hanacure’s face mask, and research has proven that it has photoprotective effects. The linked clinical trial found that caffeine applied topically reduced the amount of skin roughness that animals experienced after exposure to UV rays.

The face mask also contains ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which has been shown in a medical study to have a synergistic effect with green tea. When the two ingredients were combined, the improvements in skin elasticity were more pronounced than when either were used alone.

Several peptides are included in the Hanacure mask formulation such as palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and dipeptide-15. Topical peptides have been proven to have anti-aging effects. Several of the peptides referenced in the linked medical study are the exact same ones used in Hanacure's mask.

It’s also notable that Hanacure’s mask contains no questionable additive or filler ingredients like fragrance or certain preservatives that we would consider a health risk.

Overall we find this to be an extremely impressive formulation, and would recommend it. Not many cosmetics products we’ve reviewed have had this many effective ingredients and no potentially harmful additives.

One of the most popular YouTube reviews of the Hanacure mask is published by a creator called "Copper Neu":

Hanacure Before And After Video

One of the most popular YouTube videos including before-and-after images of a user is published by the Hanacure brand itself. The video is only 30 seconds and shows improvements to an individual's skin quality after using Hanacure's all-in-one treatment:

Hanacure Moisturizer Review

Hanacure Nano Emulsion Moisturizer ingredients

Hanacure sells a moisturizer called Nano Emulsion Moisturizer. It has a similar but simpler formulation to the face mask.

Like the mask, Nano Emulsion contains topical peptides which we already documented to be effective for anti-aging in the previous section.

It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which we’ve discussed in many of our recent cosmetics reviews like our review of Beautycounter. This is one of the most well-studied ingredients for skin quality improvement. It’s the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, with a smaller molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin and provide moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

The moisturizer contains Antrodia cinnamomea, which is a wild mushroom that’s been shown in an animal study to have anti-inflammatory effects on skin.

We would recommend Hanacure's moisturizer as it contains various effective ingredients for improving skin quality, and is free of any questionable additive ingredients.

A YouTube creator called "padeetinakong" published a review and live product demonstration of Hanacure's all-in-one facial and Nano Emulsion Moisturizer, wihch we've shared below with the video set to start in the Nano Emulsion review section:

Questionable Health Claims

Hanacure clinical claims

Hanacure highlights the results of a “clinical trial” in their marketing, but doesn’t appear to publish the trial anywhere on their site. 

We disagree with the practice of skincare brands sharing results of clinical trials without publishing the full trial, as it prevents consumers from making an informed decision. Further, we recommend that consumers entirely disregard results from clinical trials funded by skincare brands, as the risk of bias is too high for the results to be useful in our opinion.

The only clinical research that we consider legitimate is trials published in peer-reviewed academic or medical journals. This is the type of research that we refer to when we cite studies on Illuminate Health. This is the gold standard of product research, and it has a much higher bar for methodology and integrity than brand-funded, in-house trials.

There are also some questionable claims on the Science page of Hanacure’s site. They claim that their facial treatment “binds with carbon dioxide in the air, producing an intense tightening and compression effect.”

There is no citation for this claim, and we can’t locate any medical research suggesting that topical skincare formulations bind to ambient carbon dioxide to produce a synergistic effect that benefits the skin.

On the same page, Hanacure claims that their products “absorb impurities and contaminants in your skin and pores”.

Again, there is no citation for this claim and we didn’t identify any ingredients that are likely to have this effect. It also evidences what we would consider a lack of understanding of skin degradation. 

Medical research has shown that skin aging is caused by protein oxidation and degradation, as well as UV exposure, not toxins sitting under the surface of the skin.

We urge Hanacure to either cite these questionable health claims with legitimate medical research, or to remove them entirely from their website.

Our Clean Skincare Picks

There are skincare products that contain ingredients shown in clinical trials to be effective for reducing wrinkles and improving skin quality generally.

Annie Mak Vitamin C Serum is our top skin cream pick because of its effective and clean formulation. It contains hyaluronic acid which was described as a "skin-rejuvenating biomedicine" in a medical review due to its ability to reduce wrinkles and signs of facial aging.

Interested consumers can check out Annie Mak Vitamin C Serum at this link to the product page on the official brand's website.

Hydraglow is our top moisturizer pick. It features bakuchiol as an active ingredient which was described in a 2014 clinical trial as "clinically proven to have anti-aging effects."

Interested consumers can purchase Hydraglow at the secure checkout below:

The only oral supplement we recommend for skin quality improvement is Bulletproof Collagen Powder.

Oral collagen supplementation was shown in a medical review published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology to improve visible signs of skin aging as well as improve skin elasticity and skin hydration.

Interested consumers can check out Bulletproof Collagen Powder at this link to the product page on the brand's official website.

None of the products recommended in this section contain additive ingredients that we consider questionable from a health perspective.

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Hanacure makes well-formulated skincare products but publishes questionable health claims on their website.

Based on formulation alone, we would recommend both their Face Mask and Moisturizer, but we find it hard to recommend this brand generally due to their claims of clinical results and health claims that we disagree with.

We consider both of Hanacure's products reviewed in this article to be likely to have an anti-aging effect, and to be likely to improve skin quality generally.

We hope that in the future the brand either provides citations for health claims they make on their website, proving those claims, or removes them from the website.

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