Is Zyns Bad For You? An Ingredient Analysis

Is Zyns Bad For You? An Ingredient Analysis

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Disclaimer: None of the information in this article constitutes medical advice, and is just the opinion of the writer(s). We recommend that patients follow their doctor’s guidance in regard to nicotine use.

Zyns is a nicotine pouch product that markets itself as a tobacco alternative. Many consumers use it thinking it’s healthier than using dipping tobacco.

But what are the actual ingredients in Zyns other than nicotine and are they bad for you? Is nicotine alone healthier than nicotine in tobacco? And how do real users describe the effects of Zyns?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we review medical research on nicotine to give our take on whether it’s unhealthy and whether using it alone (like in Zyns) is a healthier option to dipping tobacco.

We’ll also break down the ingredients in Zyns and highlight a few questionable additive ingredients. We’ll share a real user review of Zyns and feature an addiction researcher discussing potential negative health effects.

Is Nicotine Bad For You?

The active ingredient in Zyns is nicotine. It’s a chemical compound found in tobacco that has a stimulatory effect on the body.

Nicotine actually has some positive health effects according to clinical research.

A medical review on the health effects of nicotine published in the British Journal of Addiction reports that its use may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer's disease and sleep apnea.

The above review mentions that these benefits are seen when nicotine is isolated (as in Zyns) and not when it is used in tobacco products.

A 2021 medical review reports on some of the cognitive benefits of nicotine use. In healthy individuals, nicotine appears to improve memory and reduce cognitive declines from sleep deprivation. In individuals with cognitive impairments, nicotine is reported to improve cognitive function.

Nicotine also has negative health effects that are shown in clinical research.

A 2015 medical review found that nicotine use can directly contribute to cardiovascular disease, can increase plaque in arteries and can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

The same review reports that nicotine use can increase the risk of heartburn and peptic ulcer disease.

Due to the conflicting evidence, we don’t think it’s fair to conclusively say that nicotine is bad for you. It seems logical to avoid it for most people, but in certain instances (like someone with mild cognitive impairment who doesn’t have addictive tendencies) it may improve their quality of life.

But Zyns contains ingredients other than nicotine. Are those ingredients bad for you? We’ll review in the next section.

An interesting YouTube video from an addiction researcher features a clip from neuroscientist Andrew Huberman who claims that nicotine may be good for you:

Zyns Ingredient Analysis

Zyn ingredients

The ingredients in Zyn pouches are shown above.

There are two ingredients that may be worth avoiding for health-conscious consumers.

Acesulfame K is an artificial sweetener shown in clinical research to have negative effects on the gut microbiome and to cause weight gain.

Flavorings is a broad and poorly-defined term that fails to describe the specific chemical compounds used as flavoring agents. As we documented in our review of Super Coffee, there have been medical studies showing some flavoring compounds to be potentially toxic.

While Zyn may have a cleaner formulation than other tobacco alternative products, we consider these additives to make the pouches less healthy and using a non-flavored and non-sweetened nicotine product seems like a better choice.

Real, Unsponsored Zyn User Reviews

A TikTok user named Seth Besse claims that Zyn helps him focus:

@sethjbesse Seriously need to try this the next time you work 😍⚡️😮‍💨 #work #zyn #fitness ♬ Time (Instrumental) - MKJ

A TikTok user named “docfrankhere” who’s an addiction researcher and claims to have tried Zyn in other videos suggests a healthier, nicotine-free alternative:

@docfrankhere Replying to @user274097840059 ask me anything about #quitvaping #quitsmoking with the #addictionmindset ♬ Hillbilly Banjo - Parry Music
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We consider Zyn to be bad for you, because nicotine is potentially harmful to various organ systems and Zyn also has two questionable additive ingredients.

Zyn appears to be a healthier choice than tobacco products, but we would recommend that individuals considering nicotine use speak with their doctor about products without added flavoring agents or artificial sweeteners.

Nicotine actually has some potential health benefits, especially in regard to cognition, but in our opinion the downsides greatly outweigh any potential upside.

Zyn has relatively favorable reviews online from users, many of whom claims the brand helped them get off tobacco.