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Calloway Cook

Calloway Cook founded Illuminate Labs with a mission to solve the transparency and safety issues in the U.S. dietary supplement industry. He's an avid consumer of supplements, and believes they can be a safer and more effective way to treat health conditions than pharmaceutical medications in some patients. He's passionate about increasing consumer awareness of medical research on natural compounds, and this passion drives much of Illuminate Labs' content strategy. Calloway is a serial entrepreneur and a problem solver.

Calloway's role with Illuminate Labs is to manage day-to-day operations and business development. He manages relationships with customers and suppliers, and oversees product and content development.


  • Founded his first startup at age 18 while a freshman in college
  • Has read over 1,000 medical trials
  • Enterprise SEO experience at former job helps Illuminate Labs drive significant website traffic answering popular consumer health queries.


  • S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Bachelor's of Arts (B.A.), Advertising

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