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Illuminate Health

We dig into the medical research on popular health topics

Alpha Brain Review - Does it Really Work?

In this article we analyze Alpha Brain’s formulation, as well as the two published medical studies on it, to see if there’s good science backing the product.

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Goli Review: Are The Popular ACV Gummies Actually Healthy?

Goli has made apple cider vinegar (ACV) fun with great branding, and in this article we’re going to analyze their product formulation to determine whether the gummies are actually beneficial to your health, and worth the money.

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Balance of Nature Review - Revolutionary or Waste of Money?

We review Balance of Nature's formulations, research and FDA reports to determine whether the supplements are revolutionary or junk science.

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Premier Protein Shake Review - A Science-Based Formulation Analysis

We analyze Premier Protein Shake's formulation and provide consumers with a research-based analysis of whether this product is healthy, and whether it may confer optimal performance benefits compared with other sports nutrition products.

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