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Illuminate Health

We dig into the medical research on popular health topics

Is Water Organic?

We explain why some bottled water products are listed as organic while others aren't, and analyze whether organic water is healthier than regular water.

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Arthrozene Review: Is Natural Pain Relief Possible?

We review the ingredients in natural pain relief supplement Arthrozene based on medical research to determine if it’s likely to be effective. We compare it to other popular pain relief supplements, and highlight an issue we have with a lack of product testing by the manufacturer.

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Align Probiotic Review: Is It Proven To Work?

We review the ingredients in probiotic supplement brand Align's most popular products based on medical research to determine if they're likely to be effective for improving gut health. We also highlight some questionable filler ingredients in their formulations, and suggest some food-based alternatives we believe are superior.

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